Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

The last 3 Christmas's have been in 3 different states and each one has brought on a little something different.  Utah was with lots of extended family, Indy was small and intimate with just us and this year was a little bit of both.  G&G Tucker along with Kristi decided to make the journey out to celebrate Christmas with us.  They stayed for a week and it was great having them be in our home and to be with us during the Holiday!  We like to get fresh trees because of the smell, and well because that's all I ever had growing up.  We found out Costco sold them for an awesome price so we went over and grabbed one hoping that it wouldn't die on us.  I looked it over thoroughly and it looked decent enough and low and behold this is was it looked like after taking off the ropes.  Not too shabby!
 We decorated it and this is where we found Masie a lot of the time.  Isn't Christmas magical.  I love thes moments.
 Malia's gotta be part of these moments too, lol.
 Once G&G got here it was on big party.  We tried to take them to as many places as we could, even though it was freezing.  We wrapped lots of presents and just enjoyed our time together.  Can you guess what this present is? lol.
 Christmas eve we acted out the Christmas story with little puppets.

 And then opened our Christmas Jammies

 Then the kids nestled into their beds and Santa visited

 And bright and early Christmas morning the crew was up and antsy to open their gifts.

 Randy's love of Star Wars has rubbed off on Kaders.  We were able to go and watch the new Star Wars with G&G and Randy was constantly watching trailers of the movie leading up to the release.  That's probably when Kay Kay really started noticing it.  He got some pretty fun "Star Star" gear.

 We found Grandma a fun Minnesota ornament to remember us by.

 Our little bunch in the Christmas Jammies
The day after G&G, Krsti and Lilly had to pack up and start back home on their long journey.  
 We are so grateful they came. We really enjoyed having them here.  Moving is always hard and to have familiar faces during the Holiday's is always a memorable time.  
 We love you Tucker's!!! Thanks for being so awesome!!!