Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manti Pageant

Since Gma and Gpa were watching our kids on THEIR Anniversary (see I told you there are wonderful people), they decided they wanted to go see the Manti Pageant and have us meet them there on our way back from Moab and do a little camping.  We got there in time for dinner and then made our way up the hill from our campsite to the temple which we could see from our tent, it was beautiful.  We go there about 8:30 and still got some really good seats and only had to wait an hour before showtime.
 Getting some quick shots before the production.

 I think I might make this my new Facebook profile pic.
 We found a cool spot for some shots of us and had Kristi take some.  The color was off on a few so decided to change them to sepia, look it's like we are in the olden days, lol.
 Ya except for Randy's T-shirt, very time appropriate don't ya think.
 The pageant lasted about an hour and a half and we brought a stroller so Malia could fall asleep and we could just push her down the hill, but she lasted that whole time, it was Micah who passed out on the grass.  The Temple was beautiful on the way out so I had to get another shot. . .
 Or two.
We slept in (a little) had a great breakfast and headed out.  It was a crazy busy weekend, but fun.  Glad we had the opportunity to see the pageant before we move (if we move).  We need to start taking advantage of all of the things we can do while we are here.  Well there's 2 things on our to do list checked off.

Moab = No Kids, Yippee!!!

Friends of ours have a family-shared cabin close to Moab and they decided they wanted to  have a getaway with some friends without kids.  Originally there were 6 couples going to go, but 2 had to drop out, and we missed them, so 4 ended up going.  Randy and I were excited and we quickly begged and pleaded with Gma and Gpa for some babysitting, which they so kindly obliged.  We left Thursday afternoon with 1 1/2 of the couples and got there before dark. The other half came up later that night.  The cabin was beautiful (which of course I forgot to get pictures of).  Our friend's dad built it, with the help of some other family members, up in the mountains off the Colorado River.  It was 10 degrees cooler up there (yeah) and has an awesome view.

We had never been to Moab ( I know pathetic considering we've been here 4 years already), so we really didn't know where to begin.  Friday morning we were up bright and early to go to Arches National park and get the Fiery Furnace passes before they were all handed out (they only allow 75 groups per day to go through) and also get as much hiking in before the heat killed us.  It was amazing to see some smaller arches and some really cool rocks.

 Kye and Kelly, one of our Moab experts and our friends with the cabin.
 Ben and Bridget.
 Rob and Matney, our fearless leaders through the slot canyons.  Also our other Moab experts.
 One of the smaller arches we ran into.
 Beautiful eh?  We then proceeded back down and had lunch and then headed to back into Moab to a secret spot (well sort of) that Kye knew about.  He calls it the Dam Hike, cuz we hike around a dam and river but we like to be sinners and just call it the Dam Hike for the fun of it.  It was perfect because by the time we were done at the Furnace, it was pretty hot.  Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, due to the fact we were hiking through water, and didn't get any pictures.  It felt so nice playing in the water.  We rode the rapids down on our tushes, and jumped off cliffs (well I didn't but some of us did).  I just wanted to be in the water cuz that's my element, so I was happy just to be there.
 We went out for dinner that night at Pasta J's.  Kelly wanted to see what she looked like with Bridget's glasses on.  She kind of looks like a fly we decided.  They look really good on Bridget though.  Sorry Kel, couldn't resist.
 Just chillin and waiting for our food.

After indulging in some ice cream we headed back to the cabin and played games and attempted to take showers, we ended up having to boil water cuz something was wrong with the water heater, and just talked the rest of the night.  The next day we headed further up the mountain and went skeet shooting and looked for dinosaur tracks.  Matney almost beat all of the boys in skeet shooting, just got beat by Kye.  She rocks.  After that, we headed back, cleaned the cabin, ate lunch and headed back out to go home.  It was a nice weekend away from our offspring and just spending time with some really cool people.  Thanx again Kelly and Kye for including us on such a fun weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June Happenings Thus Far

It's hard to believe that June is over half way over, but at the same time not really.  We've kept busy with things, which has helped pass the time a little more quickly.  One thing we did was we decided to not buy another pool for the kids to break (again) and opted to build this little soaker fun.
 We found it on family fun and thought it was a great alternative to a pool.  It cost the same as a pool that we would have bought, it only took a couple of hours to cut and drill and put together and it will last longer and be easier to store.  So far the kids have been having a blast with it, (when it hasn't been cold or raining).
 My friend/neighbor turned 29 (again) and she has a tradition of throwing herself a party so she can indulge in yummy Costco cake and not have tons of leftovers to gorge herself on.  I think the idea is ingenious.  Too bad my bday always lands over Labor Day weekend.  Here she is with her hubby Chris (who's also 29 again).
 Chris is leaving for Afghanistan pretty soon so I wanted to take a family shot just in case we aren't here when he gets back.  He's awesome and we'll miss him while he's gone.  Don't worry Trish, we'll keep ya company and play lots of card while he's away.
 The goofies.  Chris looks a little sadistic here, almost like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining," right?
 We've gone to the park a few times and twice to this duck park.  Once with our playgroup and once with my sis Linsday while she we in town for her SIL's wedding.  We love feeding the ducks, can ya tell.  I am finally out of old bread though, so I will have to start stocking up again.
 The ducks at this park are more hungry than the BYU ducks.  They actually eat the bread, maybe it's because there is so much more of them.
 They just come right up to you, it's awesome.
 Collin loves to draw, he sat on this rock for a while just showing Alina his pictures.
 We also celebrated Father's day yesterday in style.  (Well as much as you can with early morning meetings for church).  He didn't get breakfast in bed, but I made him some delicious steak.  I hope that made up for it.  The highlight of the day was when Malia asked if I would paint her nails, to which my response was, ask daddy, which in turn became, let's paint daddies nails.
 He's such a trooper.
 Aren't they gorgeous?  Each appendage was a different color.  We went and played games with some friends that evening and all we kept see was this hand come out with red paint all over it.  It was hard to get used to.  He had me remove it before bed.
Can you tell he's a daddy to 3 girls?  Too bad he doesn't have hair to curl or put into ponytails.  Maybe we'll buy him a wig for that.  We have more stuff coming up, but I wanted to get this in here before I forget.  Next up, Moab trip, Manti Pagent, and camping with gma and gpa.  They are all back to back, so we'll how long it takes for me to get it up.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aren't things suppose to happen in 3's?

At least that is what I've been told.  We've a crappy past couple of months.  It just seems like it's one thing after another and it's never ending.  It started in March when Randy sprained his ankle really bad (which still hasn't completely healed, but it's slowly getting better).  Then we had a break until May when. . . wait for it (deep breath in)
2. I broke my curling iron and almost started a fire
3. Malia's bike finally kicked the bucket which in turn cost money to get McKenzie a new bike (long story)
4. My washing machine's warranty was expiring so I got a maintenance check to make sure everything was in working order (which it was by the 1st technician) only to find out a month later that he missed something pretty obvious had he taken off the front panel off, which would have been fixed, and in turn would not have made my frontelectric panel short out requiring another technician to come and fix it.  Ya, I'm in a big dispute with Sears right now.
5. Right after the washer broke (literally that door) One of my children clogged the toilet so bad that it flooded the bathroom.  Ya, gross.
6. I totally slammed my index finger in the car door, it really hurt for a couple of days and even typing now it's still sensitive.
7.  I tweaked my elbow while doing push ups on P90X and it still hurts. 
8. Our AC went out, luckily we rent and the weather is not blazing yet, so it was fixed fast and with a bigger unit, can I get an AMEN!!!
9. McKenzie landed on her foot wrong and we really thought she broke it. We were so sad cuz it was the beginning of Summer break and  thought this is a great way to start of the Summer.  Luckily she was only in a splint and crutches for about a week and then she attempted to walk on it.  It took a few minutes for her to get her "footing" (ha ha get it?) back and she hasn't had a lot of problems since.  It hurts every once in a while but she not letting it slow her down.
But during all this mayhem, I'm trying to see the good in everything.
1. The kids are out of school, so I don't have to be everywhere all of the time.
2. We get to take the kids' report cards to Krispy Kreme and get a dozen and a half of donuts. Yummm
3. We have a home where most everything works and when it doesn't, I have the best friends and neighbors who are always willing to help me out, even let me wash stinky poo towels in their washer.
4. I have my family who are for the most part healthy.  I have friends who have husbands leaving on deployment next week. I have other friends who have cancer or who have children who are fighting cancer.  I have a sister who is pregnant who can't stand for very long cuz her varicose veins are so bad it sends shooting pain all over.  I really shouldn't complain about ankles and feet that will heal themselves over time.
5. My husband has a job, even though it's not his ideal job, it pays the bills, and his schooling and it's making it possible for us to excel. (ONLY 1 MORE YEAR)
6. I have lost 17 pounds (and counting) doing P90X with my buddy, and jogging with more buddies, and Zumba-ing with even more buddies.  I still have more to lose, but I feel like now my goal is more achievable.
7. Randy's and my callings at church, although stressful and time consuming, are a huge blessing for us.  I have grown and learned so much in the last 3 years.
8. We have realized that when and if we move next year, we are going to probably have to move ourselves and so we are starting now to get rid of, sell and reorganize our "stuff."  We sold some nightstands this week, yippee, and have a few more things on KSL.  My bedroom is starting to look like a bedroom opposed to the kids' dumping ground.  I actually want to be in there again.
9. I have the knowledge that there's more out there than just what we do here on earth.  I know that everything I do, or learn or am forced to put up with is only going to make a stronger person.  So even though there has been a lot of bad things happening to us lately, I know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and is watching out for me and my family.  I know that one day I'll be able to be with him again if I can just endure this earthly life and do what he asks me to do to the best of my ability.  I know that when I'm having poopy days, I can pray and know that he is listening.  my first list are things that are not going to kill me or cause me to question my faith, they are just there to help me remember to rely on the Lord.

School's Out For Summer

I'm almost 2 weeks late on this and there has been so much, but I am really going to try and not go overboard with this.  The kids' last day was the 3rd (which is weird for us since we are always out the last week of May) and for them it couldn't have come soon enough, but for me I was crying.  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and it's great to have them home, but I miss my schedule.  Anyway in no particular order, here are the end of the year happenings.
Morgan's grade had a talent show, my camera ran out of memory and so I missed her actual presentation, but here are her pieces of art she shared with the class.
 The annual dance festival was a hit again, and lucky for us, it didn't snow the day before.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a lot of fun.
 The 4th grade program was about Utah's history so the kids were suppose to dress up like Native Americans or pioneers.
 The Kindergarten did a little program with songs and jokes, it was mostly for Mother's Day since it was right around that time, but they combined it with their annual program.  Micah's waving at me with his little finger.
 The traditional last day of school shot of the girls.  Man they are getting big, well all but Morgan, lol.  She will never catch up to these girls, sorry Morg about your genes.
 These girls are such goofs.
 Micah and Kace, great buds.
 Micah's going to miss Mrs. Headman.  I hope we are here long enough for Malia to have her.  She's amazing.
 Morg with Miss Edwards and her aide (who also happens to me my neighbor and friend) Mrs. Youell.  Another amazing teacher.  Maybe I should just make these ladies move with us where ever we go.
 Mak and Miss. Cluff.  This was her 1st year teaching and she really grown this last year.  This was a hard grade to start teaching on, but she held her own. 
 Mak and her girls and Malia sneaking in for the shot.  One of these girls is moving this summer, what a sad day for these guys.
 Morg and her friend Paris.  She's also moving this summer and couldn't hold back the tears on the way out the door.  It was so cute and touching.  I know Morg and he posse will miss her too.
 We missed Kylie at the beginning of school so we had to get just one more shot of these crazy things.
 Mak was allowed to ride the bus home with her friend Emme.  She was really excited since she either walks or gets driven to school.  On the way out, the bus drivers honk all of the way out of the bus lane and down the street while the kids wave at the teachers.  The kids love it.  Mak was really excited to finally be apart of it.
Here's one of Micah's song from his program.
Micah kicked some tail during the field day races.  He got 2nd in the finals for his grade, but with a bunch of crazy 6-year-olds the judges gave him 3rd in the chaos.  That's ok, we know he got 2nd.  BTW Micah's the one in the Lime green jersey.
There's a few other video's I wanted to upload but for whatever reason, they aren't.  So I will leave it at that for now.  With almost 2 weeks of summer break under our belt, I think I just might make it this summer.