Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baseball Begins

We've never really pushed our kids to do sports, we've kinda just sat around waiting for them to ask us, not that we are lazy, we just don't push. Well it happened, McKenzie brought home a flier from school talking about the upcoming baseball registration and pretty much begged us to join. I was a little reluctant cuz of the fact that there probably wouldn't be many girls in the league, she didn't care and so we signed up. The coaches reassured me that there were a number of girls who do sign up and they love it every year. McKenzie was picked to be on the Ranger's, and is the only girl on her team. I think they had enough to put one girl on each team or something. We had our first 2 games on Friday and Saturday (which were the coldest days of the week of course). Randy was even able to help out on Saturday. We tried to bundle up as much as possible, but it was useless, we still froze. I know, I nice shot of Randy from the rear, but it really was right after Kenz hit the ball and was running to 1st.She did so good on the Saturday game. She hit both times she was up to bat and helped the team get 2 of the points. Oh and it's machine pitch baseball which is awesome, it really helps to kids to get a grasp of someone pitching to them without the inconsistencies.
Another cute pic of her trying to stay warm. we got smarter on the second day and just let her wear the coat.
She is really having a lot of fun with it. I was never a baseball person, so this is a new experience for me. I'm glad she wants to try new things. Maybe by high school she'll know which sports she really loves and stick with them, but for now, let her try them all, is what I say.
On another note, my lil bro Billy, and his wife Alina graduated from BYU last weekend. My lil sis, Meg, and I went to Billy's convocation and cheered him on. It was a very looooooooong ceremony.
Next up, Randy's graduation tomorrow, bright and early at 8 AM, wish me luck. I hope I make it, I got sick last night and am still recovering today. It will be an interesting one, that's for sure.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break Snow!!!!

So, I drove home from Randy's parents yesterday, and I'm glad I left when I did, because It was snowing (but not quite sticking yet) by the time I got home. Within about 4 hours we had about 3 inches of very wet snow. No biggie, I thank Heavenly Father for prompting me to leave when I did. But this isn't the end of the story, we had this wrap around storm, ya know the kind that hits ya once and then comes back and smacks ya again, and we woke up with 6 more inches. Randy said he had a hard time getting into our parking spot, his wheels kept spinning out. Me, being the dummy that I am, spaced grabbing the camera to make a quick memory of this amazing site. It was really amazingly gorgeous, not that I like snow in April, but it was breathtaking. So I am stealing some pics from my neighbors Kelly and Michelle (hope ya don't mind ladies, tell me if you do and I will take them off), who are much smarter than me and grabbed this wondrous moment.
My kids and I spent a little bit of time watching the backyard neighbors tree "snow" all over their yard. They have a ginormous tree that has tons of little branches that kept dropping snow all over the place. It was like a second snow storm with how constant it was coming down.
We warmed up throughout the day, so all of the snow on the streets and trees have melted away, but our lawns still have enough to enjoy for one more night.We are suppose to get in the 60' this weekend and the mid 70's by mid next week, I think that is why I am not too freaked out about it snowing right now (although it is Spring Break for my kids still). It would be much worse if there was no end in site, ya know like the middle of winter. Here's to hoping your April is much calmer than ours.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break fun

On Monday of Spring Break we were able to go up to Hill Air Force Base Museum. It was really neat. The kids had fun at times. Grandpa wanted to read every plaque, Malia wanted to run and run and run and I thought we got to see some really interesting things.

Here are the kids in front of the same kind of helicopter that was used in MASH (ya know that old show that all of our dad's like to watch).This is the airplane that was used for Air Force One during the Kennedy administration. Pretty historical eh?They have a hands on room where the kids can run flight simulators, sit in cockpits, play with other flying experiments and dress up like pilots and astronauts (which was my kids favorite part). Here's astronaut Morgan. Apparently it was also some of the adults favorite part too. Micah looks like a Star Wars pilot, so he was pretty happy about his flight suit.
Astronaut McKenzie.
Sitting in the cockpit pretending to fly.
We were also able to go to a wave pool in the area with grandma and grandpa which was tonz of fun (of which I did not get pictures of for obvious reasons). So now we've got two days down, only 3 to go.

Holy Crap, 100 posts (oh and Easter)

Or should that be the other way around. I cannot believe that this is my 100th post. I feel like I need to do something special . . . or not. Isn't it special enough that I even blog . . . ha ha ha ha. Anyway, my real excitement is Easter is over and we are about halfway through Spring Break (I can make it, I really can). The only reason I am going to make it is because we went up to Randy's parents for Easter and I stayed a few extra days with the kids for my own sanity. It has been a lot of fun . . .
Hunting for eggs . . .
Decorating cookie houses with cousins . . .
Coloring eggs . . .
And more eggs . . .
Taking lots of random pictures . . .Hanging around outside with more cousins . . .

Loving the fact that grandma and grandpa live live right behind 2 horses that we can feed whenever we want . . .And enjoying the play structure that came with the grandma and grandpa's house.It was a nice Easter with family, friends and lots of food (of course). We made lots of fun Eastery (it's a word I swear) things and got some fun gifts from the Easter bunny, one of which I'm pretty excited about to. McKenzie got a set of hat looms, she was really excited because I taught her this winter how to do it and have been borrowing a kid-size loom for seriously ever from a lady in my ward and now we have a whole set. I've already made a cute hat for me and scarf for Mac and she has made a cute little scarf for a fur real parrot that she got. Morgan even got a weaving square and made her little puppy a blanket. It keeps their hands and minds busy, which I am always a fan of. However, we did NOT get a good family shot, we waited till after church (dumb mistake) and there was too much freaking out going on that it just didn't happen. Oh well, better luck next year.