Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3rd Grade Program and Solar Eclipse

I love the end of the school year, there is never a dull moment.  Last week Morgan had her third grade program where she sang songs and recited a part about what they have learned this year.  Grandma and Grandpa Tucker were able to come down for it which was really nice considering it was on a Wednesday and Randy can't do anything Wed. nights because of school (I think there are only 3 Wednesday's left till he's done HALLELUJAH!!!!)  Anyway,  Morg did great.
 Here she is beforehand with one of her friends, hammin' it up like always.
 Sunday was a cool day.  It was the 1st Solar Eclipse my kids have been able to take part in.  I remember when I was in elementary school living in Virginia and how big of a deal it was that there we were able to witness one.  We all got special glasses and the entire school went outside to see this phenomenon.  Well, we tried to make it cool for the kids.  My neighbor Trisha found a cheap way of watching it happen but poking a small  hole through a piece of cardboard and then holding that up to the sun, then holding a second piece of cardboard away from it (demonstrated below by James). . .
 Isn't that cool.  It's really light but you can see the crescent shape on the cardboard of the moon going in front of the sun.
 I don't have any special photography skills or cool lenses, so this was the best we got.  This was just before it was completely covered by the moon, not that you can tell.
While we were using our primitive cardboard methods, another friend in my ward called and said she had some glasses if we were interested in letting the kids actually see it.  I was elated by this and she quickly ran over just in time to see it completely covered.  It was pretty amazing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's only the middle of May!!!!!

I can't even describe how busy it has been already this month and we haven't even gotten to all the end of the year hoopla.  I figured if I don't want to get backed up I better get some of this stuff posted quick or it'll never get done. 

First, one of our neighbors that graduated the same time Randy did, became a Chaplin for the military.  Shortly after graduation they moved and will be stationed back east (sad for all of us).  There was an little going away party for them.  We'll miss you Reed's.
 They have 3 little kids, here are the 2 oldest.  The one on the left is Malia's age, actually older but you'd never know seeing them next to each other cuz Malia is a giant compared to this petite little thing.
 The next week was "Mad" week.  It started off with Malia's preschool going to the aquarium and I got to go along.  Good thing it's a small little place, a little less chaotic chasing around a group of 4/5 year olds.
 Here's her class, well both classes actually.  There's an AM and PM class.
 Morgan's ecosystem project presentation was a few days later, which was also the same day as the 1st grade zoo trip. Randy went on it with Micah but didn't bring a camera so I don't have any shots.  Anyway, Morg chose the Ocean for her project.  We had been so busy with everything else that we raced to get her stuff put together.  I felt bad but hey it turned out great.
 Then the next day was the last day of soccer, Yippeeeee!!!! (for me)  The kids had a fun season and scored lots of goals.
 Randy coached both teams both fall and spring season.  He had fun, it was stressful during practices since he combined the two together, but he really enjoys coaching.

 Right after soccer, Gma and Gpa came down for Gpa's birthday "linner".  We went to Applebee's then came back and opened gifts.  We weren't able to go up there considering all of the fun we were having down here, lol.
 Then the next week, James received his mission call.  We were going to have it sent to my house, but since we really had no idea if we would be living here when it arrive (just in case it was late) we had it sent to Billy's house and drove up there to open it up.  We were all guessing outside of the U.S. but. . .
 He got called to the Porland Oregon Mission and will go into the MTC on August 15.  We were all surprised because that was the mission he was born in (At the time. Prineville was moved to the Eugene mission after I graduated from High School), so he won't be going back to his birth place, but he is awfully close.  The other funny thing is my sister lives in Vancouver just over the river from Portland but is in a different mission.  Do you see the shocked look on his face?
 Then the week after James got his call, it was Kristi's turn to report to the MTC.  We drove up Tuesday night to see her get set apart and then drove home and they came down to drop her off.  We ate at Pizza Pie Cafe.

Julie had to rush home so we took a quick shot before she bolted.
 Then with the new rules with dropping off, we decided not to chance not getting shots at the MTC so we stopped at the Provo Temple to get a few.  It's a good thing we stopped.
Malia's really good at being a ham and getting people's attention, can you tell?
Then it was time for goodbye's  There really wasn't any time for tears, which was good.  Just a quick hug then through the gate she went.  We are really excited for Kristi, she's going to be an awesome missionary.  She just kept saying how happy she was that day, and we are so happy for her. 
I know I still have Mother's Day to post and we have more school performances coming up and of course the traditional end of the year festivities.  I can't believe there are only 11 more days of school for these kids, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Can't we just go a few more weeks?