Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guess Who's 8???

Our little man turned 8 this weekend and he wanted a superhero party.  I'm not a huge fan of goody-bags just cuz I the toys break or don't get played with and let's be realistic, we DO NOT need anymore candy.  But I found some capes at Target for $2 a piece and bought felt 4/$1 and had the boys personalize their own superhero capes and masks as their "goody-bag"  They had a lot of fun being creative.
 Masie was really hungry apparently.
 We also used our superhero powers and built tall buildings
 perfected our aim (they are throwing things into a bucket)
and built up our strength to defend the world. 
 It was a fun party.
On his real birhtday, we had yummy birthday pancakes, went to church, and had family over for pizza cake and ice cream.
 Micah decided on a football cake for his actual birthday cake.

 What a fun weekend.  So glad this little guy is in our family.  I feel bad for the lack of testosterone in this house, but he can hold his own.  Can't wait for next month when he gets baptized. 

6 Months-Yes, I am a horrible mother!!!

Here she is.  She is growing soo fast.  I don't remember it being ok for her to grow up, but here we are anyway.
 Now that she's really sitting I figured I'd document it.
 Full body. . . LONG BABY!!!
 So the reason for the other half to this post title, I still haven't gotten her pictures taken professionally like I have with the other kids.  Usually I get one taken at 6 weeks in their blessing outfit and that one stays on the wall forever and then I change a yearly picture out.  Well here we are at 6 months and that hasn't happened yet and since my sister needed the blessing dress back, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a quick photo shoot with this little girl before sending it out.  I put up a white sheet over a tall box in my room and just started snapping (almost 200 pictures later).  Frankly they turned out pretty cute and I will probably just blow one of these up or turn it into a collage and call it good.  I had a lot of fun doing these.  She is so stinkin cute.

 These are the reasons there were almost 200 shots taken.  Because only about 10 of them really turned out awesome.

Here are some stats
Weight: 14 lb. 13 oz. 13 %
Height: 26 1/2 inches 75% (see what I mean with tall)
Head: 42 1/2 cm 45%
*She's sitting unassisted though we sometimes put a pillow behind her if we leave her along cuz she sometimes tips. . .and then screams.  
*She can go from sitting to her belly and then on her hands and knees.  It won't be long till she's crawling.  
*She loves getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth.
*Baths are fun.
*Food is not (at least after the 4th bite or so)  She hates cereal and other foods she gets excited about and then loses interest really quick.
*Still pukes a lot.  We going to get her back on the Previcid.  We accidentally left it at my mom's in Montana and did a trial run without it.  She needs it still.
*Still doesn't sleep really well or consistent.  We did however get 9+ hours out of her last night.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx that.
*She's definitely showing preferences now, meaning she's a mommas girl. 
*She will cry and growl when she doesn't get what she wants or is "done" with her current situation.
*Her personality is really coming through at this point.  It's fun to see her show us what she wants.
Here's a quick video from the other day.  She really likes to bounce . . . and open her mouth, can ya tell?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our New Aunt

My little brother Jon got married on January 4th in Memphis Tennessee.  We were unable to make the trek out there and were very sad, but we were able to spend a few hours with the happy couple on there way back to Rexburg.  All I heard that day was, I can't wait to meet my new Aunt Kendl.  We all were so excited.
 1st time Jon was able to meet Masie.
 These 2 are soo cute.
 Welcome to the family Kendl.  Good luck, lol.