Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Masie 10 Months

Double digits already.  Time is sure flying and this little girls is flying right along with it.  
 She's getting so much hair.  I really need to start doing it.
I think she's really starting to look like me. . .finally.
 She was in a pretty good mood during this session, until the end at which point the screaming commenced.
 Love those Eyes!!!

At 10 months she:
*17 lbs (according to our scale)
*27 inches (according to our faulty measurement system)
*Still isn't a huge fan of long stretches of sleeping.  I get a short morning nap out of her and a longer 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  Then at night I get usually 4 hours and seldomly 5 or 6.  I can't wait for school to get out cuz we are sleep training then.
*Still a picky eater, even with sweet potatoes.  She likes big people food but only when she's in the mood.  I feed her yogurt after my workout in the AM which she loves but everything else is a crap shoot.
*Walking with he push walker.  She loves it.
*Climbs the stairs.  Loves shaking the snot out of the baby gate.
*Starting to notice things around her and tries to figure a way to get into them.  For instance, today she discovered the kitchen towel drawer and quickly proceeded to pull every towel out.  This will be fun.
*When she's mad she'll let ya know with a loud scream and fist/face shaking. . .cute but man what are we in for.
*Loves her baths.  Wishes they were every day.
*Loves our morning walks (usually).  Now that she's not sitting in the carseat and just the stroller, she's having a lot more fun looking around.
*She babbles sooo much and is now trying to mimic things we say.  I swear she was trying to say duck and Kenz.  It's hysterical.

Pomp and CIrcumstance & Blessings

The day of McKenzie science fair was also the day that Julie graduated from Weber State with her Associates in Health Science.  She wants to go on and get her nursing degree.  She's has come so far over the last few years, we know she'll be able to do it.  Congrats Julie!!!
 While waiting for things to start, these 2 were having fun.
 And of course who wouldn't have fun with a little baby around.
 This last Sunday we all got together again for something else special. . .  Olivia's blessing.  Our crew sure helped fill up that chapel.  It was fun to see everyone again.
 And cute little Olivia was just done by the end of it.  Still cute crying her head off :).
It's been an exciting last couple of weeks for these two, I'm sure they are going to enjoy a much needed break.

The Beginning of the End

The title says it all.  The end of school is quickly approaching which means "Let the Chaos Begin"
There is so much going on and coming up, we will see if I survive. . . with my sanity intact.  We begin with McKenzie's 1st science fair.  She decided to see which microwave popcorn, popped the best factoring in weight, cost, and kernels popped vs. unpopped.  24 bags later and . . .
 Act II won overall.  It was a fun experiment, but I'm so glad the popcorn smell has finally left our home.   By the end the kids were all pretty tired of popcorn.  We even took bags to neighbors cuz we just couldn't eat anymore.
 Next up was Micah's first Pinewood Derby.  We have a small scout group in our ward so the race was short and sweet.  
 Here's Micah modeling his car.  What a handsome boy.  Oh and he just got glasses, they make him look so edu-makated don't ya think, lol.
 Randy "helped" him with his car.  He I mean they sure had fun.  Micah kept getting second place in all of his races, but he didn't seem to mind.  "We're number 2!"
Here he is coming in second. . .again, lol
It was a fun evening.  So glad that's over.  Between the fair and derby, my kitchen has been a force to be reckoned with.