Saturday, January 24, 2009

Micah is 4!!! (Oh and Randy is 32)

I am the worst person ever. Not only have I not posted about Micah's birthday I still haven't posted for Randy's birthday either. (his was back on Jan. 2) Birthday's after the holiday's are just too hard. We may have to implement half birthday's around here, (except then that makes all of our birthday's in the summer pretty much within 2 months), I just need to get with it is all. So in lieu of missing Randy's birthday here is a tribute to him.

By day he is a student, by night he is fearless supervisor, but every once in a while if we are very quiet we get to see the hero come out in him. Hey look over on that couch, it's a graduate, it's a manager, no it's Batman.He was goofing around with Micah's costume. But seriously, he's awesome, he is really dedicated to helping our family grow and he really loves his kids. He's come a long way and we are sooo proud of him. Happy late birthday toots, I love you.

As for Micah, his birthday was on the 13th and like Randy's (even though I had more time to think about it) it just snuck up on us. He has grown sooo much lately and he's our little man. Grandma and Grandpa came down and we all went out to eat at Micah's favorite spot, can you guess where . . . Old McDonald's of course. Which subsequently left almost all of us racing for the toilet or the nearest bucket, not the most fun we've ever had, but he had a fun birthday.He got a bike (and it's not pink, which is hard to come by in our house, poor guy). He was really excited for it, however we are having a hard time convincing him that he can ride it. He can't remember that he rode Morgan's all last summer. It'll come back to him, eventually. I love this little guy, he keeps us on our toes and says some of the funniest things. We are soo blessed to have him in our lives. Happy birthday little man, we love you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Years!!!

We went sledding last week before New Years with our good friends the Youell's, Ike and Aunt Dee Da. Randy took the kids the week before to Rock Canyon park, which has really big/fun sledding hills. I stayed home with Malia cuz it was during nap time. We took Malia with us this time so we decided we would go down the smaller hill which is also the hill that we went slip-n-sliding down this summer. It's the perfect hill for little kids, a nice gradual slope, you are not totally winded trying to get back up the hill, and if you hit it just right you can go forever, which is what Micah did his 1st time down. Then after that we kept chasing the sledders down . . .
and then walking up the hill with them. Still can't figure that one out, but hey he was happy.As you can see, what could be better than eating snow?

Mikhail getting ready to go down the hill, we didn't see her much, she would walk all the way up and immediately slide right back down. Trisha was the official video taker, except right at the end, her husband got her to go down once with him and Randy video taped it for her. Check it out. We even got Malia to go down twice. The first time she was laughing all the way down. This is the second and she was not quite as excited . . .
. . . as you can see. She looks a little more terrified to me.
But she was sooo stinkin cute all bundled up.
She just wanted Kristi to hold her the whole time, until she figured out that it was much more fun to walk on the street where there was no snow.
Mac and dad getting ready to head down. It was a good day for all.
For New Year's eve, (I didn't take pictures, cuz I'm a bum), my lil sis and bro and his wife were flying in from Michigan and Meg told me I was having a party right? So I called up the Youell's and asked them to come over and play games and hang until they couldn't keep their eyes open any longer. Then later that day some other friends called and told us they just got a pinata and asked if we wanted to whack it down with them. I told them about our little get together and so we combined the two. The pinata was great, the kids played the Wii and with toys, while us adults played ticket to ride (of course) and we also learned how to play hand and foot (which I'm going through withdrawals a little) It was fun. It was a good New Years, however the kids didn't sleep in that long that next morning (like 8 or something), but I made pumpkin pancakes with buttermilk syrup and sausage. It was oh soo yummy.