Friday, May 29, 2009


So I am not sure if I should be excited or extremely scared . . . I mean, the last day of school is a pretty big day for a kids (at least it was for me). It's the end of a chapter in their lives, they get to play all summer, and parents have to get use to having them home all day again. Not that that's a bad thing, school is just such a nice for mom's to get things done with a few less hands to juggle. Regardless, the day has come, so I better just buck up and enjoy it right.

So here is the first day of school for McKenzie. . .
And if you remember, I took a pic of Morgan and her two really good friends McKenna and Katelyn their first day of Kindergarten . . And here they are their last day of kindergarten. Aren't they soooo cute. Morgan has grown a little and maybe will catch up to these two, (probably not with my jeans in the mix).Here are the two running and screaming out of the door s from school. All the kids were just running amok, it was awesome. The buses started honking their horns too. Can you tell they are excited.
I wanted to get a shot of McKenzie and her class buddies. McKenzie talked about these two all of the time. I hope we can get these girls together over the summer. Here's Mac and the soon-not-to-be Ms. Braun. She is getting married this summer. What a lucky guy. She is an amazing woman and I can't wait till Morgan is in 2nd grade so we can request her again.
And of course the wonderful Mrs. Headman. She will never get rid of us. I wonder if we will be here long enough to have Malia start school here. She is awesome. She loves these kids but really knows how to keep them in line, even if she gets mad at the class for acting up, they still love her.

So here's to a fun, non stressful, peaceful, easygoing summer. (Is that even possible?)

Field Day 2009

I know this is out of order, but Tuesday our school had it's field day. I wasn't planning on going to it, because I am a big loser. I did my morning walk instead. One of my walking buddies went though, she's a much better mommy than me. She called me shortly after I got home and said, "Morgan just got 2nd place in her race." Her daughter McKenna got 1st and she video taped it. If you want to watch their Amazing Race go to Michelle's blog. They did an awesome job. Then they raced all of the kindergartner's, and I even got ready (showered and hair done) fast enough to make it in time for it. So I got my video camera ready and cheered her on, and I think the girls must have a little more energy on this one, cuz they smoke poor Morgie. She was pretty bummed, but I was really proud of her. I took a shot after the 2nd race and her little face was priceless.The girls both had fun. They got to rotate all over the school to different activities like the parachute, and relays. Overall it was a good day for all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dance Festival 2009

This year our Principal decided that our school would join the bandwagon like many other Utah schools and do a dance festival. Each grade put together a dance and preforms it for parents. It was really cute. McKenzie's class did the Virginia reel and Morgan's did a little snowman dance. Sorry about the quality of the footage. I really need a new camera. Mac is dancing right in front of me, and Morgan is the one with the blue skirt, white top and pink lei. Regardless of how corny I think this is, it was a big hit and I'm glad they did it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Randy Graduated!!!!!!!

-K- so I am having a really hard time rearranging these shots, I'm not sure why blogger won't let me do it at this point, so bear with me. These pics are really out of order. Regardless, Randy's big day has come and gone, and it was an amazing day. Randy graduated from UVU (FYI, his was the first official class to graduate from the newly named University), and it was awesome. Other than the fact we had to be up at the crack of dawn to make it to his convocation at 8 AM (ya, you heard me right), it was a great day. He had his convocation first and then commencement was immediately after in the same building for us, since his was the biggest school graduating that day. So we got to sit really close to the front, which was awesome since President Monson was going to speak. He didn't even speak at BYU, how lucky were we. The rest of the First Presidency even came to support him (you'll see some pics coming up) since he was receiving and honorary doctorate from UVU.
So here is Randy after we were all done, with Morgie, just a random shot, but it was soo cute I had to include it. Hail the conquering graduate. . .
Here's one of the many picture we tried to take of us, it was an interesting moment, can ya tell?
Sister Monson also was there and she too was given and honorary doctorate from UVU. This is right after she was robed and Pres. Monson was giving her a kiss, she almost looks like, "Whatever, don't you dare plant one on me." This is right after Pres. Monson got robed, he was sooo cute.
We actually found Randy in the sea of black hats. He even sat on the same side as us, just realllly far back. We had a better seat than him for the Prophets talk. Nee ner nee ner nee ner. President Monson gave an amazing talk. I was debating on weather or not to go to this part, but when I found out who was speaking, I wasn't going to miss it. It was sooo worth going.
Here's President Uchtdorf and his wife. They along with Pres. Eyring were sitting 11 rows directly in front of us. Talk about luck. President Eyring shaking hands with some of the crowd.
And of course Randy receiving his diploma. We are sooo grateful for his dedication to finish his degree. It's been a long hard road but well worth all of the sacrifices. Here's to the next 3 years of more fun in grad school (hopefully, cross your fingers for us). We should hear back sometime next month.