Monday, June 30, 2008

Here's # 3 more family coming in

Friday my sister Laurie and her family drove into town, crashed on my floor (they were staying at another neighbor of mine but came a day earlier than anticipated so we blew up air mattresses). It was fun having 2 of my sisters here, not much sleep happened, on any one's part, but it was still fun. Oh and then I get a phone call like 10 pm that night from my parents who were suppose to be here on Saturday coming from Michigan, but had driven all night the night before and made it a day earlier, also. So they stayed at a hotel since our friends hosting them weren't expecting them till the next day. We were all very excited they came in early since none of us kids really get to see them a whole lot since they are on the wrong side of the US. Anyway, at this point of the craziness that was coming my way, pictures began to get few and far between, don't worry I got some of the wedding and reunion. -UPDATE- my awesome sister Lindsay took way more pictures than I did and is letting me use some of them, what a gem. Here is Kyra (Shauna's oldest) and Grace (Laurie's oldest). Gotta love being cousins.

Anyway, Saturday my little bro Jon woke up with chest pain and my parents were worried and took him in to urgent care did some tests and then sent him to the ER for more tests and observation. It took them a while to figure out what it was but he had viral bronchitis (which doesn't get antibiotics) along with an air pocket around his heart (I can't remember the technical term for it) that really can't be fixed with drugs or anything. Just rest and no strenuous activity for a long time (like months) Randy and Billy took him over to the Smith Field House to play basketball with a few guys, which is probably when things started going south for him. He's doing better now, but he was pretty miserable for a few days here.
Oh I wish I had a before wedding picture of him, he looked Amish. His hair was really shaggy and he had some weird facial hair that just lined his jaw, almost like Mose off of the Office, (for those of you office fans out there) Glad Billy made him get his hair cut (thanks yet again to Buffy, gotta love her). -UPDATE-Thanx to Lindsay for being on top of things, here are my Amish brothers, aren't they cute.

That evening our soon-to-be sis-in-law had a bridal shower which was great for my family since no one has met her or her family except me. It was a lot of fun, we got to know her a little more through some games and we got to talk to her mom and aunts and get to know them. Alina (my new SIL) is awesome, she fits soo well in the family. We are excited Billy found her.

Right after the shower we had to hurry home a). cuz one the baby's had a stinky diaper and the dad's were not willing to change him, (lame I know) and b). there were fireworks being set off that night for the closing of our family fest. They were fun fireworks, short and sweet. My next door neighbor told us of a secret spot with a great view and no crowds, so we hurried over there and got there just in time for the first firework to go off.

This is Tate (Laurie's baby) at the bridal shower. He couldn't leave the tissue paper, or the bows for that matter alone, what a cutie.

# 2 of many, family fest

So right after the last bday party and McKenzie's date, the first of many family members flew in for my brother's wedding. Lindsay, and her two boy's Collin (2 1/2) and Bradley (5 days younger than Malia) came without her hubby, he's in the Navy deployed at the moment, and yes she is going crazy (poor mommy). Collin is a very active little boy and keeps Lindz on her toes. Bradley's is a good baby, so far and we are crossing our fingers he stays that way, for Lindsay's sake.

So they got in and the next day we went to our City's family fest. It's a little carnival type thing with booths, shows a helicopter, firetruck and ambulance (which the kids loved). We did have one little mishap though, while watching a dance company performing Collin decided to wander off without us seeing him leave, which left Lindz and I in a state of panic looking for him. Luckily our police officers were in full force there and one nearby spotted him looking lost and held him until I spotted her with a crying little boy in her arms. Thank goodness there are still good people out there. Needless to say Collin was locked in the stroller the rest of the time.

I'm trying my best, but apparently that's not enough.

This will probably take a few hundred posts to finish all that has happened in the last few weeks, but I will do my best to condense it as much as possible, so I don't bore any of you to death. My life has been so hectic lately that I am going to have to go back in my small memory and try to remember it all.

We had a few birthday parties at the beginning of June. There was Trisha's (my neighbor) bday party she throws herself annually, really just so she has an excuse buy herself a Costco cake, with chocolate in the middle, it was evil. It was a lot of fun, The Jackson's who moved away from us in January, came to it. That was a great surprise. Then three days later McKenzie was invited to a party by a classmate. It was a pool party and she had a blast. Well then Micah decided that he was being left out of the sickie mix and got croup. It was really bad and I even took him in and he got a steroid to help him breath easier, he was miserable. This illness kept him from the next birthday party. Our next door neighbor turned 8 and had a party at the park, complete with pinata and banana splits. The girls had fun and we even brought Micah back a cupcake.

Right after that party McKenzie was invited by Jacob Jackson (who had been hanging out with his grandparents by himself for a two weeks) to go and see Horton Hears a Who at the dollar theater. So McKenzie has officially had her first date . . . at 7 years old . . . what kind of mother am I. It was soo funny. He called to ask if she could come and then later called and asked if she had lunch cuz "My Grandma is NOT buying us popcorn." I laughed soo hard, Jakey your soo cute, thanx for hanging with Kenz.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I can't handle it anymore!!!!! (& cute hair)

I'm finished with sick kids. I thought that with this last ear infection that Malia had and Morgan now has we would have a break from illnesses. So much for that. So Malia had her 9 month check a couple days after she turned 9 mo, she had 4 immunization shots and right after that she started to get a new cold. She had this for about a week (just a dripping nose) and then Thursday night she vomitted in her bed (Poor Kristi was sleeping in her room and heard it all and came to get me up). She barffed her the contents of her stomach up and then dry-heaved for the next 8 or so hours. In between puking though she was happy and playing and having fun still. We fed her a little that evening cuz she went for a few hours without a hitch but then she upchucked in her bed again that night. Saturday she was miserable, lethargic and a had fever. So I took her in to the doctor and they ruled out and ear infeciton and thought that it could be a UTI because at the time she didn't have diahrea. So she had to get a cathedar to get some urine out (not a pleasant experience for anyone). That was ruled out and and so the doctor just said she had a gastro bug and we had to get her hydrated. (she wasn't dehydrated yet but she was heading that way with some of her symptoms). So we had to seriously syringe feed her pedialyte all day to trick her stomach into thinking there was nothing there. She was soo hungry at this point though and I felt so bad not giving her anything, but she would just throw-up everyhthing else. This morning she was still acting the same, I had a meeting to attend this morning and when I got back she was crawling and drank part of a pedilyte bottle. She was even doing well enough to try some saltines. It stinks seeing her like this. All she wants to do is be held when she is awake, she had been sleeping a lot though which is nice. So I am home from church, blogging instead, ya gotta love it.

This is my cute sister-in-law, Kristi. The pink shirt is her before picture with long hair, I helped convince her while she was here to chop it off and try something new. Don'tcha love it? I think it is sooo cute on her. Buffy, the girl who did my, and my girls' hair did Kristi's to. She was having fun with it right before they headed out to drive home to Oregon. She kept flipping it back and forth, not being use to the fact that it moves so easily, it was cute. My kids sure miss having her around.

Camping and saying goodbye!

So as I said before, there was a priesthood commemoration camp out, they are trying to steer away from Father-son camp out, we have a lot of single guys and newlyweds that don't have kids yet in our ward. So Randy, Micah and Randy's dad were able to go to it. It was a really warm night, but they said it got down to about 45 degrees at night, hence the bundled up version of Micah.
I asked Randy to take pictures of the evening, he forgot until morning and then did the guy thing and take pics of tents and the playground and a group of guys that I don't recognize. I guess I should've been more specific and said "please take pictures of yourself doing camping kind of things." All in all they had fun. Randy had to race home the next morning for his GRE class, so they couldn't stay and hang out.

Randy is going to kill me for this pic of Micah. After they got home all of the kids were playing outside and the girls were going through our neighbors dress up stuff and Morgan had found a really cute red velvet dress, apparently Micah had to be just like everyone and join the fun, and found this blue and white polka-dot dress. He came into our house and I thought who is this girl with really short hair walking in our door. Then i realized it was Micah. He found a set of pom poms and this is the shot I got. Hysterical

Then Grandma, Grandpa and Kristi packed up and had to go home. It sure was fun having them around for the week and hope that things work out for them and they get to move down here soon.