Thursday, January 14, 2010

Micah's 5!!!

Our little guys turned 5 yesterday. I just can't believe how fast it really has gone. He's in preschool this year and loves it. Next year is kindergarten, ya know like really school. Whoa! Anyway, because of Randy's new lovely school schedule of every Wednesday for the rest of our lives being booked, we had to improvise a little with celebrating. So Micah has had a birthday week instead of just a day, no complaints from him though. Monday we went to Pirate Island Pizza (which is like a Chuck E Cheese only with a pirate theme). It was amazing. Grandma and Grandpa, Kristi, Julie (her kids) and Aunt Bacon were able to celebrate it with us. The servers all dressed up like pirates. Here they are singing to Micah, sorry the pic is blurry, it was the only one we got. Micah got open presents, which is his favorite part.
We didn't tell him we were going to Pirate pizza, we wanted to make it surprise. He was wearing his "Spidey" costume earlier in the day and didn't want o take it off. The pirate crew thought it was pretty funny.
We got some pirate hats for the kids to wear that had menus on the back, pretty ingenious eh? Oh and there was a balloon animal maker there. He came to our table and made swords and flowers and parrots that sit on the kids' shoulders. Morgan really liked hers.
Micah was a little scared of the pirates. We had the best server. He dressed, acted and even talked like Jack Sparrow. Micah wouldn't have any of it though, he would keep hiding anytime he came around. So Randy had to hold him for this shot (backwards of course). It was a lot of fun though, everyone had a good time. Thanx Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome time.
Then on Wednesday, Micah's real birthday he got his bday pancakes, which he shared with his siblings. The kids really look forward to this, don't ask me why. I didn't do it for Randy's bday and they were all concerned that he would be sad. Anyway, as you can tell they love it.
Then it was Micah's special day at school, so he got to have someone come with him to school and hang out with him the whole day. Since Bacon is staying with us for a bit, he chose her. What an awesome special day, thanx Bacon for being there for him.

Then we just kinda hung out and had some neighbors over in the evening for cupcakes and ice cream. Micah got to play with his friends and wear his birthday crown and watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (which is really cute btw). He has been growing so much the last few months, its crazy. I'm just amazed at all he is learning. I'm excited to see what the future holds with him. We love you Micah.
As a side note, cuz I totally forgot to post this earlier, we celebrated Randy's birthday also right after New Years. His parents came down so we could go and see Avatar (which was amazing). I made an ice cream cake for him, yummm. Just and just a note about the pic, that is smoke from the candles he just blew out, not some weird film on the lens. I think we are both done getting older, lol. Happy birthday toots. I love ya!