Saturday, October 20, 2012

BYU Homecoming 2012

Since we are still here in the great state of limbo, I mean Utah, we've decided that we need to take advantage of all of the fun things to do around here just in case we actually do find a job and leave.  BYU's homecoming was during our Fall Break this year and so it was an awesome weekend, so we decided to make our annual trek down the hill to the free pancake breakfast and homecoming parade.  This year we mentioned it to the "Matney's" and they decided they wanted to brave the cold and lines with us.  We got our blue pancakes and found a spot and ate.
 Can ya tell they were yummy?
 Mmmmm tasty.

 While the "Matney's" were standing in the pancake line, Randy and I went down the street to stake out our spots for the parade.  
 Love this view of the "Y"
 Then the parade started and the kids were sooo excited.
 Especially when their buddy Cosmo came and high-fived them

 This Homecoming was extra special because they were playing our beloved BEAVERS.  Randy grew up in Corvallis and that is where we met while I was attending OSU.  So we were a little torn on who to root for, so we wore our BYU gear, but really wanted OSU to win.  Randy had even been planning on attending the game way before he found out it was homecoming.  So when the BEAVS started kicking their trash we were ecstatic that BYU was losing their homecoming game, sad but ecstatic for our home.  We thought the nursing schools float was pretty funny,
 Bet you can't guess who's favorite float this was?  Micah eyes were glued to this float.  
Sorry Cougs for the loss, but we sure had a fun cheering you on.  It was a beautiful fall morning.

Fall Break 2012

This year for fall break we were going to go on a hike like we usually do, but my kids got sick on the day we were suppose to go so we ended up not doing it.  However, before they got sick I really wanted to go up the canyon and enjoy an afternoon at South Fork park near Vivian Park before the weather really started to get poopy and the colors on the trees were completely gone.  So on my morning walk with "my ladies" I told them we were heading up around lunch and convinced them they needed to come with us, which they eventually caved and said they'd come.  Glad they did since we didn't go hiking.
 It was gorgeous up there.  Most of the leaves had fallen at the elevation we were at, but it was still fun and beautiful. The kids played in the creek/stream/river (it depended where you were standing).

 Matney doesn't like to do her daughters hair. . .
  probably cuz she like to pick her nose, lol (Sorry Mat, couldn't resist)
The kids kinda did their own little hiking.
And tried to find as many ways as they could to cross the creek part of the river without getting wet (they didn't stay dry long).
 Maser even had fun being out
 What a cutie.
Hopefully we'll get a hike in before it starts snowing, but I'm not holding my breath.

My little Young Women

I feel like my life right now is full of "It Hard to Believe's" and yet here we are again with another one.  I think it's time I just face the reality that this trend of getting older is going to continue to happen and that my life will always have another "it's hard to believe" moments.  With that said,  it's hard to believe that I have a 12 year old.  When did that become ok?  I remember when I first had her and jokingly thought to myself, well in 12 years I'll have a babysitter. . . HERE WE ARE!!!!! (excuse the mess behind her, this was after her party still attempting to clean it up).  She asked for my ice cream cake.  It was delish, as always.
 She also asked for an 80's party!!!! (laugh as you may)  I found it hilarious that my daughter wanted a party themed with the things I grew up with.  So with that in mind we had an 80's makeover party complete with bright nail polish, makeup and hair crimping (thanx again Michelle)
 We also opted for ice cream sundaes instead of cake.  So the girls got to make their own desserts.  Do you sense a theme here, a do it yourself party.  I figured with 12 year old's, they weren't really going to be into party games and such, so keeping them busy with making each other over was a great option.
 Most all of the girls dressed up in their tubular 80's outfits.
 Grandma was even brave (or bored since Grandpa went hunting that weekend) and came and helped saved me.
 What a great example she is to her younger siblings. . .
 or not, lol.
 She really had a lot of fun with this party 
 And I think the other 14 girls did too. (it was a mad house)
We couldn't be prouder of this girl.  As you can see, it won't be long till she is taller than me.  She is amazing.  She's sooo happy to be 12 and not a little kid anymore (she'll regret that later, lol).
 We didn't have her party on her birthday because of General Conference so on her bday I was able to make her our traditional bday pancakes and we had the above-mentioned ice cream cake that night.
She's learning the grass isn't always greener on the other side though.  She couldn't wait till she was 12 so she could go to Young Women's and not be in Activity Days anymore, little did she realize how similar and the 2 are.  Well at least she is not with her little sister anymore.  Happy Birthday my sweet baby, thanx for making our family a little more complete.  We love you!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 months baby!!! or maybe that was suppose to be A 3 month baby?

My little stinker is trying to grow up too fast.  She doesn't really like to be a newborn or an infant for that matter.  She's ready for the big stuff, like trying to sit and rolling over.  What's up with this girl?  She really doesn't get any tummy time because by the time you get her on her stomach, she rolls right over as if to say, "Rolling over is for pansies, what else ya got ma!"  While she's sitting in her bouncy seat, or swing or even propped up on a pillow, she will not let her neck relax and just lay back.  She's always doing yoga moves like the "boat" so we decided she was ready for the bumbo. . .
 As you can see, she's totally ready, lol.  I was eating lunch reading something and she was sitting quietly in front of me in the seat and when I looked up this is what I got.  I just laughed.

This little girl also really likes her tongue, not sure why, but it's always sticking out.
Love this shot.
And to keep the tradition going. . .

 Happy little sucker (usually)

 A little scared???
Masie has been a fun little addition to our family.  The "newness" of the baby has worn off, so they aren't fighting over her anymore.  McKenzie likes to hold her when SHE wants to or she's not crying, really helpful I know, but she loves her to death.  She had a really crabby week last week and I attribute it to the full moon, say what you want, I think it really does affect a person.  She's been a lot happier since.  Love this little girl!!!