Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Betsy Ross

Last night was the 1st grade Patriotic Program. They've actually never done one of these before, at least as far as I know (meaning McKenzie did not do one 2 years ago). All the kids from the 1st grade had a part of some sort, whether it was an individual part, group part or a dance, (which Morgan's friend McKenna had and hated it cuz she had to dance with a boy, how cute). All the girls wore these cute Betsy Ross hats and the boys wore red paper hats. It was fun for them and good practive on public speaking. A few of her friends right before it started.
The kids trying to behave.
This first video is the part that Morgan had. She had it down pat, hard to understand but she knew what she had to say. "Sometimes we fly our flag at half staff but only when something sad has past. For example when the leader of our country dies." Oh and bear with the wobbly-ness, Malia was being a little less than cooperative.

I will see if I can get the other videos to upload, I'm trying blogger for the first time to do my videos, so bear with me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blogging. . . Whatever

So I've been in a blogging funk since last month, so bad that I don't even know what I want to say. Not that we haven't been busy or anything, but I feel like I have nothing that important to update on. . . which is totally false. Something that I'm just now realizing, when I don't feel like blogging is when I stop cooking good meals for my family, why is that? The motivation is not there, I feel bad but what do I do? Oh and on top of that, I haven't been taking pics that much. So the combo has just left me. . . blah. Here's a few of the things that we've been up to, in no particular order:
1. Cavity free dentist appts-amazing I know
2. SEP conferences that went very well
3. We are in the midst of our school's Read-a-thon that I've been helping with, which has kept me crazy busy, not as much as my friend Michelle, but busy enough. I don't envy her job.
4. A weekend by ourselves (that's right, no kids for 3 days). We had a lot fun just doing nothing but enjoying the quiet, seeing a movie, eating out cleaning the carpets, ya know exciting stuff. Plus the kids had a blast and I think we gave the grandparents a new found appreciation for our lives, yes they were very happy to give them back, lol.
5. A field trip for Micah to the bean & dinosaur museum on campus.
6. We filed our tax return as soon as we got Randy's W-2's two weeks later we were able to purchase the bed of our dreams. (and buy a few other things we've been waiting to get). It's a Laytex bed and it is oh so comfy. It's soft yet firm, its never freezing when you first get into the bed, oh and you don't roll to the center because the springs aren't broken, plus there are no springs so that will never happen. Amazing I tell ya.
7. A Dr. appointment that gave me the ability to give myself shots once a week, can I tell ya how fun that is. Oh and not only that but I'm still in pain. Go figure. I'm just at a loss what to do now, other than gimping around, it's getting old.
8. Church things that have kept me busy like giving a lesson, meetings, classes, doing the RS meeting for the rest home, and preparing for our RS birthday party next month.
9. Randy's cousin came home off his mission to Switzerland this last week and his homecoming was yesterday. It was great to see him again.
10. We upgraded our computer to Windows 7. I'm still trying to get use to it, like figuring out how to edit pics and stuff. the bummer is that we wiped our hard drive and now I have none of my old pics on here. So I'm starting fresh . . . again, which is probably why I haven't been that excited about posting.
11. The winter Olympics has kept us on edge. We have been DVRing everything cuz we never can watch them when they are on, so we go back and watch everything after we already know the outcome, which is kinda lame, unless it's something really cool. The good thing is we can fast forward through everything we hate or can't stand to see the same thing done 50 times, like ski jumping, very cool. . . I just can only watch it so many times before I wanna pull my hair out.
Last but not least. . .
12. Preparing to go to Vegas with my seester's. We are finally getting away for a weekend. . . together. . . at the same time. . . in the same place. We did this 2 1/2 years ago in Seattle, and had a blast. It was time to do to it again. I'm now getting excited for it, as before it was just another things on my calendar. 10 days can't come soon enough.

Even though I feel this was really random, I'm hoping that it will get me going again, I really want to keep this up, it's important to me and my family. Anyway till next time, which will hopefully be sooner than later. . . until then here are the few pics I amazingly did take over the last month or so.

Micah's fieldtrip buddies, KC and Drake. We got dumped on one night (not nearly as much as DC) but excited none-the-less. It was soo pretty out.
Randy and I haven't changed much over the last 11 years. We still like to make each other's faces messy. I'll have to find our wedding pic sometime and show the cake-tastrophy. I got him pretty good.