Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progression of Masie

Here we go.  Masie in the hospital
 At home a few weeks later.
 Masie 1 month.  I didn't really get on the ball fast enough.  That first month flew by so the block pictures didn't start till 2 months.
 Towards the end of her 1st month,
 And let the blocks begin.  When I started this I didn't think I should have her in the same thing every time.  This is how I roll.
 Or even here apparently.  
 4 months is when I got my act together and got consistent.

 I just love this pic and had to add it.

 Getting really hairy here.

Cute girl.  This was a fun tradition to have.  I wish I woulda done it with my others.

Masie's 12 Months!!! (or is it 1 Year)?

Here we are!!!!  We made it!!!! I can stop taking these stinkin pictures, lol.  I might do it again at 18 mo and 2, we'll see how I feel.  It sure was fun to get these shots to see how she grew.  My next post will be the progression throughout the year.  So here's my limber baby who doesn't like to cooperate.  This was a hard session (as you will see throughout this post).  
 They only way we kept her happy was by having her hold something, and that something for the day was this little penguin pool toy.  She's turning into a little McKenzie where she has to hold onto something.  She loves stuffed animals are anything soft.

 This was literally the only shot I got without her holding onto something, and she's getting ready to cry.  You might think that's a smile, but look again. . .
 I decided to get a little festive and give her a flag, but there was no prying that penguin from her.
 Only for a second.
 Then I decided to change the blocks half way through to say 1 Year, cuz it is the same thing.
 Happy birthday sweet girl!
At 1 Year Masie is:
*Weight-16 lbs. 8 oz. 1% (she actually dropped below the growth chart line and we have a goal to get her to gain 1 1/2 lbs before her 15 month check.  She's just really picky)
*Height-28 3/4 inches long 37%
*Head-45.1 cm-54% so her head is at least normal
*Standing on her own, even getting up to a stand without holding onto something.  Crawling is still the transportation of choice.  She is really fast.  She is walking (like a drunk baby) between Randy and I now.
*Refuses baby food.  She is strictly table food and it changes daily what she will eat.  I need to get new ideas.  She is starting to drink whole milk and likes it, but will only drink about 3-5 gulps and then starts drooling it out. . . .because it's fun duh.
*Still not sleeping great.  However having her fall asleep on her own is heaven sent.  I would really like to start getting more than 4 hours of sleep at a time though.  On the bright side, her naps are amazing.
*Blabs all of the time still.  She mimics really good certain words but I doubt she actually knows what she is saying.  She also squeaks and squeals a lot.  Sometimes she sounds like a guinea pigs.  It's pretty hilarious.  The not hilarious part is the screaming she still enjoys.  I'm going to go deaf I tell ya.
*Learned how to get down the last 2 stairs and was doing good till she got to confident and fell.  Now she just sits there and cries till you "save" her.
*Went to her 1st movie with Gma and Gpa last week.  We saw Epic in the dollar theater.  She slept for about half of it and drove us crazy the rest.  That's not happening again.
*Loves swimming, actually it's more like crawling and walking around the pool.  We got passes to the Rec Center and go at least once a week, sometimes more.  She lasts for about an hour or so before she is done.
*With all of the hard times we have with her, we sure love having her around.  She is a lot of fun.

Stadium of Fire 2013

Somehow I score 2 tickets to the Stadium of Fire this year and when Randy went to redeem the tickets they asked him if he wanted to buy the loner seat next to  us for $16 which we couldn't pass up so we got 3 tickets.  After much deliberation, and a little bribing, we decided that I would take the 2 older girls.  This year they had Cirque Du Soleil, Carly Rae Jepsen performing and Kelly Clarkson headlining this year. I've never really wanted to go in years past because they've always had country singers performing, and we all know how I feel about that, so this was a perfect year to get tickets (especially since 2 of them were free).  The girls were really excited, I really think McKenzie thought she was going to meet Carly and Kelly.  It was a hard reality to face.  
We were in the nosebleeds so we watched most of it on the jumbo tron.  But we were right next to the stage so we had a good shot of everything.  There was a competition a few months ago to decide who was going to open for the concert.  It came down to a girl in our ward who has an amazing voice and this group called "The Strike"  who ended up winning.  We were sad for this girl, but this group was really good as well.  The ironic thing is that the trumpet player in this shot is one of Randy's student employees.  So we knew someone from both groups, so it wasn't a total loss.
There was some parachute jumpers that came in with smoke on their feet and one flying the American Flag.  It was pretty cool.
Then there was the Stadium of Fire Dancers (which is a culmination of a lot of different dance studios in the state)  They had some fun dances. . . 
especially this one where they danced in this over sized slinky.  It was pretty hilarious.
Then it was time for Cirque Du Soleil.  Always amazing. I could watch them for hours.  I just can't believe the stuff they can do

Then Carly Rae Jepsen came on.  I'm still not sure who the girls were more excited to see.  Her or Kelly.  I've never really gone to concerts and you could tell my girls hadn't either.  There were girls screaming, singing and dancing everywhere and then there was Mak and Morg.  Just sitting quietly.  They'd sing every once in a while but there was some pretty hysterical girls near us.

Then Kelly came on.  She is just and amazing flawless singer.  Oh and btw she is getting married.  Lucky fella.

Then the fireworks shot off at the end of Kelly's performance right behind the stage and we were sitting right there.  It was loud and hot and crazy.  I had heard that they set them off there, but I was thinking it was more like on top of the stadium, but no they had them set up right on the end zone bleachers.  The bigger ones were set off in the track just south of the stadium, hence the name Stadium of Fire.  We left before the end, I hate traffic and Morgan was getting sick, probably from the smoke of the fireworks and maybe a little dehydrated.  
All in all, it was a fun experience.  I don't really need to ever do it again, but if I score free/cheap tickets, I'd go again.  Maybe I'd make everyone bike next time :)

4th of July Birthday Bash!!!

1 year ago I was in the hospital giving birth to this little munchkin.  It's hard to believe a year has already passed.  After this birthday experience I have come to conclusion that having a birthday on the 4th is the coolest thing ever.  There will always be something to do, there are parades and parties and carnivals and family gatherings and there will always be fireworks just for you.  I have a built-in birthday plan every year for this little firecracker.  We started off the morning by going to our ward's annual breakfast.

Where they decided this year to shoot off the candy cannon.  
It was great.
Love that fireball coming out of the cannon.  Oh and Malia got hit in the head with a piece of candy.  It was great.
Next we headed to Provo for the Grand Parade (which I left the camera in the car so there are no pictures of that).  And then it was back to the house where everyone was meeting for lunch and birthday fun.  I decided to have a little fun this year with tiers and this is what I came up with.  Masie was really excited to get to destroy her cake.
I thought it turned out pretty good.  I'd change a few things for next time, but all in all it turned out great.
Getting ready for the traditional 1st birthday cake walk.
And here it is.  She did awesome compared to my other kids.  She didn't really ingest a whole lot, but made a good mess of it.
Then we got her a spoon and that's when she started eating it.
She really had fun with the cake

Cute little girl!

The rest of us got to dig into these.
Then it was time for presents.  I'm such a bad mom.  I did get a couple of little things, but I went to our basement and found some toys that we hadn't brought up yet for her to play with and wrapped them up for her.  She DID get a ton of presents though, in my defense, lol.  She loved it.  This is the blanket I found for her.  She has been stealing Malia's lovey which is silky on one side and fuzzy on the other.  So we decided that's what she really wanted. . . a lovey.  She's been cuddling with her muslin blankets, which is great cuz they are so thin, but when she gets a hold of this one, she just nuzzles right into you.  It's really cute.
After birthday celebration, family left to other things and we took naps and chilled till that evening.  Some of us went to Stadium of Fire (next post) and the rest went to a neighbors to watch the fireworks with Gma and Gpa.  Randy said that Masie loved the fireworks till she fell asleep.  She kept pointing at them and smiling.  Wish I could've seen it.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE FIRECRACKER!!!!  What a fun 1st birthday for you.  So glad you came and joined our family 1 year ago.  Can't imagine our family without you.