Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ears Pierced

Malia has been waiting for this day since McKenzie got her ears pierced.  Now that she is 8 she is finally able to get hers done too.  She has watched and waited for her turn for a long time and we told her that if she waited till we moved to Minnesota, we could get her ears pierced in the Mall of America (really we just wanted her to wait until we moved so we didn't have to worry about taking care of her ears in the middle of chaos).  So she waited even longer than she wanted, till November even (things were really nuts till after Halloween) and we finally went to the Mall and had them done.  She was a trooper.

 She didn't cry at all, although I do remember her getting a little light headed and need to sit down for a bit.  We gave her a lollipop to help perk her up.  Such an excited girl!!!