Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, more fun! Randy and Micah's birthdays!

I can't believe I finally finished 2014!!!  Here we come 2015!  We rung the New Year in Andy and his family, even BJ's brother was in on the mix.  They stayed long enough for us to celebrate Randy's 38th birthday and then had to head back home.
 It was must have been Friday, looks like it was pizza night, lol.  Randy loves this pineapple cake my mom makes, so it has been HIS birthday cake for a few years now.

 11 Days later, Micah turned 10!  This boy is such a kind hearted soul.  He always wants to make sure everyone feels important.  He gives the best hugs and wants you to know he loves you.
 He also opted for an ice cream cake.
 Then he got to open some presents.  This was his favorite.  After playing with army guys so much when AJ is around, it was time to get him his own.  He had a few but this topped the cake.  He was so excited.
Love you lil Man!

Friday, January 2, 2015

McKay 8 months!

I give up.  This milestone pictures are getting to be pointless.  There is no controlling this boy.  Oh well.  Here is is in all his glory.

 The one shot I could get with his legs, sort of straight.  It will have to do, cuz this is what I could get, haha!