Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Locks of Love

I gave in.  Malia has been bugging me for a couple of months to cut her hair like Kenzie's.  I didn't want to because it was so close to donating it that I figured it wouldn't be that much longer.  Well 2 months later, it really wasn't completely long enough, but good enough for us.  Morgan's hair was long enough so we just did both of them at the same time.  Since our hair cutter was suppose to be getting induced on Thursday we decided we better get it done fast.  Good thing we did, because that night, she went into labor and had the baby the next morning.  (I think he just new that the girls really needed their hair cut and wanted to wait, lol).  Anyway, I forgot my camera for Eah but Brookie saved the day and let me borrow hers.
 The longest pieces were I tiny bit over 10 inches, we figured it was better than nothing.
 She got a cute A-line like Kenz.  I just let it  air dry so it's not very cute right now, but you get the idea.
 Morg got hers done after school.
 I can't believe she let it get this long.  She actually didn't really want it cut till about 2 days ago when I had to brush out some nasty knots.
 This shoot looks like a pic I took of her when she was 3.  I couldn't believe it.
 Again, not "done" but you get the idea.  She was able to go a little longer than Eah, which is good because we start soccer today, so I can pull it back a little bit.
This shot makes me laugh,  just as I pushed the button Addison looked away from the camera, and I didn't realize Malia's look till I downloaded it.  These 2 have to make sure they know what the other is doing at all times. Thanx again Brookie.  You are awesome.  We'll stay out of your hair for a while, literally. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patty's Day!!

We had kind of an uneventful St Patty's day.  I had been really busy with our Relief Society Birthday dinner earlier in the week that I really didn't have time to think about what to do for the Holiday.  However a leprechaun did come and steal the coins Micah had hidden that he was going to use to try and capture him.  Sneaky little leprechaun.  He also turn our milk green while we were sleeping, which in turn, turned our eggs green. (which I didn't get a picture of).  He also turned my dough green that I was using for pizza and bread sticks.  CURSES LEPRECHAUN!!!!  I got some Kiwi, grapes, fresh green beans and green juice for dinner to be festive, but that dang Leprechaun had to one-up me.
The kids enjoyed it though

Micah said that a boy pinched him at school and that his teacher told everyone that if you pinched someone who was wearing green, they got to pinch you back 10 times.  He had fun with that.

Maybe the leprechaun will be nice next year.  Here's to hopin'.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My kids have made a lot of friends living here.  Morgan's groups of friends have kind of stayed the same (the Three Amigo's-Morgan , Katie and McKenna) but there has usually been a fourth that has come and been apart of the froup and then has had to move away. First it was Natalie, then Kiley and now Emeri.  Here was the latest 4, McKenna, Katelin, Morgan and Emeri.  These four have had many play dates recently to help Emeri's mom out.  But a week and a half ago, she had to move back down to Arizona.  She recently had a birthday and so they were able to have a party for her and here's the last pic we were able to get of the 4 of them.
 The night before the big move we had Emeri and her mom over for dinner and I just had to get some shots of these 2.  They are such hams when they are together.
 Seriously. . . HAMS I tell ya.

 We miss this girl already.
 Packing up the truck, well actually, taking a break from packing up the truck.  Her mom and dad.
 Aren't they just so pathetic?
 But yet still hammin' it up.
 Had to get at least one more crazy shot before they left.
 Well this last weekend we were able to hang out with some old friends, the Jackson's.   They've got kids our kids' age and so we've tried to keep in touch, you know, in hopes that one day one of our kids will marry into their family so we can be related, you know, lol.
 Here's Morgan and Natalie.  No matter how long they are apart, it's like they have never stopped playing.
 Micah and Spence.  They are seriously 2 peas in a pod.  They even get the same glazed look on their face when they are playing the Wii.
 Mak and Jake and Makhail.  McKenzie and Jacob our only opportunity to be related.  I'm soo bad, sorry.  No seriously though, these two used to play together all of the time.  Now that they are older though, you can see the cootie factor coming into play a little.
 We were able to have dinner with them and Trisha's family.  Trish made Amie's specialty, peppered steak, yum.  We had a really fun evening together, eating, playing nertz and just catching up.  I hope this never stops.  Thanx for chillin with us Amie, we miss you.