Friday, March 15, 2013

Little mover and shaker

I forgot to post this video with the last one.  I wanted to give you all some proof the fun we have.  She's much quicker even now and she's finally crawling to find me instead of just sitting there screaming because she doesn't see me.  I used Randy's cell phone to coax her to crawl to me, she's just like the rest, wanting technology way before they're ready for it, lol.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Masie's 8 Months

Here's our little Munchkin at 8 months  We finally took her out of 3-6 month onesies.  They fit but they were getting a little tight
 Her hair is just barely long enough for one of these. . .
 Don't tell my sister, she hates it when I do this.  I just thought it was sooo cute with it up like this.  See, she's a doll.
 When she's just sitting around she will have a very thoughtful face.  She likes to suck in her top lip.  It's really cute.
 She can be very happy though too and we love to make her giggle.
 But sometimes she doesn't, lol.
 She's not very cooperative for our photo shoots anymore and I really only got about 10 shots laying down this time.  The rest were of her doing this. . .
 and this. . .
 and this.  We moved her out of the bassinet portion of the pack and play because of this.
At 8 months she
*16 lbs 2 oz.
*Is crawling.  She started at about 7 1/2 months and she's full-fledged crawling now. . .GETTING INTO EVERYTHING
*Pulling herself up on things but can't get down without falling.
*Still isn't the best night sleeper.  Usually goes down between 8-9 and wakes up about 2 and then 6.
*Eats when SHE wants.
*Realizing when mom has left the room.  I can't take a quiet shower unless she's napping.
*Puts everything in her mouth.  Even had to call the doctor cuz she swallowed something, that I still to this day have no idea what it was, to make sure she was going to be alright.
*Is understanding cause and effect.  We have this toy that when you push down on the lever it drops a ball and she figured it out the other day and was soo excited.
*Started fake laughing.  It's the funniest thing.
*Dances when she hears music.
*Spins in her johnny-jump up. . .on purpose.
She's so much fun, even if she drives us crazy sometimes.  Love this little girl.

Blue and Gold

I need to get some good pictures taken of our little man in his uniform cuz he's just so dang cute, but for now this will have to do.  Micah turned 8 in January, as you all know, and was able to become a cub scout.  He got his book in February and him and Randy worked really hard for an entire month not not only finished his bobcat, but his wolf as well and received a gold arrow and 11 belt loops.  This kid is on fire.  He was sooo excited to start working on this and we are so proud of him for what he's accomplished so far.  Hopefully Randy didn't burn him out yet and that he'll continue to do pass off stuff till next year.  This is really the only shot I got of him that evening.  He was pinning either the bobcat or the wolf pin on me in this shot.  

School Dayz

Seems like school projects this year have all been clumped together within a week of each other which made for a crazy busy me.  To start, Micah had his famous person's report and was assigned Theodore Roosevelt.  We had some fun learning some cool facts about him and coming up with a costume for him to wear.  Randy even made him some glasses out of pipe cleaners which was Micah's favorite part. (ignore the snow boots, I'm sure Teddy didn't wear those)
 Next was Morgan's County float parade.  She wrote a report and we helped her make a float on, get this, Morgan County.  She didn't get to choose, it was all random, but she was soo excited when she was assigned this county.
 We put her float on a Tonka truck and Randy made mountains out of newspaper and paint.  Morgan made some trees and bushes out of clay and we glued animals all around.  It was pretty cute.
Next was Valentine's Day.  I didn't take any pics of any part of that day except this.
 They decided to have a Kindergarten Dance and program for the parents  It was really cute having all these 5 year old dressed up with this parents dancing around.  Malia was soo excited for this night to go.


It was a fun evening for all.
 Lastly was the Medieval fair.  Thanx again to my awesome friend Michelle who always comes through on costumes for me.  This was a gorgeous gown, a little big, but totally worth it.
 Her and her bestie, of course.
 They jousted, had a feast and then those who worked really hard throughout the unit, earned the chance to become knighted.  I can't remember the name she chose for herself but here is her "knighting."
It's hard to believe we hit March already, only 3 months of school left.  I know this isn't the end of the crazies for me.

The "Matney's" are gone :(

For the past um. . . 4 years I've gotten to know this awesome family.  On one of our many walks  (4 years ago) the new mom was walking the opposite direction as us with an infant in a front pack.  As we past, we told her she should join us tomorrow. . .and she did.  The rest is history.  The "Matney's," as Trisha's kids call her, moved last month for a new job and we were soo sad to see them go.  Over the years we have become pretty much one big family.  Mat was one of my daily workout partners, we had pizza and game nights at least once a month (especially when Randy was in school), we went on camping trips together, went on a couples weekend, on double dates (I think there was even a man date in there somewhere, hiking, boating, pretty much everything.  When we found out they were moving we were devastated but knew this was an amazing opportunity for them. . . so we LET them leave, lol.  We had to get in one more game night before the left. . .

 And also a little farewell shindig.

 One of the many sad things about them leaving is they had this little guy 2 weeks before they left.  I'm so sad I won't get to see him grow like their other one's.
 Good luck "Matney's" hurry back.