Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A. . . GIRL!!!!

Yep that's right, another little princess will be joining our family in July.  I had my ultrasound yesterday and the doctor's machine for whatever reason was producing really fuzzy pictures so he sent me to the perinatologist for a better look.  Everything looks great and she's growing perfectly.  Randy is getting use to the idea and said as long as when we get a dog, it's a boy.  I just laughed.  I guess that's the one thing that we can control is the gender of our pets, lol.  He agrees a girl will be much easier at this point and Micah got his wish so everything is good.  It's pretty obvious here that it is NOT a boy.  The two vertical lines are her femurs and the arrow is pointing to nothing which means there is no apple on the stem.  That gray circle above the arrow is her umbilical cord.
 What a cute profile.  She likes to curl up, that's her leg/knee on the right.
 Just had to get one last shot of that cute face.
The ultrasound tech did a very thorough job and we got lots of great shots of her.  A cute little foot, a front face shot (which makes her look like an alien) and a few others of her body profile one with her knee almost on top of her face.  Now we need to come up with an "M" name that we like and update a some of our baby gear.  This time I'm don't care how neutral it is, bring on the pink.  Oh and for the 4 of you who voted girl, let me know so I can do a drawing for a prize, and Ellen, you don't count cuz I know you voted both ways.  So really, the 3 of you send me a message.  Maybe a make a voting poll of M names we like later on for you to vote on to help us :)  Here's to another 19 weeks of pregnancy bliss (cough cough).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Chance

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound, and I will be posting what our findings are.  If you want to get in the prize pool, you better leave a comment on what you think it will be.  Who knows, maybe I'll take you out to lunch, or make you a basket of a few of my favorite things, or maybe I'll just give you a big wet kiss, lol.  Happy voting.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's all about Micah

Micah had two programs in two days.  Busy little guy.  The first on was the 1st grade patriotic play last night.  He, along with the other 1st grade classes, had to memorize a part and sing some songs.  Here he is in front of their back drop.  The other little boy in the middle is his classmate who is also the son of his Kindergarten teacher, gotta love it.
Each student was asked to memorize a part and he, along with a few other kids, were given a really long poem.  We bribed him with a  Halo/Lego guy and that was enough incentive for him to learn his part.  He did awesome.  Oh and he was too embarrassed to ever look at the camera, every time he did he would start laughing, the little stinker. 
What a handsome boy.  He informed me yesterday that he no longer wants another brother because he wants to have his own room when we move.  He cracks me up.
They sang "God Bless the USA" and waved flags at the end.  I love this song, it never gets old for me.
Getting ready to wave their flags. He's in the middle trying to figure his out.
Micah's the ladies man, he tells me he likes all of the girls in his class.  Makes me worry just a little.  He's way to young to be liking girls already.
The other thing he took part in was Rad Kids.  I know I know, I've posted so many of these, but after what happened to that little girl in Walmart a few weeks ago, I don't care.  She apparently was a Rad Kids grad.  I just love this program and Micah was really excited since this was his first time to be able to take the class.  He did amazing.
You are probably wondering why it looks like he is wearing his PJ's, it's because he is.  It is our school's Read-a-Thon month and today was the actual Read all day-a-Thon where the kids get to wear their PJ's to school and read all day. . . well almost all day.  Here he is with the Lobster Man that he got to beat up.
Here they are warming up showing their Rad Kids Stance.
And ya gotta love being allowed to beat people up and no get in trouble for it.
And our newest Rad Kids Grad!!  Good job little man.  You kicked his booty!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I know it's not her birthday and she already got baptized but this little girl has had a couple of big things happen in her life that I just wanted to share.  She's been waiting so patiently for the time to get her ears pierced.  This was the week we were able to do it and she jumped right at the chance.  We woke up early this morning, got ready, went to Home Depot day to finish their craft before the mall opened at 10.  We were there with bells on.  She was so excited (and nervous and scared).  Here she is before.
 And after her first side.  The only problem with going first thing in the AM is there is usually only 1 person there working so she had to be really brave and get one done at a time and not like Mak who got her double whammy done at once.  She was explaining everything to us and I caught her mid-sentence, love this face.
 And here she is after her second ear, still smiling. . . I think she's happy. 
 I had to get one more shot cuz the first 2 focused on her face and not her ear.  She chose sapphire studs.  She really likes blue.    The second cool thing that happened to her recently that I totally spaced blogging about is that she is now the proud owner of her own pair of glasses.  She got them right before Christmas break and we all now how that went, so she's getting her own special post for it.  She was having a hard time seeing the board and got tested in school and so I took her in.  Can you tell she likes blue?
Here is a video or her second ear getting done, what a trooper.

The last thing eventful thing that Morgan's done is RAD kids.  I know she did this 2 years ago, but I just get so excited every time they get to do this class.  They learn so much and become more aware of their surroundings and how they can keep themselves safe.  This will be one thing that I will miss if we move.  Here she is showing her "Stay back!  You're not my mom!" move.
 Getting ready for the simulation with the lobster man.
 Calling for help after kicking and hitting the lobster man.  I have a video of this too but blogger apparently only wants me to upload 1 video today. 
 Getting her certificate and bracelet. 
She such a great girl!!!!!  Good job Morgie!