Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Months Already!!!

I've gotta stop posting about how time is flying, because this one is really getting me.  Where in the heck did the last 2 months go????  This little peanut is growing too fast.  I guess I should stop wishing for things to come and just enjoy the moments, cuz this is nuts.  She had her 2 month apt this week and here are her stats.
Weight: 10 lbs 5 oz (35%)
Height: 22 1/4 Inches (45%)
Head: 37.7 cm (20%)
She has dropped a couple of percentiles in all areas but I'm not concerned, she growing like a weed to me.  I decided to be trendy and take pics like I've seen on Pinterest.  Here's what I got.

This last one is "her", she's always got her tongue sticking out.  Here are some of the things she has accomplished recently:
*She started smiling  a couple weeks ago and that is why we have such cute shots of her.  Randy is getting her to smile for me, even though she's not really looking at me.
*She sleeps really well with noise, especially the hair dryer, shower or kids running around the house like mad dogs.
*She is starting to like baths, meaning I got through a bath without crying until I got her out and tried dressing her.
*If she starts fussing it almost always means she's tired.  She doesn't really cry for anything else unless she's hurt like getting 3 shots this week.
*She only sleeps at the most 4 hours at a time.  We really need to work on that.  Zombie mom is starting to take over.
*When she is awake (which is still minimal at this moment) she loves to watch things and people.
*She's rolling from her front to her back and won't stay on her belly very long.(but probably only because her head is so heavy).
*Right now she favors her right side and the Dr. isn't concerned yet, but says to keep working on it at home.
* Her neck and back are really strong, even her Dr. was impressed.
She's a keeper, all the kids still love her to death.

Park City Birthday Fun!!

Birthday's Birthday's Everywhere!!!!  Randy's parents have a time share in Park City that they invited us and other family members to, to celebrate Randy's grandma's 85th bday (which is tomorrow).  But since there are sooo many birthday's in Sept. we kinda combined all of them but made it extra special for Great Grandma.  She just can't get enough of our little Maser.
Here's Grandma with her little sister Linda.
Great Grandpa loves her too.
Even Aunt Julie
And Malia can never get enough of Jessie.  Jessie even put mascara on Eah this time.  She is Jessie's shadow I tell ya.
Brothers, Tom and Jeff getting the grub ready.
Ham's, Joey and Micah enjoying cake.
The next day was MY Birthday and everyone surprised me with a trip to the day spa in the resort.  I got a full body message (minus my right foot) and a scalp treatment.  I got wrapped up in a cocoon and it felt amazing.  I also had access to their spa facility that had a steam and sauna room as well as a hot tub that had its own waterfall in it and also their shower area had all of their products in it for me to use.  It was pretty cool.  While I was away, this is what the rest of the fam did.

It was a fun weekend, even if I was gimping around the entire time. Thanx so much mom and dad for the invite.

Morgan's 9!!!!

Hard to accept that fact that I'm getting "old."  I do not like it one bit.  But I guess that I have to deal with it, so here we go.  This little girl turned 9 last Friday.  We decided to go out for dinner with Gma and Gpa since she wasn't having a friend party.  She chose Texas Road House and got to ride the horse and get sung to.
 Then we went home and for cake and ice cream and present, I couldn't resist these cute girls.
 Morg wanted an American Doll for her bday since her besties all got one for their bdays.  I looked around for used ones since there was no way I could afford a new one, and as I thought more and more about it the more and more I didn't not want to get one.  She's at the age where dolls are fun, but they don't get played with much anymore, these dolls are so expensive and a pain in the butt to care for and with my luck, a used one I find was going to be totally trashed.  As I searched and talked to my friends I decided that even though Mac didn't get her Ipod till she was 10, it made sense to get Morg one now since I was able to find one for the same amount I was going to spend on the doll.  So, she got an Ipod and has been on it ever since.
 Happy Birthday to Morg!!!
 Malia has been a little photographer lately and Gma's camera is just the right size, so she took some shots while we celebrated.  It was hysterical to watch her line everything up.
Morg is a sweet girl to have around.  She is always thinking of others and wants to make others happy.  We love you Morgie!!!

Our little Kindergartener

I guess since she is 5, she can go to school.  The 1st week of school was torture for her since she watched her siblings go every day for a week before she could go.  She was sooo ready for her turn.

 We've been so lucky to have Mrs. Headman for every kids, she's awesome.
Here's to another year.  Bring on the silence. . .well sort of.

Malia's 5!!!

I don't know how I got so out of order but I totally forgot to post about Malia's birthday.  It was probably because of the chaos that surrounded her birthday, which is no excuse, but it happened.  It's hard to believe that my little Eah is 5 already.  There's no way she's that old and that we've lived here that long, we had been on the 2 years track up until now.  Regardless, it came and we are still here enjoying it. 
We decided to go to Temple Square for her birthday with the Grandparents and have a little tour.  We haven't done it since we moved here and thought this was a great opportunity to go.  We saw the assembly hall. . .
 Of course the temple. . .
 The Christus. . .
 And the tabernacle.  There was even an organ concert going on that we were able to enjoy.
 Of course the babe slept through all of it.
 We brought a picnic lunch that we eat in the new City Creek Center and Gma Tucker brought cupcakes to enjoy.  Malia really enjoyed them. . .
 Can ya tell?
 Then we went over to the east side and enjoyed the "pools"

 And got a couple of family shots

 Then we ran into the Winn's who are old family friends from Cali that are serving a mission in the family history center.  I totally forgot to get shots with them but trust me they were there.  After that we went to the museum and the kids danced.
 On her real birthday we opened presents which she loved especially this. . .
She had been asking for one and since Masie had 3 we cleaned one and wrapped it up.  Her reaction was priceless.  She opened it and yelled "A Snot Squeezer"  it was hysterical.  Malia is such a sweet girl, she's very active and keeps us on our toes.  We love her!!!