Monday, September 26, 2011

Soccer has come again

I love soccer I really do, I just hate going and dealing with the rest of my kids during the games.  It's not very enjoyable for me, but since I really want them to play, here we go again.  The kids have 1 more game this week and then we are done (till the spring).  They've been doing great, making at least 1 goal (usually more) per game.  Micah's color's stayed the same and now we will never lose Morgan.  It's very bright.
 Randy is both of their coaches so he's been really busy as well.
She was showing me 2 for the 2 goals she had already made.  I think she made 3 this game.  Go Orange Dreamcicles.
 Micah's been really aggressive and he's a lefty so that gives him an advantage on the other side of the field since all the other kids are right, they just can't get it away from him.
 Micah and KC are on the same team this year and even KC is doing really well.  Go Black Ninja's
I'm excited for the break now, phew!
Here we go again.  Not only is it Rad Kid year for Kenz. But also Morgan and Micah.  So be prepared.  There will be more coming.  Mac's just the lucky one who goes 1st. 
 After her simulation getting ready to call for help. That's her teacher helping her.
 Malia has gone to so many of these.  It's sad to think that she won't ever get to go through a program.
Here is her simulation with the lobster man.  I don't know why, but these things always make me emotional.  Maybe it's because this could really happen to my child and it scares me. I pray that it never does, but if it does, I know they'll know what to do.
Oh and this is proof that she actually yells.

It's a "Rio" Party

It's been so crazy around here that it took me 3 1/2 weeks to finally let Morgan have her birthday party.  We decided long ago to let our kids have bday party every other year on the even years since those are usually the big birthday's.  It worked for McKenzie, I had no problems getting hers together, but Morgan's birthday was kind of part of the "Perfect Storm" as we like to call it around here.  Her baptism was right after her birthday, we had family in town, we were still getting used to going back to school, I had some issues I'm not going to go into right now, Malia had her first birthday party, soccer was well underway and it just felt like the world was going to crash down on us at any moment.  Anyway, so we gave Morg some options on what she could do and she opted for a "Movie" party, which btw I absolutely love and think I'm going to encourage the rest of the kids to do the same, at least once.  The kids came at 5, and I quickly gave them pizza, drink and some healthy junk and they sat in the blanket and pillow covered living room and ate, drank and watched "Rio." 
 This is who Randy and I decided to decorate which came out so cute.  We wanted to help darken the space (since we weren't watching the movie at night).  So we got all of our streamers out and this is what we came up with.  This pic is of the light fixture in the living room.  Light's off. . .
 Light's on.  This pic doesn't really do it justice.  It looks really cool with the light on.
 We had soccer all day, again, so I wasn't going to have time to make any kind of cute cake, so we opted for store bought cupcakes, I know, lame.  But hey they were cute and I didn't have to make them.
 The crew watching, and eating.  My friend who loaned us the movie even gave us some popcorn bags to use, which was perfect. 
The gang after it was all said and done.
I loved this party because I had little to plan and do.  I didn't have to entertain them with games or crafts because the movie took up 3/4 of it.  All we had time to do when it was over was cake and presents.  There were no dishes, clean up was a snap and Morgan loved every minute of it.  Sorry Morg for being such a slack mom, I'm glad you had fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great To Be 8!

This was a special year for Morgan.  She not only went into 3rd grade, and had a birthday shortly after, but she turned 8!!!!  Which means she was able to get baptized into the LDS church.  On her birthday, her teacher had her give her family presentation and got to wear the birthday hat and get sung to.  That night Randy had school so we really didn't do a whole lot until the weekend when a ton of family came in for her birthday (which also happened to be my birthday, which subsequently is the same day as my baptism, crazy hu?)
 So Saturday we woke up bright and early and got ready, because her baptism was at 9 AM, argh!  It was tough getting eleventy billion of us ready, but we made it.  There was only 1 from our ward getting baptized and about 6 others from the rest of the stake.  It made for a very crowded chapel.  Here's Randy and Morg beforehand.
 Still a family tradition for the girls to wear the dress my grandma made my oldest sister when she got baptized.  It's been through all of my sisters and now 4 granddaughters with more to go I'm sure.
 Just one quick one outside.
The baptism was great.  The talks were amazing (thanx mom) and she came out of it still alive.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before but these girls are inseparable (lol). Katelin was baptized in May, McKenna in June and Morg in Sept.  We really wanted to take shots of them in their dresses.  They were not very interested in standing still for very long, but we got a few.

 And one for good measure.
And the whole family that was able to make it.  There was a lot more friends who came as well.  It was so great having their support.
We tried really hard to get a family shot.  This was as close as we got.
The grandparents were both there for the event (a first since my parents live far away, but not for long).
We celebrated both Morgan's and my birthday afterwards.  Oh and it was the 1st weekend of college football, so that is what Randy was doing all day, lucky me.  I'm so excited for this season, no really.
Billy got a hold of my camera and kind of went nuts.  This is one made me laugh when I went through the card.  Don't ask me what my mom is doing.
But really this day was about Miss Morgie poo.  She is a special part of our family.  We are so proud of her for making the decision to be baptized.  We love you little girly.

Just Morgan

Before I get into Morgan's baptism I wanted to post a few pics from our photo shoot.  We went out one afternoon to BYU and the temple and just clicked away.  She was a good subject.  I'm still learning about my awesome camera and I probably should have waited a few more hours to do this shoot.  You live and you learn.  This is the invite that sent out.

I took almost 200 shots, it was pretty fun.

First Day of School-or should I say Shool

Craziness is all around, on the house tops on the ground.  (Can you name that primary song?)  Anyway, school started with a bang.  Three kids off to all-day school and one at home waiting to get evaluated for preschool which started the following week.  Mak started 5th grade
 Morg's in 3rd
And Micah's in 1st (his 1st year of all day which is great)
 Do you sense a theme with the plaid?  Apparently it is still in, which makes me laugh cuz I remember when it was in while I was in middle and high school and how quickly it got lame (ya know with the corduroy along with it like on the  collars).  I like this plaid though.
 We got the pics again.  I really need to look back through the years and see how much these girls have really changed.
 This was the next week cuz McKenna was sick the 1st week of school, poor girl. I love that these girls have to bend over for Morg, why didn't she get Randy's genes?
 I'm pretty sure Micah will be taller than Morg soon enough.  Not as tall as KC, but he'll get some height on him.
 This was the 1st day without McKenna, these 2 are such hams.
 The next week, preschool started and as you can see Malia got in.  This is probably the only reason to love August birthday's.  She was sooo excited to go to school.  She got up so early and got herself ready and was ready before 8 AM to go.  Too bad she still had 45 minutes to wait.
 Her and Brooklyn, another one of Michelle's kids that is in kindergarten.  They have fun together though.
 Can you tell that she's excited, or maybe that's a little possessed, either way, she's in school.
 She's soo proud of herself.
Now that my mornings are free, I'm keeping busy with working out and making a monthly (maybe more, we'll see) of going to the temple before Malia gets home.  It's time to work on me now.  SOOOO HAPPY SCHOOL STARTED, WOOT!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Malia's 4

Don't worry I'm only 1 month and 3 days late.  Man, I'm awful these days.  Malia did turn 4 last month and we did celebrate her birthday, I promise.  We woke up on her bday and I made "the pancakes"
Then we went to Toys R Us and got her birthday balloon and I let her pick out a toy with her birthday coupon.  She picked this shopping cart since her last one broke (it's been through all of the kids, it was time for a new one).  She had a lot of fun with the cart until Uncle James came over and turned her into a crazy child.  These two are peas in a pod I tell ya.  The faces they come up with.

 We made pizza that night and ate some yummy birthday cake.  She asked for a butterfly cake, which made me happy since that was an easy one to create.  I'm all about simplifying.
 She got some Princess and Rapunzel things that she wears all of the time.
 Then the next week (while the other kids were in school mind you, yet another hallelujah moment for me) she had her first birthday party.  They made crowns, decorated cupcakes, played pinned the bracelet on Dora, opened presents and smacked a pinata.  It was a fun party.
 So grateful this girl is in our family.  Although crazy at times, she brings such a fun, energetic personality to our home.    She's our little princess!!! Love ya Eah!!!