Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of school crazies 2014

So much happened that 1st month of McKay's life.  The poor kid was to and from school all day every day.  Not much rest for any of us and with Randy having gone back to Indiana 10 days later, it made for an interesting juggle.  Luckily for me I have 2 great moms and awesome neighbors who stepped up to the challenge.  This is some of the fun things that went on that month.
Micah had his 3rd grade Ecosystem presentation.  He chose the ocean and had fun putting this together.
 McKenzie had her final band concert of the year.  She is the 2nd from the right.
 Since Malia's birthday didn't land during school this year, she still was able to have her birthday spotlight and celebrate with her class.
 Micah had his 3rd grade program.
 I love it when newborns sleep through everything.
 Grandma was here this week so she was able to be here for this program.
 Micah's on the bottom row 4th from the right.
 McKay survived 2 weeks.  Such a doll.
 Morgan had her last presentation in class and did it on Monkey's.
 Then we made it to the last week of school and celebrated with their dance festival.
 Masie wanted to make sure people know she is still the baby.
 Then Grandma Tucker came and joined in the field day fun.
 Malia doing what she does best...not sitting still.
 Micah after running his race wanting to check on the baby.
 The awards assembly did not dissapoint.  Micah received a few awards.  One for being part of the 50 mile club.  He loved running during recess.
 He also participated in the kowledge bowl with some classmates and won 1st place in their grade.

 Then Micah was selected by his teacher to receive that Hawk award like his sister's did the previous year.  He's a good kid and always willing to help others.  I'm so proud of him and his hard work.

 Then the dreaded last day of school came.  One last time walking to school.
 And of course our traditional picture with our best buds.
 Malia and our neighbor Audrey.  They were inseparable.
 These girls really did grow up together.  It was hard to say goodbye.

 The girls with Mr. Eager.  He was a great principal.
 Micah and KC.  Best buds.
 Malia and Mrs. Whitaker.  We found out she retired last year.  She was an amazing teacher and has inspired so many.
 Morgan and Mrs. Edler.  Morgan loved having her even though at first she was bummed not getting Mr. Crandall.  Mrs. Edler was the perfect fit for Morgan.
Micah and Mrs. Grover.  So glad we were able to have her one more year.  
 School's out for Summer!!!! See the joy in his face.
 Kenz and her friend Melanie came to cheer on the kids.
 We had to get one pic of Mr. Crandall.  We found out he retired at the end of this school year.  Hillcrest lost some great teachers in 2 years.
 Mrs. Headman had to get at least one baby snuggle in before we left.

 Then it really hit that we were leaving.  This was it.  Our time in Utah was coming to a close and it hit us like a ton of bricks.  No more walks to school with the coolest people around, no more late night game nights, no more...just no more Utah.  The floodgates opened when Trisha started hugging Malia and didn't really stop.
 Best aid ever!!!
We are so grateful for our time in Utah.  We never thought we would have ever lived in Utah and then stay for 7 years.  But we did and loved every minute of it.  Goodbye Hillcrest! Thanks for the memories!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School and Scouts

Over the next few months we had a lot of school programs and scout advancements.  To start, Morgan had her state program and she chose to do her project on Wisconsin, like McKenzie did.  We love the Badger state.
 Masie trying to join in on the singing.
 Next was Malia's patriotic program.  She's the one leaning back on the step.
 She was chosen to do the dance part of the program, I may or may not download it, we'll see how ambitious I am.  The cast she is wearing happened about a week before the program.  She was playing at McKenzie's best friends house with her little brother.  While they were on the see-saw, she was bounced up too hard and when she came down to catch herself on the handle, her wrist buckled and fractured.  Luckily it was a quick heal, she only had to wear the cast for 3 weeks, and oh man, did she love the attention.  We felt really bad for the friends family though, they felt so bad that it had happened and even got Malia a present as a peace offering.  It was an accident, and let's be honest, Malia is a clutz :)
 McKenzie had two more concerts on the docket before school was out.  This one was the spring concert at Mt. View High School.  They combined a few schools together for a huge concert.  It was pretty cool. 
This was last concert of the year.  They have improved so much.  I love kids learning music.

 Morgan had her shot at Rad Kids.

Then it was time for Morgan's turn with Hope of America.  I love this program and think it's so neat to see these kids get together to honor our nation.  

 Morgan was in the top of the yellow to the right of the flag (not above the flag)
 I seem to remember being very pregnant the last time I went to one of these.  Oh well, I guess it's a tradition now, good thing that was the last one we'll be going to.
Micah's 3rd grade report was the Ocean Ecosystem.  He really liked making the diorama.  We found out that this project was due on my due date so we tried to get it done before then, but we are prcrastinators, I was sick all the time and Randy had been out of town for most of April, so it got done the night before.  But hey, it got done and Micah wrote the paper all by himself.
His program was a couple of weeks later.  They sang songs about what they had learned all year long.
 He wanted to wear his suit for the program, so dapper.
And lastly. . .
 Micah earned his bear with his bud KC.  His mom Kelly kept encouraging me to help him get it done so they could get theirs together.  It was pretty fun to see them up there.
 Micah getting his pin ready to pin on a very pregnant me.
 It was also the pinewood derby and this is the car he made.
 He got 3rd place which was great.  
 And he got the award for the fiercest design :)
All of this fun really wore out this little girl, haha.  Actually this was taken after church.  She has a problem with 1 o`clock church and has been falling asleep in the weirdest places around the house on Sundays.  This was just one of them.
We've had a productive and busy school year.