Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our ride home

It wasn't quite as good as the ride there. The kids definitely had had it on the way home. Luckily we left early enough that they slept right away. Somewhere in Iowa though we sat on the freeway for 45 and went about 4 miles. We thought maybe an accident or something major. NO, it was idiotic drivers who don't know how to merge on the other side of the freeway for construction (which there was a lot of in Iowa and Nebraska). It was pretty lame, however were blest with a nice breeze so we could open the windows and not completely kill the car's air conditioning. So you remember the "momma" video at the beginning of the trip? Well while we were there Malia learned a lot of new names (like Laurie and Shauna and Chachie), but her favorite name to say, other than La La's and Pa Pa's was Shauna. She kept saying it over and over and over, when I tried to get a video of it, I had to coach her a little, but you'll get the idea. We got home and all she wanted was Shauna and Pa Pa. We had to wait another 3 days till we could call Shauna just so Malia could get her fix of talking to Shauna. She still asks to talk to her, for the most part daily. So here ya go, enjoy our fun vacation.

Why I love going back to Wisconsin

When we moved to the Midwest, I was formally introduced, by my loving cousins and grandpa, to a small chain called Culver's. Boy was that the worst mistake of their lives. I love Culver's and their amazing custard. In the short 2 years that I lived their, I was able to try almost all of their flavors, eat their yummy (and yet very fattening) butterburgers and just imagine I was in heaven. When we found out that we were moving to Washington we were excited for the opportunity but very sad to leave this tradition of ours. We even went as far as mapping out the last Culver's (at the time) that we could possibly go to (in Lincoln Nebraska) and stopped for one last taste (seriously at 9 or 10 at night, pathetic I know). Since leaving we have tried to find other custard places and actually found a fairly decent one down the street from us in Vancouver called Sheridan's. I knew it was as close as I was going to get to my addiction. I didn't go their very often maybe once or twice. Then I moved to Utah and saw their was another custard place down the street, yet again. So I tried it, and boy was that the worst mistake of my life. Yuck, I hated it. So I have just dealt with not having my fix for over 2 years. That is until we found out we were going back to the cabin and knew we would be driving through Culver territory. I was sooooo excited. I couldn't wait to get that wondrous taste in my mouth again. As we mapped out where they were we found out that the chain has come as far west as Cheyenne WY, whoopee, only like 5 hours away. Because of how far we were trying to get the first day we actually didn't stop at one until Lincoln (the same place we hit on our move out) and that first bite was amazing. It just melted in my mouth and I didn't want that moment to end. This is actually in Cheyenne on the way home (yes, we had to hit the last one before getting home). It was awesome because their flavor of the day was my fav flavor of all. It was a perfect ending to an awesome vacation. The kids really like it too.
Even Popeye Malia.
If you couldn't tell yet, we really like Culver's.
I will miss you friend, until next time, adieu.

You are all probably thinking I am lame, but ya know what, I don't care, I'm just glad I was able to get one more taste in.

Visiting with Grandpa Lang

Our trip was going to consist of driving to the cabin, spending a week at the cabin and then driving back home. My sisters were going to do more of a round-a-bout and take detours to see different things and different people, like some of our family that lives near Milwaukee (which is an extra 5 hours away from the cabin), but me being the person who doesn't want to deal with kids in the car longer than I absolutely have to, decided that since Randy only had so much time off that we would just keep the driving to a minimum. I was bummed cuz I haven't seen my grandpa in 4 years and let's face it, he's not getting any younger, but I was going to deal with it. Until my mom came up with this amazing plan to have my sister, Laurie, who was driving to see him first before heading up to see us, pack gramps in her car (with her 4 kids) bring him up spend a day or so with us. And being the awesome, caring, most gracious sister she is, she rearranged her schedule and did that for our family. Isn't she the bomb diggidee. Love ya Loll. So we got to see him and hang with Laurie and her family for about a day and a half before we had to head back out on the open road for a place called home. Morg, and Gracie poo. Don't ask what she is doing with her face.
Grandpa Lang with the great grand kids that were there.
Kyra sneaking chips, or not-so-sneaking.
Gramps enjoying his ice cream. He was closing his eyes hoping that I really wasn't going to take his picture. If I can't see you than you can't see me, right?
My pop, or should I say pa pa, holding baby Grant.
Preston enjoying that Mid-west ice cream. I tell ya, it doesn't get much better than Kemps.
Malia is really into babies now. She just wants to be near them, and touch them, either that or she was getting territorial of pa pa and telling Grant that he had to get off, in a most gentle way.
I was so happy to get to see my pa pa. Thanx again Laurie and Jason for doing that for all of us, it was really awesome to get to see him again. I'm sure he enjoyed it too, even with all of the screaming going on.
Oh, this video clip is of Cole eating, or trying to at least. It had been a really long trip for them and he just couldn't keep it together, but he is a trouper and finished his dinner. I had a good laugh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Having fun at Marjax

We played lots of games at night, usually till the wee hours of the morning. They got pretty funny especially as we got more and more tired. Mom was emailing Jon so he would get at least one letter that week. My dad is always fun to play with, the voice of logic and reason, who wouldn't have fun with that. No seriously, when you get this guy going, he has a hard time stopping, I love his laugh.
Aren't we lovely, there are some really funny shots of us as we get more and more tired, none of which will be on here, thanx Meg.
Megan is definitely a daddy's girl. Probably cuz she was the only girl at home for a really long time, with all of us older sisters gone.
Shauna and Scooby. He lost a ton of weight doing a biggest loser thing with people he works with. He actually won. Way to go Jason.
Overall we just had fun together as a family. Malia even learned to blow bubbles. (I honestly do not think any of my other kids were blowing bubbles before 2, she's amazing I tell ya, amazing). I love that my seester cut her hair short, so that when she wakes up in the morning her hair looks like this. She's hot. (and of course there are cards in her hand, we played a lot of cards)
Shauna cutting up apples for the kids, there was a lot of feeding going on here with all of those kids.
Doesn't this look like a fun picture? Doesn't he look like he's having a blast?
OH that's much better. Randy and Meg decided that they wanted to ride the jet ski in the rain. So they prepared by getting their wetsuits, swim caps, and goggles on to protect them. They came back in with in a few minutes and said, it felt like we were getting hit it hail. Yah, that's what happens when you move your body faster than a walk when it's raining outside.
What a week. It was one of the only times my kids have slept in past the sun going up. Awwwww, I loved it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Min-Aqua Bats

I love this group of performers. They are a ski team that have apparently been preforming since my mom was born, They celebrate 60 years next year, wow. Every year that we come up we watch these guys, because they are freakin awesome, and it's free. The last few times we went it was a little predictable, but they must have gotten some really talented people, or just are pushing harder, cuz I was just in awe, THE MIN-AQUA BATS ROCK!!!!! Here's the gang, Shauna's face is awesome. My mom tried to hide in the last one so I had to get just one of her. . . with Malia.
There opening act has been the same since the beginning of time (ok not that long) They called it something like salute to America, or something that had to do with freedom.
The girls sitting on the rocks before 2 guys came slaloming in making a huge wave and soaking everyone on the rocks. We forewarned the girls and they moved back before it happened, the other unlucky suckas were a little cold.
See the Min-Aqua bats are the best, just ask Malia.
Unless of course you ask Bacon, she's not too thrilled about them, what a loser. (jk)
And of course the life to our party, the stealer of cameras, the texter of all who text, the Amazing James. Don't let Jon know he's wearing his clothes while he's gone on his mission.
And the pyramid.
And their amazing boats. They use to use Mastercraft boats but must have just changed them recently to Nautique. These babies turn on a dime, haul a ton of people and just beautiful. I hope someday we can buy a really nice ski boat, or just a boat someday.

These kids were bare footing (one guys went 3/4 of a mile), spinning, jumping and flipping off ramps, doing ballet, lifting girls, it's a altogether a really fun show. Glad we were able to go again. This video I know is dark but it's of their 3 boat which has sooo much power behind it (like 350 horsepower) that it can go from flat to vertical (literally nose straight up in the air) it's amazing. It does it twice, the first is hard to see but you should be able to see the second time a little better.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is Marjax. It's a cabin that my great grandparents bought when my mom was really little. The name is a combination of their names Margaret and Jack. My mom has been coming here since she was little and I have been too as long as I can remember. It's shared by my grandpa's family and his brother's family so we get it for a short amount of time during the summer. I love this place. I learned to water ski & knee board, broke my ankle (thanx dad) and have made so many memories here. It's like entering a time warp when you come here. Most of the stuff inside the cabin has been there since the beginning of the cabin, little things have been updated, like getting a phone, a TV to watch movies on, and water softener so you can actually drink the water without tasting iron every time. I haven't been here since we moved away from Wisconsin and I've missed it soo much. It's a tiny 2 bedroom 1 bath cabin. Growing up we were never allowed to use the bathroom inside, there is an old outhouse that has been there since the beginning of time that we always had to use. This year however, due to smart people we were allowed to use it but also rented a port-a-potty because of how many people were going to be there at once, which actually was really helpful, especially with kids who just couldn't hold it anymore. It is a serene place that we just can't get enough of. It is literally feet away from the lake. This is a picture from the doorstep.
We have a rocky/sandy beach.
The metal dock is new. There used to be an old wood dock here, but it has been replaced with the metal dock because it was too short, since the water level has gone down in rescent years.
This is a look at the Cass's dock. Usually we cannot walk on the beach between the 2, but this year we could, hopefully next year there will be lots of snow and rain.
Kyra and McKenzie wait for grandpa to take them for a ride on the boat.
James being GQ in his wetsuit before he goes out knee boarding.
Morgan and Micah playing in the sand, trying to make "rivers."
Chachie joining in the fun, and making weird eyes at me.
Another family fun activity, finding the perfect rock to skip and see who can get the most skips.
Grandma enjoying one of her many grandkids. Malia loves La La and Pa Pa.
Morgan getting ready to jump off the pier.
Ella infatuated with herself in the mirror on the boat.
My mom getting ready to ski. Every year we come up we get her to do it at least once, but she can only do it once due to DOMS. Hey it keeps her young.
Almost all of us got up at least once on skis while it was warm outside, which was only a few days while we were there.

These next videos are of my mom skiing, I am just soo impressed with her, she's 58 (sorry mom) and still skis. Keep it up woman.