Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

This was the first Christmas in a looooooong time that we have not been near some sort of family.  We were all a little sad but it was fun to just have a Christmas morning with just us.  We went and cut down a tree at a local U-Cut place and waded through a flooded field to find our tree.  It had just recently rained and their fields were covered in water.  It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned with the kids staying in the car so they wouldn't freeze their butts off in the flooded field, but we found a tree we were happy with and brought it back to them. It turned out perfect, and because of our new space we were able to put up our tiny tree as well.  I loved it!!! 
 Our new house even had a fireplace for us to hang our stockings, the kids loved having them hang over a fireplace.  Unfortunately for them, once Santa came, they were going to come crashing down, so Santa put them on the ground after filling them.
 Christmas morning came bright and early and the kids could wait no longer.  We were up about 6 AM and quickly dug into the presents

 The aftermath
 And Kaders exploring everything.
 We tried to keep the kids busy through the break with games and outings. We decided to tackle this puzzle.  The kids really got into it, surprisingly enough.  
The next picture are from my phone and not the best quality, but we will deal with it. We saw Santa at the ward Christmas party.

 Here's proof of out tree cutting adventure.  We pulled it out of the water before taking the shot.
 Kenzie had a ugly sweater day at school and this is what we came up with.  She's her very own Christmas tree, lol.
 Randy's work had their Christmas party in Cincinnati and put us up in a hotel overnight.  So we jumped on the chance to go out and explore.  we went to an art museum.
 Tried on different Asian hairpieces.

 That night at the party, Kenz was in charge of the kids in the hotel rooms we had but everyone at the party wanted to see what having 6 kids was really like, so we brought them down for a quick visit.  They were pretty impressed. 
 The next day was Sunday so we hurried and got ready to head out to make it in time for church 1 1/2 hours away back in Indy.  It was a fun weekend.
 Of course we get tired with all of the Christmas festivities.
 Santa brought the kids a membership to the biggest Children's museum which is located in downtown Indianapolis so we made sure we went at least once during the break.

 It's a pretty exciting museum with lots to see and do.
We especially love the carousel ride.
 We had another visit from BJ and Andy for New Years, and had to get a couple haircuts in while she was around.
 All around, it was a good holiday.  We had lots of fun and made some great memories.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fall/Winter school events

Moving to Indy has it perks.  For one, they start teaching band in 6th grade instead of 7th so we jumped on the opportunity and let Morgan choose an instrument to learn.  She wanted to follow in her sister's footsteps and play the flute.  They had a concert in the fall and another before Christmas.  What a difference a few months makes in their tone.  They did a great job.  
 Malia also a  book parade.  She had to choose a book and turn it into a float so I packed up the little's and headed to the school.  Having 2, two and under always leads to interesting outings.
 But they sure are cute!
 Since we've made a couple of floats in Utah for the county parade, we knew exactly how to do it.  Malia chose a Junie B. Jones book and she created this scene with a little help.
 She was very proud of her work.  She did a great job.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kaders 7 months

It doesn't take much for him to get around anymore.  He doesn't sit still for very long and trying to get him to stay in one place is like herding cats.  This has turned into a 2 man job.  One snapping pics as fast they can while the other is distracting with a noisy toy.

 Oh and now he pulls himself up on the bed, so no more easy access with the bassinet, wah!