Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Knight's of Mayhem

The last two weeks of school were really fun for the kids. Crazy for the parents, but the kids love it, of course. The school was able to get a jousting group to come to our school and preform for the kids. It was amazing. The kids had a blast watching the horses and the knights do tricks. This was the smaller of the two horses, "let said" he was from Ireland, but really he's from Canada.
Here was our MC, he said he was from Scotland, and even had a good accent, but he's from around here, and his horse was beautiful.
I took a lot of video, but these 2 were my favorite. the first one is quick so watch carefully. Our principal put this wooden helmet on and they put on top of his head a cantaloupe that they are suppose to slice in half. The second one, they decided to slice the smaller of the halves in half, it was really funny.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Micah's 2-Wheelin'

He's doing it. Well, out of force at least. His back training wheel broke off his bike last week so I took them off and got out the old mini bike that we use to teach the kids to ride a 2-wheeler. Randy helped him Thursday after lunch and he picked it up in about 10 minutes. We haven't had time (plus he's a little scared) to get him on his bike yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon. For now, he's on a little pink barbie bike, but hey, he's doing it. Good Job Micah!

Mac's 3rd Grade Program

The 3rd graders put on a performance for the parents and told us the things they learned this year.  McKenzie's line was "We also learned about the basic needs of survival in a habitat when we studied the ecosystems of the world."  I videoed it but it didn't turn out very well, you can't really hear anything she said.  Oh well, I think I just need to buy a real recorder instead of using the one on my camera.  They sang a few of the songs they learned throughout the year, and did some patriotic things, it was really cute.

I can't believe she's going to be in 4th grade next year!

4-Wheelin' Fun

Our neighbors have a little 4-wheeler that their kids ride around on.  It's really cute to see them go up and down the sidewalk.  Last weekend McKenzie came racing inside hysterically yelling, "Come outside hurry."  I really didn't want to, I can't remember why, also she doesn't  always explain her reasons for needing us right that second and sometimes it's for really piddly things, so I don't really want to come.  She then went onto explain that the neighbors were going to let them ride the 4-wheeler if we both came out and watched.  She was soo excited so we hurried outside and let each of the kids ride around in the field next to us.  It was really cute, and they were soo happy to be on that thing.
Even Randy and I got in on the action.
We looked pretty funny on that little thing, it has a lot of power though.  Thanx Nordfelt's for letting join in our 4-wheelin' fun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Soccer

I can't believe that the season is over.  Fall seemed like it took forever and now we're done, (well after Wed night we are done).  The kids have improved so much this season, actually making goals and hustling to the ball instead of waiting for it to come to them.  This last weekend while Randy's family were hanging with us, we were able to go to both Morgan and Micah's soccer games.  We actually had nice weather, which was nice considering most of the season was cold, wet, snowy or windy.  Kristi came too and took some great shots of the kids.  Here are a few of them.

Morgie doing a little dance move or something, I love it
The amazing flying Morgan
Morgan jumps a lot when she kicks the ball, can you tell?
Morgan in action
She looks soo big here, hard to think she's 6.
Morg with her buds, Kiley and Ashlyn who wasn't on our team cuz they moved away, but we still consider them part of the team.
Morg and Micah after Morgan's game.  Last one together, so sad.
Micah's game, yes those are 2 different color green's.  Hard to tell I know, but it's there.  There were actually 3 different green in our division, it made for interesting cheering, "Go umm Green."
Micah dribbling, which he's really getting better at.
Micah hustling.
Getting ready for that high five . . . wait for it. . .
Bam, thanx Kristi for that, it was awesome.
We are sad yet so excited for it to be over.  Randy coached Micah's team so, it will be nice to have one less for him to have to worry about.  We get a little break till soccer camp, tennis lessons and swim lessons start.  Not that it's much of a break since it's the last few weeks of school and they are insane.  Things will settle down a little bit in July, yeah for us.  Hopefully I can keep up with all the activities going on and actually get pics of them, we shall see.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me

I really had a good day this year.  My kids all came home with cute little gifts on Friday.  McKenzie brought the carnation and some coupons to do nice things for me.  Morgan made me the big yellow card, Micah made a paper flower coupon bouquet and planted marigolds in a pot he painted.  Oh and he also did the "My Mom" thing that Morgan did when she was in preschool.  Here's is Micah's version of. . .
"MY MOM" by Micah
My mom is "18" years old (guess it's better than 12 like Morgan thought)
My mom likes to make "Pancakes and Watermelon" (We had this the night before he made it and Micah really likes watermelon)
My mom always says "To stop doin stuff I'm not uppose to do" (Cuz you know I say this all of the time)
My mom is funny when she "Turns stuff upside down." (I still can't figure what I turn upside down)
I had a good laugh when I read through it.
My in laws gave me some yummy chocolate that I am really going to try hard not to devour all at once. Our ward gave the mom's little pots with seeds, (they even glued a little ribbon around the top to fancy it up a bit, good job elders quorum).  The primary made the black picture blocks that you see in the picture.  But the best present ever is what Randy bought me.  He gave me a little ticket that said good for one trip through Southwest with peanuts attached to.  I thought that was really cool and was thinking in my head, oh goody it's gonna be forever till I get to redeem this thing, and then he brought out a plane ticket that said I was leaving Memorial day weekend for Portland.  For the past few years my sis., Laurie, husband has been sending her down here to get away from her kids.  She keeps asking Randy when he's gonna do the same for me, apparently now.  I'm soo excited, I can't wait.  I'm gonna try and see a few of my old friends up there and just have fun not making decisions and wiping faces (not that it's really gonna happen cuz she's got 4 kids too, but they aren't my kids, lol).  So all in all, I had a really great Mother's day.  Randy's family came down for the weekend and his dad went on the Father/son's camp out and his mom hung out with me, we went to soccer games (which will be another post) and Randy bbqued some awesome ribs and salmon.  I'm soo grateful to my kids and things they teach me.  I really just need to enjoy them before it gets too late.  They are growing up way to fast.  Thanks to all of the amazing mom's out there, keep up the great work.