Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Day of School 2010

Here is kind of a mis-mosh of shots from the last day!

I love this one.  I stole it from a friend of mine (the camera died on Randy).  All of the kids hugging Mrs. Whitaker.
This infamous shot of the girls in front of the school shot.
Some of McKenzie's 3rd friends.
Kenz and her teacher Mrs. Grover, she's awesome.

Morg and Mrs. Whitaker, she's awesome too.

One more of the girls with Mrs. Whitaker, I can't wait till Micah gets into 1st grade.
One more of the Morg and her girlfriends.

Micah and Mrs. Wilkerson (or as the kids call her Miss Lynn).  She's the same teacher Morg had in preschool.  I hope that she's around for 2 more years for Malia.

For Mother's Day, Randy flew me to Vancouver (which will be another post) on the last day of school.  So I missed all of the festivities.  I told him to tape everything and take lots of pictures.  Well, he videoed everything, but the battery ran out by the time it was time to take pictures.  I warned my friends that I wasn't going to be there and to make sure he took lots of pics, and when the battery ran out, they came through and made sure they took enough for me to steal.  Thanx guys.

The preschoolers do a little program for the parents on the last day.  Here is one of the dances they did that morning.

A little sad school is over, but it's nice to have less structure. (well except soccer and tennis camp).  So far the summer has been lots of fun for everyone.  I can't believe June is over halfway over.  I guess I better soak it up hu? 

Field Day 2010

The kids had a fun field dayrgan again this year.  Morgan made it into the final for the 1st grade girls on the 50 yd dash, and then took 6th in the finals.  Her good friend McKenna won.  They did an awesome job.
Just thought I would share the clip of her final race.

Dance Festival 2010

We made it to the end of another school year.  You wouldn't know it though when you see these next pics.
Yes sir, the day before our dance festival, this is what it looked like.  End of May, last week of school and we got 4 inches of snow.  We were worried that the next day was going to be miserable and we'd be sitting oustide watching these little kids freeze their butts off.  Thank goodness that wasn't the case.  It went from 30's to 70's in 24 hours.  Gotta love Utah.  Here is Micah and his bud KC stylin their sunglasses for their little pig dance.  Morgan is in the background being goofy.

The kids after the festival was over.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a lot of fun.

I did get video of the dances.  Micah is doing his little pig dance. 

Morgan did an Africa dance, excuse the shaking.

McKenzie did kind of a line dance with the 3rd grade.  Sorry it's so bad with how shaky it is.  Malia was being kind of booger at the moment and decided to throw a fit in the middle of it.  You'll hear.