Monday, February 2, 2015

Kaders 9 months

We've really become creative in how we get this little guy to sit long enough to get any shots done.  This time it was the binky and a bell.
 It didn't last long though
 We got at least one of his cute little toothy smile.
 But he was more interested in the camera than cooperating.
 And this was the best we could do.  legs were not going down for this one, at all!
 Especially when he found the cord blinds.  (Don't worry, this bed is not right next to the blinds except for these pictures because of the lighting)
 One more wiggly legged stinker
 Before he realized just what he was lying next to.
 And...we're done.
  Love this kid
 And so are the blocks.
 We had to get at least one bath shot.  These two love baths.