Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween Halloween (you get the idea)
We had a great Halloween this year.  We got to carve pumpkins

Notice Micah's hair right now, cuz it will change drastically in a sec.
All carved and ready for spooking. (I even got Mak to carve hers all by herself this year hers on the right, amazing I know)
Then came getting ready for dress up.  Micah wanted to be an old man and so we went for it.  Randy shaved his head Sunday night.
And this is what he looked like in the morning.  He looks like a mini George Burns.  I love it.
We completed the look with suspenders and and high waters and some awesome glasses we paid too much for.  But here's our Old Man
All the kids plus the kid I never had ready for some trick or treating fun.
One more for good measure
Our pretty pretty princess
Our scallywag Pirate
Our Gothic whatever (hope this isn't a sign of things to come)
And some of the kids scoring on their booty.
Thanks Michelle and Jess for helping us make our costumes awesome!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field Trips

Malia and Micah both got to go on field trips within a 2 week period.  And since now I'm kidless for 3 hours each day, I can go without having to pick an choose which one's I go and and have to find a sitter.  Malia's was first and she got to 1st go to Krispy Kreme and see how donuts are made.
Then to the fire station and see a fire be put out, a smokey house, abulance, and fire trucks and watch the life flight helicopter land about 25 yards away.  It was awesome.
 We got to have her buddy Caden in our group.  He's in the afternoon class so we don't get to see him much anymore
Then it was off to Pumpkin Land to play in the corn maze, and see some farm animals, play on their playground walk through their "spook" alley (which is just a lot of lights.

Then last week, Micah was able to go to Pumpkinland as well.  We got a group shot before walking through the maze.
Saw some cooling looking corn.
Looked at lots of pumpkins.
Put our faces in silly places.

And got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.
It was a lot of fun for everyone.  I'm so gateful my kids are in school so I can do more things with them there.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

UEA=Big Springs

UEA came again, like it does every year and we were having a hard time thinking where we should go for our annual hike, so we decided to do Big Springs again since more kids were coming this year and we had a couple of smaller ones with little legs.  We thought this was going to be fairly easy for everyone.
We set out and quickly it became aware that our older kids and the younger one's were not going to stay together.  So two of the couples went on ahead with the "runner's" while the other couple and a half helped the younger one's.
It was another amazing day for a hike.  What a view.
Tyler trying to be one with nature.
Little K taking one of his many breaks.
Jess, doing what she does best, gross us out.
The kid crew.  Malia made it the whole way, not being carried once and she was usually in the front of the pack.  I was amazed, especially because when we started the hike, she was whiney and asking for water and food and saying her legs hurt, but something in her clicked about a 1/2 mile in and she just went, running some of the time.
The adults, still breathing.
After a quick break and snack we headed back and Max insisted on carrying this ginormous stick back with him thinking that his parents would love for him to bring that home.  Unfortunately it stayed back next to where the car was parked, sorry buddy.

This hike stays near a creak almost the whole time and is just gorgeous.
After the hike, Randy and I found a new trail we want to try without kids first to see if they could handle it.  Maybe if we are lucky we can hit it next spring before it gets too hot.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

McKenzie's 11-OMG!!!!

It happened, we officially have a preteen!!! I think I'm going to go crazy now.  She wanted German Pancakes for breakfast, which I didn't mind cuz it's sooo much faster and easier than regular one's.
It was a school day, and also parent/teacher conferences.  So we had to do a something quick right after we were done.  We met Gma and Gpa and Dee Da up at Culver's, Mak's choice.  She got to wear the birthday hat while she ate.

Randy decided to have fun with the camera.
Then Micah joined in the fun as well.
So did McKenzie.
Then we went to Dee Da's and opened presents. . . . (she got a Rip Stik which she's been asking for forever)
(Showing off her mad stik skills and wearing her new threads from Gma and Gpa to the gang)
And ate cake. . . well cupcakes at least.
That weekend we had Alina and the kids over for dinner and I made her a "real" cake.  I figured, she's 11, she doesn't need character cakes anymore.  So I made her my mom's whipped cream cake (the one we always had growing up).
 It's hard to believe she's not a little kids anymore :( I can't believe this time next year we will have a Young Woman.  Ahhhhhhh!  Oh well, at least now we have a babysitter, which btw is awesome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Fall

I love fall!!!! I love the colors, the coolness in the air, everything.  Over conference weekend we went up the canyon and enjoyed a picnic and playtime in the park. 
Here's the playtime.  It was a really warm weekend, hence the shorts and T-shirts.
There was a pavilion there that looked a little Barn-ish (it's a word, I promise).  So I attempted shots of the kids.  Too bad they all had been running around that their faces are all red.  Oh well, I'm learning.

My little goofballs.
We saw butterflies
And ladybugs
And me apparently.
Fall also brought a round of the sickies.  Within a 24 hour period, we all got sick.  It was great fun, can't you tell?
After we were done being sick, we were able to go to the BYU homecoming pancake breakfast and parade. 
James even joined us (Rocking Malia's Culver's hat of course).
We even got to see Smokey the Bear.  My dad should be soo proud of us.  Here's for you dad.
I also got into canning (sort of). I was given a 5 gallon bucket of the best grapes I've ever had. It made 8 Qt. of juice and 9 pints of jelly. Also later on I canned some pears.