Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ode to Mother's day

We had a fun Mother's Day weekend.  Saturday morning we woke up bright early to go to two of Morgie's BFF's baptism.  It's going to be such a fun year for these girls.  Morgan is the last one of the bunch for her turn.  It's going to be a long summer. 

Later on Grandma, Grandpa, and Kristi came down for the last soccer games of the season.  After that we went to the Creamery for dinner and ice cream.  Then we got the kids ready for bed and let Gma and Gpa babysit while Randy went out on a "date."  Actually we went Mother's Day shopping. 

The next morning we got up bright and early to get ready for 9 AM church, ya gotta love not sleeping in on Mother's day.  The guys made us breakfast, which was nice, and then it was off to sacrament meeting where Mak, Morg, myself and Morg's friend and her mom sang a song with the Primary kids for a Mother's Day tribute.  The girls were so cute.  The mom's all got little packages of chocolate and then we all went home for a yummy steak dinner prepared by our men.  I begged Randy to not have to be in the kitchen.  For the most part it worked.  I had to go in every once in a while to help find things and remind them to start the next food.  Gma, Kristi and I got to watch "Emma," I love Jane Austen movies.

After dinner we went to feed the baby ducklings on campus.  We made it there in time to feed and get a few shots before it started raining.  They are redoing the pond area on campus so there was tape everywhere and it was kind of messy, but still fun.

 Still so cute.
 There were even a few turtles there.
We amazingly enough got a family shot (which doesn't happen sporadically ever).  I love Morg's choice of outfit.  Very colorful.  She loves that hoodie and it doesn't matter to her if it matches anything or not.
I got flowers from Morgan, Micah and Gma. (in that order on the pic). Micah painted the pot for me and Gma's is a Spring Cactus. 
Isn't it beautiful.  I hope I don't kill it like I do with everything else. 
It was a nice day!!  Thanks everyone for letting me kind of rest.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Soccer 2011

I love soccer!!! But I really love it when it's over.  No more sitting at the soccer fields for hours at a time. Ahhhhh!  The kids had a lot of fun this year.  Micah is really starting to get the hang of things.  He usually gets a few goals per game.
 Here's one of them.
 Morg had fun too but quickly realized this year was going to be much harder moving up an age group.  She still enjoyed herself, especially when she got the ball.
She got a few goals and helped with quite a few. 
We had all sorts of weather to deal with this season.  We really didn't get nice weather till the last game.  Pretty much the opposite of Fall season, but we survived.
 It was nice that the fam was able to come down a couple of times.
The most amazing thing was that Malia made it through both seasons. . . alive.
Don't even ask me what Morgan is doing here.
Aren't these two are just the cutest?
And of course we can't forget the beautiful view we were able to enjoy at each game (as long as it wasn't raining that is). 
Here's to next season.  Malia really wants to play but she misses the cutoff by about 2 weeks.  Oh well, at least we'll still only have 2 games to keep track of for another year.

Having fun with Family

Randy's SIL's little bro (who also by chance served part of his mission in our ward) got married over Easter weekend.  We were so busy with so many other activities that weekend (along with another wedding we were invited to as well) that we just couldn't make it.  So the next weekend we spent Saturday with Rob and Kendra doing fun family things.  We were suppose to have soccer games, but it snowed that morning and so they cancelled it (which was amazing because they never cancel soccer).  So instead we decided to go to Nickel City (an arcade where the games cost a nickel).  The kids had fun with all of the games there.
Mak getting a crash course on driving, uh oh.
Malia had fun with her cousins go around and around and around on the Merry-Go-Round, over and over and over again.
Gotta love some skee ball.
Kendra gave a try at Dance Dance Revolution and Alyssa didn't want to miss out on the fun.
After that we went to Pizza Pie Cafe, a pizza buffet, and then headed over to BYU for some jumping fun in the gymnastics room.  They all jumped. . .
And Lept. . .
And got hurt and cried. . .
And jumped some more. . .
And did a little swinging. . .
And flew through the air with the greatest of ease.  They were pretty much worn out by this point and luckily it was time for bed by then.
A few days later, before Rob and Kendra left, we celebrated.  Kind of a mix of everything, from lots of birthday's to Mother's Day and everything in between.  We met at a park and ate some food, ran around and found some baby ducklings.
Aren't they adorable.
Julie found a stray and they took it back to the rest of the group.
Here are the birthday's we celebrated.  What a crew.

We had fun with the time we had with the family.  Glad we saw them again.

Easter 2011

This is going to be a marathon post.  So much happened Easter weekend, it was kind of nuts (you know story of my life).  I'm Micah's room mom so I had to plan the kindergarten party.  They made baskets, went for an egg hunt, had snacks and we had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. The kids kept telling me this was the best Easter party ever, and since they've never had a school Easter party, they really don't have a lot to compare it to.   I tried.
 I was asked by Mak's room mom to help with her party.  Since I haven't been able to help with her class a whole lot, I figured I would help since it is the last party.   They had an egg drop contest where they had to make an egg holder to be dropped from the roof of the school.  Here's Mak's group making the holder.
 Her egg survived.  She even made a face for it.  They also had an egg hunt and treats later.
 I got to see Morg's class do part of their party on our way to Mak's egg hunt.
 The girls in Mak's class.
Saturday was a crazy busy day but we were bound and determined to fit Easter stuff in it.  The kids had soccer games and Billy and Alina came down to watch them and help us in our Easter endeavors.  Between games, we colored eggs. . .

After the last soccer game we rushed home finish putting together dinner  and invited Alina's parents over for dinner.  We wanted to squeeze an egg hunt in there, but the weather was soo stinky that it almost didn't happen until Alina's mom offered her class room as the venue.  We were really happy to not have to hunt in the rain.
 Alina's mom was really cute.  She even supplied the candy and eggs.  The kids had a great time and she even put on her clown gear for the kids.
 Sunday morning the kids got their gifts from the Easter bunny and we headed off to church.  After church we went up to Randy's parents for Easter dinner.  Randy's brother and family had flown into town for a wedding that weekend and we all wanted to get together at least once.  We even got a few family shots while we were there.  Unfortunately, McKenzie has decided that she does not want to show her teeth when she smiles so she looks angry all of the time.  How do I convince her that she looks worse to keep her mouth closed?

 We even got a huge family picture with all of Randy's family, even his grandparents.
Rob's little boy.  Gotta love that red hair.
 Rob and Kendra
 Eah with a baby in her arms, like always.
 After dinner and the photos, we had yet another egg hunt that grandma put together.  The kids had fun finding more eggs, some with money in it.

It was a fun/crazy/busy weekend, but it was nice being able to be with so much family.