Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masie 9 Months

She's growing up way too fast.  Each day we are getting closer to 1 year and it's making me sad.  With the arrival of baby Olivia, it has really brought it into perspective on how fast this time goes.  I keep thinking Masie is still so little till I see these new babies around and then I wake up.  So here we are at 9 months, still so cute.
 She's learned to wave which has been a hoot to watch.

 She's been doing passing from one hand to another for while but I finally documented it so I'm sticking it in. 

 She loves having bare feet so she can play with them.
 And she loves this bear (or any soft thing for that matter) she will attack it whenever she gets ahold of it.

 Oh and EVERYTHING goes into the mouth (don't worry the I got it away before she ate the tape).
Weight-15 lbs 9 oz.- 3% (ya can you tell she's on the move)
Height-27 1/2 inches-45%
Head-44 cm-48%
*Crawling everywhere and getting into everything, even more so.
*Pulls herself up to standing on everything and anything but has a hard time being brave enough to sit down so she'll just stand there screaming till someone comes and helps her.
*Not a huge fan of eating- she likes sweet potatoes and cereal with prune juice but the rest is hit and miss.  She is more apt to eating people food, but not always.
*Likes to get reactions out of us now which is hysterical especially during family prayer or scripture study.  She sits there and squeals and looks at us smiling.
*Loves to waves at everyone.
*Is trying to communicate through sign.  When she's done eating she waves her hand like she's saying hello or bye bye.
*Can crawl up the stairs-even though they are blocked off, she loves trying to get up there.  She with crawl up to the gate and just stand there shaking it.
*Babbles like there's no tomorrow. 
*Still doesn't sleep the best.  I attribute it to her still sleeping in our room which will have to be like this till we move or summer when the kids are out of school, whichever comes first.
*Usually a very smiley baby.
*She snores and is constantly hoarse so we took her into the ENT and had her scoped.  She looks good but her vocal chords are underdeveloped and they're tilted, that on top of her reflux is what the doctor thinks is causing the hoarseness.  The snoring will be watched.  We have to go in 1 year to see how things are doing.  So we are going back on Prevacid to help with the symptoms (oh joy!)
*As much of a pain this little girl can be, we sure do love her!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Olivia

Julie was due with #4 in the middle of April and since #3 came pretty early she was monitored pretty closely.  She even had to go on bed rest for a week or so. At 37 weeks her Dr. gave her permission to let the baby come whenever but by then she had gotten comfy and didn't really want to come out.  Julie was worried that she may never come out without some coaxing but at 38 1/2 weeks she came.  
 Which was a good thing cuz at a week and a half early she was almost 8 pounds.  Meet little Miss Olivia.
 Look at that hair.  I don't think I've ever seen a baby with that much with that shade of hair.  I'm really interested to see what it turns into.
 Her big sister Sydney couldn't be more excited.  She's been waiting for a sister for a looooong time.
 Cute family.  Randy and I brought Syd and Ty back up to the hospital the night we got there.  They love this little girl.
 The 2 oldest holding the 2 youngest.  These two are going to have so much fun when they are older.

Congrats Julie and David!!!!

Easters 2013

Easters was fun this year, well sort of.  I was on my own on Saturday cuz Randy had been taking a PMP class every weekend in March and this was the last class.  He had been so preoccupied with it that I hadn't even thought about Easter a whole lot.  I did manage to boil some eggs though for the kids to color.
 I got an idea from my neighbor to put rubber bands on the eggs when you died them to make some fun stripes.  The kids had a lot of fun using their creative noodles on them.

 Sunday morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets, we got ready for church where I had to play for the choir and then after sacrament meeting, we drove up to Gma and Gpa's home for the rest of the Easter festivities.  He had a yummy dinner, the kids got a few more Eastery things and then we had the big Egg hunt in the backyard.  Masie even found an egg.
  She wasn't quite sure what to do with it though.
 Uncle Billy even came up with us (since his cute little family was in AZ visiting some family.  He stayed behind cuz he was also taking the same class with Randy) and STOLE some eggy goodness :)
 The kids always have fun searching for eggs at Gma's
I even got a few Easter shots before they kids got out of their clothes. . . 
 Aren't they the cutest bunch?