Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Reading 2009

We signed up for our local libraries summer reading program. This year they chose the theme of "Go Green." And I think they want to go as far as they can with that motto, they really are having fun with it (IE: recycling, gardening, dressing in green). At the kick off party they had this guy with puppets talk to the kids and teach them a song. Then, the guy in the background with the hat on, is a magic/illusionist who did some fun stuff with the kids. He even made a palm tree out of biodegradable balloons, (you can kinda see it to the left right behind the puppeteer). It was impressive. Anyway, we got there early enough so the kids could sit up front, right in front of the guys (Micah has a red and gray shirt, Mac has purple and her hair is in her face, and you can see Morgie's head with the pink hat on) and be in on the action. At one point the illusionist was juggling small plungers and stuck them to his face. When he "couldn't" get them off he had Micah come up and "help" him pull it off. It was really cute, Micah was holding on so tight to the plunger that the guy picked him right up. Everyone had a good laugh. There was another guy there from our local paper that was taking pictures of the event. He even came up to me afterwards and got my kids' names so he could correctly identify them and told I could probably find them online, he wasn't sure which shot would go in the paper. Well it took me almost a week to find them and all that were posted were some other little girl looking excited and this one below. I was a little disappointed cuz I saw him taking pictures and I knew he got some good ones of my kids. Not that I need my kids to be in the paper, but he said you'll be able to find a lot of these shots online, I'm sorry but 2 pictures is not a lot of pictures. Oh well, at least there was something. It was fun regardless.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house

We were able to go to the new Temple (in the South Jordan area's) open house yesterday afternoon. It was such a nice experience than the last one we went to back in February. First off, we went on a weekday instead of a Saturday where hundreds of other people were going cuz that's the only day they could go too. Second, the beginning, where they show you a quick video, was not at a chapel where you had to be bussed up to the temple afterwards (and chance that one has a broken down bus so you have to wait forever). Third, we did not bring the stroller for Malia to whine and cry in, and trying to get out of. I shouldn't feel this way, but I did not enjoy myself last time. It was great to be with all of the family, but it was so chaotic and crazy that I had a hard time enjoying the moment.

This is what you get when you do not bring a stroller. . . Actually she was really good in the temple, this was afterwards. It is a really pretty temple, it's right off of a major roadway, so it's amazing to drive by. The kids are a nice little touch to this shot.
Afterwards, they had a little reception area where you can ask questions, make comments and get a cookie. It's a really pretty place with pictures of Christ all over. This was our favorite.
If you haven't gone yet and would like to go, you can get tickets at this link. It is definitely worth the time.

The great Binky ban!

So we did it, we finally got Malia to give up the bink. It took almost an entire week, but we did it and we are all still alive. I have learned from this that she is a very strong-willed child, and she really made us work for this. The other 3 were not this hard, it took them like one day and they were over it. Malia just really had a hard time self-soothing, but she did it. Not sure if it was the right time though, she is a very loud child at church (at least the 1st hour) is kinda hard not being able to plug her up when she is talking up a storm in the chapel. Hopefully that will die down soon too.

Randy's a Grad Student

For those of you who haven't heard . . . Randy got accepted into the EMPA program through BYU. We are soooo excited. This is a huge relief for all of us. He has been stressing about this since he found out that SUU cut the program he had applied for there. It seems over the last few years, we would decided on what path we wanted to go down, then something would happen and the plan was flushed down the toilet. I have learned that Heavenly Father has a plan for our family and we have to let him guide us down it. So we will be here for a few more years, and then who knows what. All I know is I am done trying to plan my future. Wish us (by us I seriously mean all of us) luck through these next few years.