Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tucker Christmas 2008

Originally we were going to stay at our home and do Christmas morning just with just us and our kids and then that afternoon heading up north to Randy's parents new home they just moved into from Oregon and have dinner and help them unpack some more. But as you may know with plans and our family, they never hold up. The forecast was saying we were suppose to get 6-12 inches of snow (of which we saw maybe 2 or 3) starting Christmas Eve going through Christmas day, so we decided to jump the gun a little and head out Christmas Eve afternoon (well me and the kids, Randy came up in a his parents suburban, that he drove down from Oregon earlier, after he got off of work). We got to their home and the kids had a hay day playing with their cousins (who now live only 10 minutes away from grandma and grandpa). We unpacked some things, made dinner and waited for Randy and aunt Kristi to arrive so we could get on with our festivities. We had the kids (plus Randy and Kristi) play out the Nativity story while grandpa read from the Bible. It was soo cute. Randy was Joseph, McKenzie was Mary, Morgan was an angel, Kristi was a shepherd and Micah was THE wiseman (Malia was sleeping at this point). They even had a camel from their lawn Nativity set that we used as the donkey/camel.
Here's the wiseman giving his gift to Baby Jesus. Which by the way was a stuffed dog because we hadn't opened the box with the dolls in it yet. Sometimes ya gotta improvise.The angel and the wiseman waiting their turn, or should I say Kilroy.
Micah was just so stinkin cute, I couldn't help myself.
After we were done they opened their PJ's, got ready for bed and set out milk and cookies for Santa. They were sooo excited, I wonder how long it took them to go to sleep that night. They were sure quiet in their room though. Santa even left them a "thank you" note for the treats they left. The kids were quite impressed.When Randy's parents found out that we were coming up Christmas eve, they quickly unpacked and decorated their tree for us. I thought it was soo cute. It just wouldn't have been the same without at tree, thanx mom and dad.
Christmas morning came such a shock for us. The kids slept in until almost 8, don't ask me how or why, apparently they were tired. So we all got some rest that night, yeah for us. They quickly tore open their stockings, we ate some breakfast and then got into the mess of presents that were under the tree for them. Malia got an old school Jack-in-the-box. She loves it.
Micah was really excited for Woody, he's been carrying him everywhere with him.
Morgan has been asking for an orange kitty because when she turned 3 she got one that came with a little cat house and apparently it was lost somewhere before we moved here. Since our move here, she has been constantly asking for an orange kitty. We found one, kind out of thin air and had to get it. She was ecstatic and hasn't put it down since.
The big gift for the fam was a Wii and some accessories. Mac has been asking for that and a DS since she played it at the Youell's. Apparently Santa listened this year. Grandma, grandpa and Kristi bought a few things also to enhance their gaming experience. Santa was smart and got 4 controllers and a guitar hero that came with 2 guitars. So their hasn't been AS much fighting over things. Not that their hasn't been fighting, but just not over who gets to play, cuz they ALL do.
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last minute things before Christmas

I wanted to get one more post in before the Christmas craziness happens and then I completely forget to do this one. The girls had their class Christmas parties last Friday, and I was able to help out with both of them, gotta love it when your husband is done with finals and can help out a little. There was a great puppeteer who came to McKenzie's class who I think we are going to try and get for our read-a-thon next month. Morgan had a blast in hers playing games and making crafts.

On Saturday Randy and I were able to attend the sealing of one of our really good friend's from Corvallis. He's been like a little bro to Randy and I just love him to pieces. He's a great guy and we are so glad that he's found his soul mate. So thanx Jefferey and Jennifer for letting us be apart of your special day.
Randy's parents and brother Rob made it in time for the reception that night, the kids were very excited to see them. Can ya tell?

The brother's and their babies. Rob's is little smaller and a lot quieter than ours.
Right after we were done at the reception we went back to Temple Square to see the lights and the nativities. We didn't brave the cold last year since Malia was so little. We are watching the nativity that is broadcasted over the speakers in front of the Christus statue. Can ya tell it was a little cold?
Morgan and Micah just trying to stay warm.
We really had Malia bundled up, it was pretty funny, she couldn't move her arms very well, like the brother in "A Christmas Story" (I can't get up)
The other major news we had was I FINALLY took McKenzie to the eye doctor last week and it comes to show that she's got an astimatism in one eye and she's farsighted in the other. So she really did need glasses. We are hoping to correct the astigmatism before she gets too old and there's no hope. She is soo cute in glasses and she was actually pretty excited to get them. A lot of the girls in her grade have glasses, so she wasn't too scared about having to wear them. So with that, may you all have a wonderful Chrstmas tomorrow, and I can't wait to read all of your fun Christmas posts. Stay Safe.

This is what Malia does ALL day long

Friday, December 19, 2008

BYU Party and Pics with Santa

I forgot to post about this "fun" event recently. Probably cuz of all of the chaos that went along with this great event. So We got up bright and early for this party (it started at 9:00 AM) and we got there right before and there were lines already formed for the crafts and to see Santa. It is absolutely nuts around here. Not sure if we'll do it again next year, but this year I was bound and determined to get a pic with Santa and them not push me through like they did last year. So I sat in the line and Randy took the kids to write a letter to S. Clause and get donuts and see what else was around. We sat in line forever again, but we were closer to the front this year starting off, so we tried to handle it. We watched a dance company do a couple of numbers from the Nutcracker Ballet as we waited and the kids made a few friends in line too.
This is a great progression of pictures. Malia doesn't remember Santa from last year and her face is just awesome. (noticing Santa)(Freaking out about Santa). Can't get much better than that. Micah was pretty happy to see him, nervous about it at first but he saw his brave sisters get up there which helped. They did get individual shots this year (done by some people there), and they were free, but when I went to pick them up later they were all blurry, I mean seriously people, if your job is to take pictures at an event, can you find someone who knows something about cameras? It wasn't just mine either, every one's was blurry, it was ridiculous. I'm just glad I got these shots of them.
Right after the visit with Santa, McKenzie and I bolted out of there (while Randy stayed with the other 3 and took them through the craft line and played a few games) to try and make it in time for a couple of McKenzie's friend's baptism. Two of the boys in her primary class were baptized and we really wanted to be there for them. We were worried that we weren't going to make it in time because the Santa line was taking soo long, but the first speaker on "baptism" apparently took a long time (which I heard was a wonderful talk), but we were grateful for it, we got there right at the end of her talk and got to see both of them (and apparently another little girl in her school class) be baptized. It was great. I am so glad she has soo many friends around here who are members. Baptisms are fun, and an easy way to go down memory lane and revisit our own baptism day.
Regardless, it was a great day, we also went and picked out our tree and decorated it too. Gotta love weekends.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorations 2008

I wanted to post about some of my favorite Christmas Decorations that we get to put up/out every year. We were able to decorate last weekend, after the BYU party, I made sure we did it before Randy left this weekend to help his parents move. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. The cloth/Velcro nativity set Randy's parents got us a few years ago. The kids love it, I love it cut they really can't break it, which means I can get mad at them for touching other things. Horrible I know.2. A wooden puzzle nativity that I made (or at least painted and stained) in Vancouver at a Super Saturday. I made them also for family members that I had to get presents for. It was a hit, everyone loves them. I need to find someone who can cut wood so I can make some more.
3. All of my nativity sets. I have a lot, this is just a few. There's a couple on the tree, I have a really big one but no room to set it out, at least till we move. It's gorgeous. The one on the right use to be my mom's. I think she made it at a Super Saturday a looooong time ago. I remember as a kid, getting to put it out. Baby Jesus is sooooo cute.
4. Our stockings. My mom got the 1st three the Christmas after McKenzie was born and I, as babies have joined our family, have found the others. Not identical, but cute nonetheless. We really like snowmen. I just can't wait till we have a better place to hang them, for now the wall works.
5. This ornament was one I picked from my mom's stash, Santa playing the piano, very fitting for my family growing up. Ignore the dust, apparently I have never dusted my ornaments, they just get wrapped back up and put into the box at the end of Christmas.
6. This wreath ornament was made by my cousin Sara (do you recognize it?). We were living in Virginia and my sis Lindsay, Sara and I went on a walk around the neighborhood after a big Christmas dinner and she found this little branch and made this while we were walking. She probably doesn't remember doing this, but my family kept it and when I grew up I picked it out. I was really impressed with her ability to make it, it holds some good memories for me.
7. This is another one from my mom's stash, I chose it cuz it was from her mom (grandma Lang), who is a lover of all things Halloween even incorporating it into Christmas. It's kinda hard to tell but it is really glittery. I miss my grandma, she had a great sense of humor.
8. This one is for Randy. The motorcycle ornament was given to him by his parents a few Christmases back. He's always loved motorcycles and when we moved to Vancouver the company he worked for would pay for a Harley rental for their annual "client schmoozing" which made him sooo happy. One day when we get settled (aka buy house, get out of debt), he will be able to get one of his very own, but for now this will have to do.
9. My aunt Vickie gave this to me one year (while I was in Wisconsin) that she made. It's a cute poem about remembering what Christ did for us. I put it front and center on our tree so we can remember throughout the season what Christmas is really about.
10. And this is the tree. I love trees. They have to be real though. I don't know if we will ever get a fake one, ya they are easier and in the long run cheaper, but I love the smell, the memories of picking them out (we use to go out as kids in either a tree farm or the woods and actually cut them down, I loved it), it's worth the work for one month to have it. Randy is not a fan of the topper, it's an angel I made in YW, it's falling apart but it works.
11. Last but not least our advent calendar. Randy's parents gave this to us along time ago and we have used it ever since. The kids love putting up the different characters and fight all of the time on who's turn it is to do it that day. It is sooo cute and I love that we can use it every year instead of having to buy a new paper one that we throw away.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm on a roll

So now that I am "done" having kids, I figured it was time for me to start losing the baby weight (meaning I gained a ton with Morgan and was never able to lose it). I lost Micah and Malia's really quickly but I just have had a hard time with Morgan, probably due to the fact that I moved while pregnant with Morgan, I wasn't working or working out, I moved from the mild Northwest to a very humid Midwest therefore I spent a lot of time in doors in front of my air conditioner, blah blah blah, excuses excuses excuses. Regardless, I am not as fit as I once was and it has been driving me crazy for the last few years, but I am one of those that doesn't like fixing things when I know they are just going to get screwed up (like making my bed or picking up after the kids in the middle of the day, it's pointless). So I told myself that I would start thinking about my weight issue after I was finished having kids, and I really feel like I am done physically having kids. So when school started my neighbors and I would walk the kids to school and then take the loooong way around to get back home, and then probably a month of so ago, I just had no desire to eat my daily serving of ice cream (not sure why I just have had no craving for it anymore, I do like to eat cereal though, so that is now my substitute now, weird I know). I also feel like I am eating less, just not as hungry as I use to be (I think my brain is finally on track with my ever slowing metabolism) and I have lost 10 POUNDS since September. You are probably thinking, "Wow KT, that's not that much weight, but good effort," but I don't care, I am going for a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. I want to be able to enjoy what I am eating and not go searching frantically for every low cal, low carb no taste food out there. So I am going to cook the same, just eat less and really think before I eat, (do I really need that or am I just bored). Don't get me wrong I love healthy foods just ask Randy, I just don't want to lose a lot of weight and then as soon as I stop buying say weight watchers or lean cuisine or Jenny Craig's foods I put back on the weight 10 fold. So here's to you fat, I hope you leave my body soon and I never see you again. We had some good times together but it is now time to say adieu.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

10 years and counting

Ya I know I am late posting this but I need to get it down before it really gets nuts around here. 10 years ago on November 27th (Thanksgiving this year) Randy and I were sealed in the Portland Temple for time and all eternity. I cannot believe it has been 10 years, so much has happened yet, it feels like it was yesterday that I met him. So in efforts to pass memories onto our posterity I've decided to do a tag, I know I already did one not too long ago, but that was a wedding tag. This is a little different. This tag is called "How I met___."
1. Where did you meet? In my living room. His friends brought him over to play Frisbee with me and my roommates at the quad at OSU. He just got home from his mission the day before.
2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? What a goober, (in my defense, he was a fresh RM and was very awkward).
3. Do you remember what he was wearing? Probably jeans, t-shirt and a baseball hat
4. Where was the first time you kissed this person? Apparently on my couch, I don't remember but he does very vividly. I had fallen asleep on my couch and he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes (mind you I am not very coherent when I crash on the couch).
5. Where did you go for your first date? To Newport Beach in Oregon. His best friend and his fiance took us with them, it was very weird date because we had only known each other a week and I had been gone for Spring Break that week before.
6. How long did you know this person before you were a couple? Probably 2 weeks, from when we met till he kissed me.
7. How did he ask you out? He never officially asked me out, it was just assumed. After that first date of awkward silence, he took me home and we ended up talking in my living room till 5 AM. After that we were inseparable.
8. Has this person ever purposed to you? Ummmmm . . . ya, once just once.
9. Do you and this person have kids together? 4 rambunctious bundles of joy.
10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? No, never, I am an angel, he on the other hand has gotten a few speeding tickets with me in the car.
11. When was the first time you realized you liked this person? After the first date and we ended up talking till morning. But it wasn't till he gave me the ultimatum of him or this other guy I thought was fun to be with (I was very young and still having fun) that I realized I could lose him if I didn't make up my mind quick.
12. Do you get along with his family? Yes, they are great.
13. Do you trust this person? Yes
14. Do you see him as your partner in the future? Ya, for eternity even.
15. What is the best gift he gave you? Recently my piano, but it was a mutual effort, he did surprise me with a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas one year, I was soo excited for that.
16. What is one thing he does that gets on your nerves? Leaves his clothes all over, yet his shoes have to be right next to each other.
17. Where do you see each other 15 years from now? Let's see, McKenzie will be 23, Morgan will be 20, Micah 19 and Malia will be 16, I think I will be going nuts, maybe a grandma even, who knows.
18. What causes the most arguments? My quirkiness for needing things done right now, and his lack thereof.
19. How long have you been together? 10 years 8 months
20. Are you married? Yes
21. Who do you tag? Anyone who needs to get these memories down.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving `08

Since we aren't moving this year, we decided that we would have some fun and go to my sister, Shauna's (who lives in Spokane) for Turkey day. We packed up the van and left at the crack of dawn to make the 11 hour trek with the 4 kiddos. We actually made good time, no major stopping except for gas and to relieve ourselves, that really helped. We got there in time for dinner and let the kids play for a while before bed. These pics aren't in order but I'll give ya the play by play.

Here's Uncle Scooby MAKING his 18 month give him an airplane ride. This was really funny to watch, little Ella was just cracking up every time he would "fly."
Right after we got there, the kids went crazy cuz their Aunt Bacon was there. They haven't seen her since May of 2007 (she was on a mission in Taiwan) and just got home and was able to come out for this. So she had the Taiwanian (that's a word right?) souvenirs to give the us and the kids. They had a blast.One of the gifts the kids got was chocolate in a tube, and those of you who know Shauna, know how much of a chocoholic (I mean even more than me, and that's saying a lot). Well she got caught red handed stealing her kids' tube-o-chocolate, niiiice Shaun.
Yah, can you tell we're sisters.
Turkey day means a Turkey bowl of some sort. Randy asked Jason to put together a group that could play that morning. This year I actually wanted to play. They last time I played was probably in Corvallis in the U-wards with the girls who showed up to the game. This year there wasn't a ton of guys so I figured it would be safe for me know to completely get hurt/tackled so I played. It was a lot of fun, I even caught the ball and ran a few times. (except when Randy was running up to me screaming trying to get me to drop the ball, can ya tell he loves me). So this is us minus Jason (he was the photographer) and another guy who had to leave early. It was fun even if there was frozen dog doodie all over the field.
We also decided to have a white elephant exchange, there were some great gifts, like this one Megan found at my parents house. It was a book that Shauna wrote when she was in 4th grade called "Megan" about a girl who's mom kept having babies and she was sooo embarrassed (hmmm sounds familiar, like it actually happened, Shauna). It was awesome. We all laughed till we cried. We made sure Shauna got this gift by discreetly writing all over the package best gift and Shauna wants this, etc. Amazingly enough she actually opened it.
These two were inseparable. McKenzie slept at Kyra's all weekend, and they played all day/night. I'm glad we get together often enough that they want to play together. See there is the hat again. We wanted to make sure and get a baby pic again since we all have babies the same age. We did this last year, there's a pic of it on one of my slide shows, they have grown soo much. (left to right Lauries, Cole; Lindsay's, Bradley; Mine, Malia; Shauna's, Ella).
Aunt Bacon doing what she does best, loving her nieces and nephews.
Uncle Jason #2 doing what he does best, holding babies while making goofy faces.
Three of the girls (Grace, Kyra and Mac) put on a puppet show, well Mac put it on while Kyra and Grace were the background noises, not quite sure why that happened, but funny nonetheless. It was great.
Oh and the best thing about my oldest sister marrying one of my awesome High School friends brother's, I get to see my friend at family functions. This is Danielle and her boyfriend Nishant (he's from India), he's a great guy and they are really cute together.
We did hit the store sand went shopping on Black Friday (cuz we are Schmidt's and crazy like that). This year however there wasn't really anything I was dying to get except the 1/2 price sock sale at Fred Meyer's (especially since we do not have one in Utah and we desperately need socks). So I only went to that one store oh and Walgreen's cuz they had a pancake griddle for $10-awesome price. So me and Meg hit those while my other 3 sisters went the crazy route and did the rest of the madness. Ya know standing in lines, getting mad at idiots for cutting in lines and acting like they didn't "realize" that was NOT the end of the line. . . moron. Anyway, glad I didn't have to deal with that. They survived and got everything they set out to get. Good job girls.

I however returned to Morgan sitting on the toilet with a bucket on her lap cuz it was coming out both ends. ( I know TMI). We were trying to avoid the bug that had accidentally been brought to the family gathering but we didn't get spared. It started with Morgan on Friday, (she felt better that evening) and the Malia got it on Saturday. We made it home on Sunday without any major catastrophes and then Randy and Micah got the bug but not all of it. It only came out one end. Then I got some form of it on Wednesday (but mine was weird cuz only my stomach hurt really bad, but nothing ever came out). All I know is, this had better been it for the season. I think we've had our turn, we shouldn't have to get it again . . . . right? Here's poor Morgie while we were watching the puppet show, how sad does she look?

A mess of posts put into 1.

November felt like it would never end for me. It was one thing after another and it didn't really stop till umm . . .yesterday. So my next few posts may seem random but bear with me, I will try and get through it all, in no particular order.

While Laurie and her fam were here, we had to take them to BYU and let them experience the gymnastics room, cuz it's the best place on earth (according to my kids) besides Disneyland of course. Here's Billy (my lil bro.) acting like a whale trying to do a vault. We all had a good laugh.
And of course the girls enjoying the huge trampoline as they bounced into the foam pit.
Also while they were here, we found Malia in the laundry room (hence the sheets she is sitting on) chowing down on vanilla wafers, not sure how many she ate before we found her. I wish I could hear what was going on in her head when this happened, maybe "Oh crap they found me" or "Man, why'd ya have to go and look in this room" or maybe even, "Well it was fun while it lasted."
After Laurie left, Randy's parents stayed with us for a night and the next day we went to Sandy to visit his grandparents who live in Corvallis and had been in town for the baptism and had been staying with an aunt and uncle. It was great to see them again, as you may be able to tell by Malia's expression.
Right after Randy's parents left I had to finish getting ready for my ward's Super Saturday (thank heavens it is over). It was a great turn out, we did four cute (at least I thought they were cute) crafts. Some glass etching, wooden blocks with vinyl lettering, beaded bookmarks and memory boards. It was fun being able to hang with the ladies in my ward on a friend level. I was amazed with myself, me, who hates to crotchet, knit, cross-stitching, sew (pretty much anything with fabric unless I can glue it) learned how to make a hat on one of those looms. I got soo into it that I finished 2 in one weekend and 2 more in the next 2 days (these were for a humanitarian project). Then the girls got into them, McKenzie loves doing it and I helped her finish a really cute off-white one that she will not take off (pictured below). Morgan got a black one with a pom on the top. I'll probably make more in the near future, they go fast and when you need to take a break it won't get messed up and you can find your spot really easily. Hence why I like it, my ADD brain can handle a project like this.
Here's Micah just being a stud one day before church. What a cute boy.
Morgie and Malia goofing around the same day. Malia was spinning around in a hat a lot the morning of this shot, I will try and post the video.
I'll stop here for this post, cuz the next stuff will take a lot of room as well, and you probably need a break from all of this.