Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We were planning on going to my parents for Christmas this year, but the weather wasn't great and I was sick so we, at the last minute, decided to stay back and go up to Randy's parents.  Christmas morning we woke up to the fun sound of Masie puking.  We all woke up very early that morning because of it, so our festivities started pretty early.  Glad we weren't traveling with that.  It lasted a few days on and off, and just when we thought she was better, she'd start up again.  I had to get a shot of this little stinker.  She has the best faces.
 The Christmas tree all decorated and ready to tear into.
 McKenzie opening her "Santa" gift.  It was gift card to the BYU bookstore to help her get a new Ipod.  She was pretty excited.
 This is what these two looked like most of the morning.  
 Micah got a game set which he loved.  He really likes to play chess.  
While we waited for Masie to get better so we could head back home, Grandma and Grandpa and Kristi left to go to Oregon and visit uncle Denny.  So we hung out at their house another day till we knew the barfing was over and then went home.

Friday, December 20, 2013

What? I'm having a brother?

WOW is all I have to say.  I cannot believe I have let this blog go for so long.  I have so many excuses I could use, but I won't.  Let's just act like there never was a gap and it's still Christmas time, lol.  Anyway, I am now in catch up mode so here we go.

The last day of school before Christmas break started, I had my ultrasound to determine the health of this little bambino and the gender.  We wanted to do something fun to tell the kids. I saw this shirt at The Children's Place a couple of days before and thought this would be a cute way to tell them. . .if it was a boy.  Low and behold it WAS and so we ran to the store grabbed the shirt and put it on this little stinker and waited for their reaction.  As you can tell, Masie is not very excited.
 Or maybe she was, lol.

 Very excited.
 or not, ha!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Concerts

 We had two concert/recitals in two days.  
First was Malia's dance recital.  She has been doing Jr. Hip Hop at the rec. center since September.  They had a recital for all of the dance classes that were held on M/W on the same night.  Surprisingly, it ran really smoothly and quickly.  Malia danced to 2 songs, "What does the fox say" and "Do you believe in Magic."  They were both really cute.  I'm trying to post one at the end of this post.  She really loved dancing, We'll see if we can get her in another class soon.

 The second concert was McKenzie's winter concert.  They played 3 Christmas songs.  They are improving each time I hear them.  For being a beginning band, they aren't half bad.  She's on the 2nd row, 3rd one in on the right, with the Santa hat on.
Malia's Fox Dance.  Don't mind that she's a giant.  She's the oldest and has always been the tallest.  The rest of the kids are 4.  I wish they would change the age groups a little bit.
Malia's 2nd dance.

Christmas Parties

We had 2 Christmas parties scheduled for the same day.  It was a little crazy busy but we all had fun.  It started with the annual BYU Family Christmas Party.  We think the weather kept some from coming.  The forecast said we were going to get dumped on again, but it was clear when we left so we braved it.  We didn't mind, it was a lot less crowded and we were able to do everything we wanted with time to spare.  By the time we left it had just started snowing and barely covered the ground.   Someone was kind enough to take a pic of the whole family.  
 Then I had to get our traditional shot, of course, of the kids.

 Masie was a little nervous about the crowds, so she clung close to us.

 That night was our ward's Christmas party.  They did a Hawaiian themed one this year, complete with lots of yummy food and the Polynesian UVU dancers.  Santa came as well and the kids got a picture from me and a treat from him.
Ignore his hair, he got it cut that night.
 We didn't even let her look at him for fear of a freak out.  She did really good.
 Morg's getting a little big for his lap.
 But these girls are ginormous.  They really wanted to get this pics taken so Michelle and I said do it together, so we don't have to torture Santa as long.  He was a good sport.
I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner.  We definitely not ready for it to come yet.  Still so much to do.  But we sure had a fun day celebrating.

Kristi's Home & Happy Thanksgiving!

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Sister Tucker arrive home from her mission to Des Moines, Iowa.  We have all missed her so much and are so grateful for her service these past 18 months.  The whole family (including Rob's from San Antonio) went to the airport to meet her off of her plane.
 There were so many other families there waiting to meet their missionaries.  I think we counted between 10-12 huge groups waiting just like us.  Here she is ready for the biggest hugs ever.
 Everyone was sooo happy to see her
 especially McKenzie.  We didn't realize she was going to have this kind of reaction, but it was soo sweet.  She really missed her aunt.
 We found out that one of the reasons there were so many people waiting for their missionaries, is Des Moines sent home these awesome servants at the same time.  
 Kristi's MTC companion who went to West Virginia (I think) also arrived at the same time, so they got to see each other again.  Her name was Sister Tucket.  How crazy is that?

After we were done wiping our eyes, we went out to lunch to a diner in Kaysville.  It was really yummy, way too much food, but soo good.
 These were the babies that were born while she was gone. (Well technically,  Felicity was born about 1 month before she left, but Kristi has not seen her grow).
 The cousins had so much fun playing together, sometimes a little too much fun.  Holy makeup batman.
 That weekend was really busy getting ready for Kristi's homecoming and Bacon's baby shower.  She came down for a wedding on Adam's side and her MIL wanted to throw her a baby shower while she was here around a lot of family so I hauled the Tucker girls to see her and help her celebrate her new, upcoming arrival.  One of the games was to make a baby out of playdough for Bac to judge.  Alina and I won 1st and 2nd (I kicked everyone's trash).  Alina's was very cute, but mine just had that "I'm her sister" factor to it.  I gave it an umbilical cord and it was anatomically correct. (for a girl).  She busted up and didn't have to look any further. :)
 We went home for the week so the kids could finish their last few days of school and Randy could work before we headed back for Thanksgiving.  I (because I'm me) didn't get anything from that  except a couple of Masie enjoying the baby swing she once loved so much.  Kendra and I stayed home one evening to watch the kids under 8 so the rest could go see Savior of the world.  Being pregnant and having seen it before, I opted to let those who hadn't yet seen it go while I lounged on the recliner and bribed the kids with movies and popcorn.  I'm a good babysitter I tell ya.
Masie was in heaven rocking about.  The funny thing is she is still light enough to be in there.
After it was all over and we had to get back to reality, it snowed for for 2 or 3 days straight dumping about 10 inches on us.  It was beautiful. . . 
 but I don't like long storms.  I like it to dump in a day or less and then melt off the streets so I can get back to my normal life.  This was in the middle of the storm, we had to shovel a few more times before it stayed off.  

Baby Announcement

We wanted to be a little creative when we announced to our friends about our upcoming arrival.  I had seen this done somewhere and thought it was really cute and easy so we went with it.  There were so many great shots of Masie that we decided to make it into a progression kind of a thing.  
Seeing the "notice"

Looking a little concerned
 Then Bam, the realization of it all.  It was priceless, aren't we horrible parents.  Well, either way, this baby is coming weather she wants it or not, lol.  It will definitely be an interesting transition. 

Halloween 2013

We had a fun Halloween this year.  The weather was decent and the kids made a candy haul.  It started out with our ward's Trunk or Treat.  The kids played some games (Malia pinning the nose on the witch)
 And there was a parade  (sorry the shots are blurry) 

 Masie was having a hard time figuring this thing out.
 But we had some happy moments.  And once she figured out that if we walk around to different people while holding our buckets out, we will get candy.  She loved it.
 Masie was more than eager to put on another costume for Halloween so she could get more candy.  She was hysterical.  The kids tried to be more creative with their costumes this year instead of whining for something store bought.  Masie was a butterfly, McKenzie and Morgan were nerds, Malia was a pirate, and Micah was Link.  They had fun, and I braved the craziness even though I wanted to barf the whole time.  It was a fun night for all.

Teen Out!!! She's 13!!!

It's finally happened, we have a teenager in the house.  This girl has grown up so much in the last year, it's hard to believe that we've gotten to this point.  Her BFF, Emme wanted to make it extra special by throwing her a surprise bday party.  She invited a few friends over to our house where they hid in her room to kidnap her.  It took a bit to realize what was happening in her room.
 We went out to a near by crepe place that McKenzie has been dying to try.
 And then back to Emme's cake/icecream and presents.  Emme made the cake all by herself.  I thought it was pretty impressive.
 These girls were so sweet.
 Oh and I had to throw this one in there.  Emme's dad discovered a turtle in their yard and had just found a home to give it to, but McKenzie had to get her animal fix in before they got rid of it.  It was a cute turtle.
 Her birthday landed on Conference Sunday this year and so we went up to Gma/Gpa's to watch conference and celebrate.  She requested an icecream cake.
 She had fun, Grandma took her on a shopping spree, she got contacts, and she had fun hanging with her cousins.  Here are the 3 teenage Tucker cousins.  Can't believe how much these 3 have grown.