Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busy January

To start of the month, Randy turned 35 (don't tell him I told you).  He hinted to me that he thought it would be fun to have a party, a surprise party to be exact.  I'm not a huge party thrower, that is why my kids only get a party every other year, but Randy has been working really hard to get us out of the circumstances we are in (through school) and so I figured I needed to be nice this year and do something for just him.  My friend Matney offered her house, I got the invites out, and ordered a cake (cuz I can only do so much when I feel like crap most of the day).  Our neighborhood friends, his parents and sister showed up and gave a him a good surprise. (Or so we tried, he figured it out earlier but was a good sport about it).  I, being the lame wife that I am, didn't get any pics except the cake and a video of us singing to him (which I will spare you the excitement).  It was fun and I think he liked it.  Thanx to all who helped out and showed up.
 Last Friday was Micah's 7th birthday.  He had a birthday presentation in class and I brought the class donuts to celebrate.
 His teacher wrote a story about Micah and he read it to the class and showed off some silly pics of himself.
 Gma, Gpa and Kristi came down for dinner and we went to Applebees, cuz that's where the "loud guy" is.  Unfortunately he wasn't there that night, but he still got sung to.
 We came home and ate a Lego cake (I know, not one of my best, but hey at least it was done which is all I can ask for at this moment).
 Oh and at Applebees, there was a balloon lady that made some awesome balloon figures for the kids.  The 1st on the left is a double helix (ya know DNA Strand) she even put two bouncy balls in it for fun. The next is a yellow monkey on a tree, then there are 2 dogs a poodle and a wiener dog and the far right is an octopus, amazing  I know.  This lady was awesome.  Very clever and the kids loved her.
 We didn't have time for our bday pancakes on Friday so we made them Saturday AM.  I just wanted to extend his bday a little, lol. Later that day we finally went to Trafalga to get our pictures taken for our Pass of all Passes.  We played a little black light mini golf, went in an XD Theater ride then Gma and Gpa took the older 3 up to the North Trafalga to play some more while Malia and I went home to rest (since I still don't feel great and Malia was a little under the weather).  The kids had a ball.
 Also this month, Malia's preschool class(es) went to the Dinosaur and Bean museum on campus. I went and helped chaperon (since I usually feel ok till 1).  Malia was crazy the whole time, can ya tell?
 She couldn't sit still long enough to look at anything.  Good thing I only had her and one other little girl.  The other little girl was very well behaved and stayed by my side (unlike my daughter).  It was fun to see everything for eleventy billionth time.  The Bean Museum is always a fun place to go. This is a pic of her teacher showing the kids the butterfly made out of hundreds of little butterflies.  Pretty cool eh?
I can't believe we are already in the 2nd half of January, time sure gets faster with age, lol.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's play "What's your prediction"

I put a little baby ticker and a gender poll on my blog for fun.  I want to see what kind of predictions I get for this bambino. So go ahead, vote and tell me what you think.  Who knows, when the day comes for my ultrasound, maybe I'll have a drawing for a prize for those who got it right.  I guess in that case, leave me a comment as well and let me know what you think it's going to be since I can't tell who chose what on the poll.  Happy Voting!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The New Addition

Ya, that's right!  The woman who was convinced she was done having children is having another child.  Luckily we have not gotten rid of everything yet, but there are still things we are going to have to replace not only cuz I don't have them but because they are as old as McKenzie.  Our little M will be here hopefully by or before July 12, which by the way was not what we intended.  We were going to wait until Randy was done or almost done with school to start in this new adventure since I just had a miscarriage and didn't really want to be pregnant in the summer again, but as we all know, when KT tries to make plans, someone else seems to always step in and say, ha ha sucka.  The morning sickness and headaches are getting old, but hopefully in the next few weeks will get better.  The kids are extactic and now that we are past 12 weeks and there is still a heartbeat they couldn't be happier.  Malia has been announcing it to the world but usually asks me first if she can tell whoever she's talking to at the moment the "secret."  McKenzie has been a huge help especially since around 1 PM is when I start feeling like poo.  The place I like to rest is on the couch in the living room so I can still keep up on the kids and they now call it "Mom's couch," gotta love that.  I'm just grateful for a strong heartbeat that I can hear.  Last time was torture not being able to find it and then realizing that it had stopped growing a few weeks prior.  Who would have thought that someone who had 4 healthy pregnancies and children would still be suceptible to a miscarriage.  So here's to pregnancy #6.  One of these days I'm going to make it through a day without wanting to vomit.