Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Vegas Pics

My sis Lindsay took a ton of pics on her new, very nice camera (it's the one that I want to get). So we told her to send us her pics so we could enjoy them. I won't comment on all of them just cuz I'm lazy, but I wanted them on here.
We ate at Planet Hollywood our last night with Laurie's vouchers she got for sitting in on a dumb spiel at her timeshare. Thanx Lolly for our free dinner.

In the MGM they have a Lion "tank". They were really big. When we went in the were sleeping, but going by them again they woke up and Lindz got this shot.
Since we aren't the gambling type, we thought it would be funny to get shots of us playing the slots. You'll notice the same 3 pictures on the slot machine are the same for all of our shots, lame hu? Here's Lolly
Lindsay with a semi-scary/creepy look on her.
Me being all giddy.
Shauna doing who knows what.
Cute Alina.
Here's the shot of us with the storm trooper's I was talking about earlier. I got to shoot the gun.
In front of Treasure Island's ship.

The word is suppose to say Revolution, but I couldn't get far back enough.

We love Blue Men
So do they.
We are acting Asian for Bacon, we missed you.
Inside the Forum Shops

Can't wait till our next one.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Read-a-Thon 2010

I totally forgot to post about this years Read-a-Thon. I guess with all the craziness of Vegas and just my life, it just got away from me. Anyway, the kids did great, they read their little hearts out and gave it their all. The theme this year was "Go for the Gold. . . Read." We chose that theme because our R.A.T fell during the Olympics, which made for an easy theme. We were able to get great discounts on medals for the top readers for each grade and for the whole school. McKenzie got 3rd place out the the entire 3rd grade. Morgan and Micah did really good, but they had some serious readers in their grade so the didn't win anything, but they still had a great time. We got to go to the Skating rink with the school as an end of the R.A.T celebration. The kids got to eat pizza which was such a treat cuz we never eat out.
Kenz and Morg really love their pizza.
Eah just thought it was great to be out at night playing with the older kids.
The skating rink let us bring our scooters instead of renting skates, which was great for me cuz I had no help since it was on the night Randy was in class.
Micah was a speed demon, it was hard to get a pic of him. What a cute boy.
Here's Kenz and her medal. She was very proud of earning it. Great Job sweetie.

I am soo glad it's all over, not sure if I'm gonna help out on it again next year or if I'll try something new, maybe something that doesn't last an entire month. We'll see. Congrats kids.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

This was actually not on St. Patty's day, but this is the outfit Malia decided to wear one morning, what a goof. The Leprechaun visited our dinner last night and decided to turn our food green. . . again. We had green waffles with strawberries and green whipped cream, green eggs, green apples (well those are already green) and Limeade, which was apparently a little too tart for my kids liking.
And this is what we made with the yummies.
Morgie loving the apples.
Posing Eah.
Micah Cheezin it up.
McKenzie the ham.
And Randy deciding to be a Scrooge for St. Patty's day by not wearing green.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vegas Baby

None of my sister's live closer than a days drive to each other and a couple of years ago, my sister's and I decided that we needed to get away for a weekend. So October of 2006 we had our first Schmidt sister's weekend. We went to Seattle and just had fun being together and seeing the sites. We even got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls since they were in Seattle the same weekend we were. It was pretty cool. Anyway, since then we have all been itching to get back together. We'd also added a new sister when our lil bro got married a year and a half ago, so we knew we needed to try and induct her into the craziness we call sisterhood. Granted we see each other at least once a year, but we always have our families with us, so there is a lot more stressful and full of havoc. We decided since none of us have really gone to Vegas that we would head south for the winter and enjoy so warmer weather. We all got into Vegas on the 4th and hung out till the 7th.

We got to meet up with an old friend of Lindsay's from Virginia, Jessica. I seriously haven't seen her in 19 years. We saw a lot of pretty interesting/cool things in Vegas, every hotel has something to see, even if you are LDS and don't enjoy gambling, or having smoke blown in your face, or seeing mostly naked women everywhere. This was at the Forum Shops next to Caesar's Palace. It was a moving statue exhibit that ran every so often. We got there just in time to see it going.

The Venetian was beautiful, with it Italian feel. It really felt like you were walking the streets of Venice. They did however have statues of the Blue Man Group that we couldn't pass up a photo op. I have no clue who the couple on the left are so just ignore them. My sis Lindsay and I are on the right.
Isn't it beautiful. Even with all the hullabaloo going on, it was still so peaceful to walk around in. And yes we are inside the Venetian, they painted the ceilings to look like the sky. A lot of places had this style, very cool.
The Venetian had a little program also that we made it just in time for. They had 5 singers, a guy on stilts and a jester doing all kinds of acrobatic moves.
It also had a woman dressed like a statue, she was really good. This is my oldest sis Shauna giving her a tip to get a pic.
This was at the Bellagio, the one with the cool fountains. (BTW the fountains are put to music and are amazing I have a video of one that we saw, not sure if Iwill post it on here, it's kinda long, but if you ever go to Vegas, totally worth it, espeically at night). Anyway, it had this horse made out of tons of these tiny (what looked like ) mirrors. This is Shauna, me and my 2nd oldest sis Laurie. Laurie's little girl loves horses so we had to get a shot of it.
Of course when I saw this store, I had to get a shot of it for Randy. I told him one day he could get one, of course there are more important things to do and get before he can buy one, ya know like finish school, buy a house, that sort of thing.
What trip to Vegas is complete without seeing the Eiffel tower, come on.

This was for Micah and Randy, the Star Wars nuts of the house. Lindsay got a shot of all of us with these 2, I'll have to post it later.
Another "Star Wars guy."
We got to see a Cirque du Soleil show called "Mystere." It was pretty amazing what those people can do. Very good show, totally worth the money. We got some shots of ourselves before we got in trouble by the ushers, oops.
The rest of the girls.
We also got to see a variety show called "The V." It had a the guys who can play a piano with balls as the MC for the night. He was hysterical. Check him out on youtube right here. He didn't play the songs that are on You tube but he's amazing and soooo funny. The whole show was pretty cool until the very end when this guy did some kind of impersonation, without really talking, to different shows and movies. It was lame and got a little crud which we weren't ready for since it said it was family show. I wouldn't have wanted my kids to see him. Other than that it was good.
The one thing we missed wasn't not having all of the Schmidt girls there. Our mom, sis Bacon and sis-in-law Bonnie Jean couldn't make it, which was a bummer. Hopefully next time we get together we can get everyone there.