Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a fun-filled Christmas we had this year.  It started out with going up to Temple Square to see the lights with Gma and Gpa Tucker.  I love this temple.
Gpa with Rudolf, I mean Masie.
Gma helping Micah take some awesome pics.
Morgan loving the lights.
McKenzie and Malia trying to stay warm together.
I love that we have at least 1 set of grandparents close to do fun things like this with.

What an awesome evening.  It was pretty chilly, but we survived.
That night we crashed at their house and woke up early the next morning to leave for Montana to go spend the rest of Christmas with Gma and Gpa Schmidt's, and this is what we looked like for most of the vacation.
Just kidding, we can be serious. . . sometimes.
We got a special present this year. . .Masie, lol.
Gpa Schmidt even was able to join in our festivities.  He just had part of his back fused from a previous back injury and this is him 10 days post-op. As long as he wore his girdle he came out to be with us.
Yes Bacon, we DO love you!!!
Kilroy made an appearance.
We opened Christmas jammies
Masie found her tag, which she does for everything and then proceeds to eat it.
I had to get one more shot of the newlyweds before they were not the newlyweds anymore.  They hit their 1 year mark and we have a new set of newlyweds in the family now.
My little boog.
Masie really had fun her 1st Christmas.  She loves trying to rip the paper and then quickly putting it into her mouth.
Bacon had our family for Christmas and she made us our own pillowcases.  They are soo cute.
Shauna's family came down Christmas evening and the kids were so happy to see their cousins again.  I didn't get a ton of shots with them because they had so much fun together, I really didn't see them a whole lot but they did get to go sledding together which they loved.
I helped my mom put get pictures and put together this frame for my dad.  He's been wanting something like this for years to show off to he colleagues.  He looked really happy to get this.
We played lots of games, and thanx to Uncle Eggs (Bacon's hubby) it was documented.
We had a lot of fun up in Montana and were so grateful we had the opportunity to go up there.  On New Years Eve we headed back down to Utah to spend the end of the year with Gpa/Gma Tucker.  We had another "Christmas"  with them.  Here's proof of Masie's paper fetish.
And of course the camera got put down again during our New Years shindig.  Julie and her family came over for the festivities and all of kids lasted for the ball to drop.  It was a fun evening.  I'm so grateful that we were able to see so much family this Christmas.  Who knows if that will ever happen again, so I will take it when I can.  Oh and we were able to Skype with Kristi and chat with James on the phone on Christmas day which was awesome.  Here's to 2013, hopefully this year will bring a new job and a potential move.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Masie's 5 Months

I seriously just posted her 4 month and now we are at 5.  This girl is a mover and a shaker.  It was quite difficult to get any still pics of her. . . or the blocks for that matter.  I may have to find a shooting spot.
 She rolls all over now.  She also started making fishy lips recently.  It's pretty hilarious.  We don't really do it a lot to her, so she didn't learn it from us, she just likes her mouth and all of the cool things it can do. . .like scream.  You can kind see her doing it here, the little dimpled cheek.  Again, she moves to much to allow me to take the pictures I want.
 She makes expression/position a lot. She looks terrified.  Her legs all stiff together. This is her getting ready to be excited.
 Really excited!!!!
 And then calm for a moment. . . 
 Then pure chaos.
 She was very interested in the blocks this time.
 I love this one.
So this month:
*Had her first ear infection-that was NOT fun.  However I did remember to give her her meds every day.  I usually forget a few times during the course and have to double dose my kids sometimes.
*Rolls everywhere and gets caught in silly places like straddled around her play mat with dangling toys
*Still do NOT sleep very well at night-I'm hoping that the ear infection/cold has something to do with it and things will start to get better (good luck)  I really just need her out of my room.
*Loves her mouth-sticks her tongue out a lot makes funny noises with her lips.  Maybe she'll follow her coolest Aunt Bacon and be a beat boxer :)
*Working on liking food-So far just rice cereal, multi grain cereal and carrots.  I pureed  some veggies and right now we are on carrots.  Next up beans yummmm.  She still has the funny tongue thrust so we have to keep putting the food back in her mouth, that will get better.
*Lost the baby cry-It occurred to me that it was gone when I heard my newborn niece cry on the phone the other day.  Not that I enjoy crying but it just means we are no longer in the newborn stage.  We are full on in baby mode!!!!

Santa!!!! I Know Him!!!

My kids have been really excited to see Santa this year, and those lucky little devils have had the opportunity to see him twice.  So this post is of A LOT of Santa.  1st we went on a miniature train ride around some homes that shows you lights and then you see Santa and then you get to see some really cool pictures of Christ's life.  It was  pretty cool.  When we got to the area to see Santa, Malia ran right to him even before we could snap a pic.  So we made her go back.  I think she is the most excited to see him for sure.
Masie even had fun on the train ride.

Mak thought she was too cool to tell Santa what she wanted, but we were able to convince her to sit with Lauren and at least get a pic taken.
The second time we saw Santa was at our ward party.  When Santa came in, again, Malia ran right to him and was one of the 1st in line to sit on his lap that we had to beg another little kid to wait just a sec to snap another quick shot with her.  The little stinker.
 We got Masie in this time since she wasn't sitting in a front pack impossible to get out.
 Morg letting the big guy know what she wants.
 This kid cracks me up.
 I don't know what changed in this girl, but this time it was ok to see him.  Maybe it was the enticing huge candy bar she was going to get if she talked to him :)
 The primary kids did a nativity for the ward.  Micah was a speaking wise man, with these other 2 wise guys.  What goofs.
 Malia was a sheep (yellow shirt) and Morgan was an angel (the one almost in the middle of the shot next to the tall angel)
Micah getting ready for his part.
 Just to end things off with this silly girl, here my spider girl.  I don't know if this look with ever get old to look at.  She's hysterical 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

This is kind of a mish-mash of things that have happened the last few week and also backwards, but I'm too lazy to rearrange, so bear with me.  Yesterday was the BYU Christmas party, and just like in years past, the kids had fun.  They made crafts, played games, ate donuts, wrote letters to Santa, and watched performers.

Oh and slept.

Now, back up to Thanksgiving, where I didn't take many pictures for reasons unbeknownst to me.  But here ya go.  Randy and Masie getting their tryptophan nap.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Tucker enjoying the festivities
Uncle Dave, Aunt Julie and Grandpa hiding in the background.
And yummy cranberry sweet potatoes.  They turned out so good this year.  The end
No going just a little further back, the kids all decided to participate in the Reflections Contest this year.  I never push them to do it because it is a lot of work and I end up doing to the brunt of it.  So I told them I would help make sure they were following the rule and fill out the annoying paperwork but they had to do everything by themselves.  So they did it, they all got to go to an ice cream party and they all received some fun coupons to entering.  Micah actually won in his division and his project is going up to the next level.  So he got a trophy and a few more coupons.  They were all pretty excited.
And what post would be complete without some cute Masie shots.
She likes the bear, can ya tell?
And Santa hats.
And the poor girl still has a clogged tear duct, so her eye usually is crusted over in the morning and looks like this during the day.  You may have to click on the pic to actually see the glob of goo in her eye.  Hopefully it will clear up soon.