Friday, August 19, 2016

Malia's 9!

And just like that she's 9!  It seems like this summer's events have been mainly birthday celebrations. We have eaten a lot of cake, sang a lot of "Happy Birthday to you's" and wrapped lots of presents. We love these little spirits that have helped shaped our family.  They each bring something unique to our crazy group and I love each and everything they bring, even if it's hard to deal with sometimes.  This little girl's love for everyone is awesome.  She loves to be with people and trying to get her to leave her friends can be somewhat of a challenge but I love that she wants to be with others all of the time.
Right before her birthday she had been bugging me to get her hair cut and McKenzie has been wanting to practice on people so we said why not.  If it's really bad, she'll have a very short cut (which is what she wanted in the first place)  Kenz did great, a couple of non-noticeable things but overall she did awesome.  Malia loved it as well which was most important.

 She requested a two layer blue and yellow cake.  So that's what she got.
 Love this girl.  She's always there to brighten your day!