Friday, February 27, 2009

The Slacker That I Am

Ya I know, I am the biggest loser in the world. It's been over a month and I am now just posting something. I really do have good excuses this time, I think. I have been BUSY. (ya I know story of my life) Regardless, this has been kind of a crazy month and let's just say I am glad it is over. (almost). We've had dentist and doctor appts., parent/teacher conferences, school presentations, enrichment, sick kids, no school days, we went to the Draper Temple open house on Valentine's day, (which was really an awesome experience, and I hope the kids, at least McKenzie, remembers it) and it was the kids school Read-a-thon, which I was recruited to help with this year. The kids did soo good this year and so did Michelle (the mom in charge of the whole shindig), let's just say I am soooo glad I wasn't in charge. It is a lot of work and I only had a small part of it, which still took up a lot of time. Randy is also really glad it is over (he said Amen when I read this to him). The really funny thing is that Michelle was called to be the Primary President of my ward right at the very end of the Read-a-thon. Poor girl, no breaks for her. The other funny thing is that in the midst of all my fun going on, I only took 4 pictures this month.
Randy sporting his new accessory, the latest in bald men fashion.
And Morgan lost her first tooth. She was soo excited and even let me pull it out for her. I kept telling her that the dentist was going to pull it out if it doesn't come out before then. I was just tired of it hanging on by a thread and her whining about how everything hurt to eat. I am the meanest, I know. She is a cutie with it out though. The dentist said the other bottom tooth will follow soon. It's loose but not thread hanging yet.
So, hopefully I will do better next month. I do have a few things coming up that we are excited about and I know they will be fun to post, so it will get done.