Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feeling Old!

So I wake up this morning to Malia crying at 6:15, of course we can't let mom sleep in . . . ever. Anyway, I didn't really have time to get on the computer yesterday much past 9 AM and so you can imagine my surprise to see what my lovely sister had done. Nice Ellen, I especially like the pic of me looking like I am going to barf up everything I had just inhaled from The Cheesecake factory (we had a sister's weekend in Seattle a couple of years ago and had a blast fyi). So my birthday went ok,
  • I got to play tennis with my friend Trisha
  • I was able to get the kids' warmer close up the stairs from the basement, (that is a feat in itself)
  • Went piano music shopping at the piano store in town that is going out of business and all their music was 50% off, (gotta love it)
  • Went bowling with the fam
  • Gotta a surprise cookie plate from Buffy and a gift from my VT
  • Went to PF Chang's and converted Randy to their lettuce wraps, (yum)
  • Went to a baseball game for about 2 innings until we couldn't stand it anymore a). cuz of the cold and lack of jackets, and b). we just aren't huge baseball fans but the tickets were free
  • Came home and played the Ticket To Ride expansion that Kristi got me, with Billy, Alina and Kristi, it is so much fun

So all in all even though I am (30) now, I had a good day, the kids picked out some really cute and funny cards that I think they like more than I did. Randy even took the night off from work so that he could actually be home for my old feeling birthday, what a sweetie, love ya toots. Oh and thanx again Ellen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME FOR THIS AND I TOTALLY JUST KEPT TYPING IN RANDOM WORDS TO FIGURE OUT YOUR PASSWORD (which by the way was not that hard to figure should really do something about that!)

I am totally hijacking katie's blog because my little sis is turning the dreaded 30 today and i wanted to make sure that everyone knows (because she doesn't want ANYONE to know!) happy bday babycakes. wish i was closer to celebrate with you! have fun tonight (but not too much fun!) and everyone else out there, let her feel the love! give her some good 30 year old advice....mine....CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD SO PEOPLE LIKE ME CAN'T HACK INTO YOUR BLOG! (but you know you love it)

happy birthday k-k-k-katie!
love ellen

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Micah isms

Lately Micah has been saying the funniest things, I want to journal these so I can remember them later, cuz knowing me I will forget.

McKenzie: Dad Micah said the "s" word.
Randy: Thinking where of earth did he or you learn the "s" word asks, What did he say?
McKenzie: (spelling it out) S-T-U-P-I-D (we don't like our kids saying this word)
Randy: Micah what did you say?
Micah: Dad I was trying to cut the top off of my lollipop but it wouldn't cut so I said, stupid scissors.

Randy was asking Micah what he wanted to eat, Micah replied Yogurt. So Randy told him to go to the fridge and get the yogurt out. While Micah was there he grabbed the cottage cheese by mistake (thinking it was the yogurt, same size container you know).
Randy said: well let's look for the yogurt together.
Micah looking for the yogurt spots in the back of the fridge.
Randy replies: Micah, you've got eagle eyes
Micah responds: No dad, I've got skunk eyes.
Randy laughing Micah looks up at Randy and says: Dad you've got skunk eyes too.
We still can't figure out what skunk eyes are.

Here's one more. When Micah has to go potty he usually dances around, not necessarily grabbing himself and crossing his legs dancing but wiggling around and just being goofy. One day I was noticing the dancing going on and told him to go use the bathroom.

Micah: "I don't have to go potty."

Me: "But you are dancing around like you have to go potty, just go to the bathroom before you pee your pants."

Micah: "Mom I don't have to go potty."

Me: "Then why are you dancing around?"

Micah: "I just gotta dance."