Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas at Gma and Gpa Tucker's home this year.  The kids got their pajamas. BTW McKenzie came to me the day before and informed me that she really didn't want character PJ's this year, like Hannah Montana.  She wanted me to do what I did last year with the PJ pants.  It's a good thing I already had done that.  I found these pajamas about 3 or 4 months ago for a killer deal.

 The Christmas pickle that my kids go nuts looking for.  Morgan found it last year, this year Micah was the big winner.
 Christmas morning the kids slept in until about 7 (which was a miracle I tell ya).  We even had to wake Malia up, can ya tell?  Oh and that is her hair sticking up on top of her head.
 The kids opening some family gifts from Santa.
 The kids got Angry Bird blankets from Gma and Gpa.  They are their new favorite blankets.
 Had to get one shot before the mess.
 Randy and his new BYU Santa.  Very appropriate I thought.
Kristi and McKenzie did this in the middle of the night for Gma and Gpa.  Kristi enlarged a recent family photo and changed it out for the old one and then wrapped the frame.  We wanted to see how long it was going to take for them to notice it was up there.  We had a good laugh.
After church and ready to play with their new toys.  You can just see the excitement on Malia's face. 
 Christmas is now over, everything is put away and we are ready for what 2012 brings on to us.  Happy New Years Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few of my Favorite Christmas Things

My kids have been a little crazy this Christmas season and have made me laugh, cry, scream, smile and just all around be grateful that I have them.  Malia loves to sing, never the right words mind you, Christmas songs, let's be realistic, any songs for that matter.  Recently, the song of choice has been "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."  Here is her version of it.
The words are not always right, but man she is sure of herself.

Micah has written many letters to Santa this year and apparently just making sure Santa knows he's here.
It says:
"It's me again, reminding you I'm here.  I'd like a robot that does homework and can also use a broom and a globe of the North Pole.  And can one Elf come to my home?  And can I keep him here?  Are your Elves okay?  When you come to my home there's cookies for all of your Elves." 

The corrections are from his teacher, he must have done this for a school assignment.  This kid never ceases to amaze me with the things that come out of his head.  Who even thinks up these things.  What a thoughtful kid though to ask about the Elves.  He probably just wants to make sure they're OK enough to stay with him forever so they can make him as many toys as he wants.    That's thinking outside the box, eh.

This isn't very Christmassy, but I want to make sure I got it on here.  Morgan got glasses last week.  She was very excited to finally be like her bigger sister.  We'll see how long it lasts before she starts begging me for contacts.  I know McKenzie has been for a few years now.  But for now, she loves them and I think they're pretty stylish.

Monday, December 12, 2011

So Far this December. . .

It's only the 12th and I feel like it should be Christmas already, not that I'm ready my any means.  It has just been so busy already.  Probably because we live so close to BYU that we have to do our Christmas stuff early in order for the students to be able to enjoy so Christmas traditions with their ward before they head off to see their families.  Regardless, it's been nuts.  The 1st weekend of Dec. was the annual BYU family Christmas party.  I can't believe this might be our last year we might go. Notice how everyone is wearing blue to support BYU except Micah.  What have we done to make him think supporting the Utes is ok?
 Malia has this weird obsession with making "crazy eyes."  Everyone decided to try and join in.
 Notice Micah's list.  He wants an Elf so that he can have him make Micah toys all year.  Where does he come up with this stuff?
 After the party we went and got ourselves a tree.  We had to wait about 4 hours to put it up though cuz Randy had a huge paper due, so we had to wait for him to finish.

 Then this weekend was our ward's Christmas party.  They decided to be a little different and go Hawaiian.  It was catered by a family in our stake from Hawaii and we even had some Polynesian dances to enjoy.

 Even Santa came dressed for the event with his shorts and lei's.  Micah asked for a robot to do his homework this time. He cracks me up.
 Malia letting know Santa she's 4.
 Morgan had a grass skirt on but kept stepping on it (since it was really mine) so she gave it up.
 Oh and another exciting thing that happened already this month is . . . Malia cut her hair.  In my 11+ years of being a mom, I have been very lucky to not have a child cut their hair.  Malia said that she didn't like it in her eyes anymore.  When she realized what she did, she started crying immediately.  We couldn't figure out why for another 5 minutes.  She looked natural with bangs, until you looked more closely at the side.Malia has always been my button pusher.  Here she goes again.  My friend Brookie cut it and blended it in, but it is still driving me crazy, so I'm going to take her back and have her butch it. 
 Here's the clump of hair McKenzie found in her room. 
Next up. . .Christmas.  Hopefully we'll be ready.

Friday, November 11, 2011

We love Crazy Hair!!!

It's Red Ribbon week at school and each day they have a themed dress up day.  Tuesday was "Crazy about being drug free" with a crazy hair day!  My kids look forward to this day every year, and last year I was smart and bought a ton of colored hairspray after halloween so we'd always be ready for this day.  The kids (plus our nieghbors that we take to school with us) before school.
 Top view of Malia.  She really wanted pink and purple in her hair.
 Micah's top view.  Too bad Halloween was the day before because I totally would have left him with his old man hair-do.  Oh well, this is the best we could do.
 McKenzie with her colorful "mane."
 Morgan wanted to be like Mak but McKenzie wanted nothing to do with that, so I improvised and added a few shrek ears to the mix.
It was a ton of fun to wash out that night, let me tell ya, but they all had fun.  SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween Halloween (you get the idea)
We had a great Halloween this year.  We got to carve pumpkins

Notice Micah's hair right now, cuz it will change drastically in a sec.
All carved and ready for spooking. (I even got Mak to carve hers all by herself this year hers on the right, amazing I know)
Then came getting ready for dress up.  Micah wanted to be an old man and so we went for it.  Randy shaved his head Sunday night.
And this is what he looked like in the morning.  He looks like a mini George Burns.  I love it.
We completed the look with suspenders and and high waters and some awesome glasses we paid too much for.  But here's our Old Man
All the kids plus the kid I never had ready for some trick or treating fun.
One more for good measure
Our pretty pretty princess
Our scallywag Pirate
Our Gothic whatever (hope this isn't a sign of things to come)
And some of the kids scoring on their booty.
Thanks Michelle and Jess for helping us make our costumes awesome!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field Trips

Malia and Micah both got to go on field trips within a 2 week period.  And since now I'm kidless for 3 hours each day, I can go without having to pick an choose which one's I go and and have to find a sitter.  Malia's was first and she got to 1st go to Krispy Kreme and see how donuts are made.
Then to the fire station and see a fire be put out, a smokey house, abulance, and fire trucks and watch the life flight helicopter land about 25 yards away.  It was awesome.
 We got to have her buddy Caden in our group.  He's in the afternoon class so we don't get to see him much anymore
Then it was off to Pumpkin Land to play in the corn maze, and see some farm animals, play on their playground walk through their "spook" alley (which is just a lot of lights.

Then last week, Micah was able to go to Pumpkinland as well.  We got a group shot before walking through the maze.
Saw some cooling looking corn.
Looked at lots of pumpkins.
Put our faces in silly places.

And got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.
It was a lot of fun for everyone.  I'm so gateful my kids are in school so I can do more things with them there.