Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgie Poo

So me, being the person that I am, did not get this posted on the day that was intended, but I outsmarted the system this time. I started the post on the designated day, (just by making a title) that way when it shows up on my blog, it will show that I was on time and on top of things. So without further adieu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN!!!

She had a great day. I made the traditional "happy birthday Morgan" pancakes. I brought treats into her class, where they all sang to her. She had a fun makeover party with a few of her girlfriends. We went to IHOP with grandma and grandpa (which evidently was the 3rd time she was going to have breakfast that day, because they served french toast sticks for lunch that day), but she opted for a hamburger and fries for dinner, smart choice. Then opened more presents from grandma and grandpa. I forgot to put these pics in backwards and since blogger doesn't let me rearrange the images anymore, we are going backwards.

Morgan opening gifts. Aunt Dee da sitting with Micah at IHOP. She had the privilege of sitting with all of the kids in the booth, luckyyyyy.
The girls after the makeover. Nothing special, some eye shadow, blush shimmery lip gloss and nails. They loved it, can ya tell?
I figured since we were doing a makeover party we needed some kind of girlie cake. So thanx to my sister for her help, we got "Gabriella" in a cake.
It was a great day. This girl is awesome, she never ceases to amaze me, I can't wait to see what is in store with this little girl. We are truly blessed to have her part of our lives.

I love you little girlie, and Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My lil boy is in school

To some, preschool may not seem all that big and not really school, but when your kid goes to the one we go to and is gone for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, to me that is considered school. So today was the first day for Micah to start at "The" preschool. He didn't really realized that today was the day, until during breakfast when I reminded him. He got the biggest grin on his face and quickly ate, got dressed, made his bed, brushed his teeth and let me do his hair. We went to an open house yesterday so he could see where he was gonna sit and put his backpack. His teacher wanted to take a pic of him with me so he could have me to look at after I had left. Little did the teacher know that Micah is sooo excited to start that he could care less if I even came to drop him off, and that's exactly how it was this morning. He put his bag away, sat down and started playing with toys. I had to tell him to give me a hug before I left. Gotta love the 3rd child.

Here's my little man before our walk. This is one of his best friends KC (also one of Morgan's best friend's little brother's). Can you tell which family he belongs to from the last post? I'll give you a hint, she is the tall one. (our poor kids, sorry it's my fault).
This little girls was in their Mother Goose Time last year that lives down the street. Her name is Hadley, she's a cutie.
And last but not least, Micah in front of his classroom, ya know the traditional pictures taken on the first day. I still can't believe I have one kid at home.
Malia and I went for a bike ride this morning and since being home I've been trying to figure out soccer schedules, emailing people and getting this post done. Poor Malia has been just sitting by my side playing for a little, making a lot of messes and asking where's Minah (her version of Micah). Hopefully she won't be completely bored all year. We'll get her out doing stuff soon I'm sure. Well here's to another school year. Oh and I forgot to mention, Randy has orientation the rest of this week for his EMPA program and starts next week. So literally, everyone is in school right now. Luck us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day `09 AKA the Best Day of the Year

The girls started school last Thursday and I couldn't be more excited. Ya know that song "School's out for Summer?" Well my version went the day before school (imagine the tune) "School starts to-morrow." I kept singing that over and over, I got some good eye rolls from the girls. From the looks of these two, you'd think it was them going to school. The girls before we left for our 1st walk back to school. They look happy right?
McKenzie is in 3rd grade this year and was a little nervous about starting this new adventure, mostly about multiplying and cursive. But after her first day was over she is now very excited for the year. She loves her new teacher and wants to learn all this new stuff now. I'm excited about it too. I know she is going to have as great of a time this year as she did last year. Oh and she has a lot of her best girlfriends in her class, which has never happened since there are so few girls in 3rd grade in the school (for whatever reason), they usually all get split up, so she's really excited about that.
Morgan started 1st grade and her first year of full day school and eating lunch in the cafeteria. I was a little nervous cuz sometimes she just needs down time in the afternoon, but she is really doing great. She has her 2 best girlfriends in her class, which we have fully warned their teacher about the chatty girls they can be, and she loves her teacher.
Of course we had to get the girls again, we'll keep doing this till one of us moves (which hopefully will not be anytime soon). These girls are getting so big.
We are starting this one too cuz these girls are great friends even if they are not in the same grade.

And the best news yet, Micah was accepted into the preschool they have at this school (the same one Morgan was in 2 years ago), and he starts tomorrow morning. So, I am now the mother of one child home from school, weird I know, it will take sometime getting use to but I am sooo excited. Micah is only gone a half day but still, I don't know what I am going to do with myself. Happy first day of school to all and to all a goodnight.

Another Micah-ism

Great pic eh? That was at Lagoon with Malia's birthday cupcakes. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I wanted to tell you of Micah's latest funny saying (he's got a lot I've noticed). So it started off when I told Micah he had to learn to wipe his bum after he pooped because his teacher was not going to wipe him at school. So when he went number 2 today I told him that he should practice wiping. He did a pretty good job (ya I know TMI). He was really proud of himself and was really excited to tell daddy about it. So when Randy got home after lunch from work this is how the conversation went.

Dad: What did you do today Micah?
Micah: Played Lego Star Wars
Dad: Well, did you learn anything today?
Micah: I learned how to wipe my butt.

The end. I laughed soooooo hard I was crying. It was just too funny.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malia's 2

What has happened? I no longer have any babies in my house. This is really the weirdest thing for me. I haven't not had a baby or pregnant with a baby in like 9 years. Actually it's kinda nice. If you haven't guessed by now, our baby turned 2 last week. Things have been so nuts around here that I am now just blogging about it, yes I am the worst mother ever. Anyway, on her birthday (which was also the day before school started) we decided to go to Lagoon as kind of a last hurrah. I am soo grateful that Randy's parents got us passes this summer (it was our birthday presents) and let me tell ya, we used them as much as possible. It was great. Malia loves the cars, or anything she can "steer."
The little coaster "Puff" is always a hit. We took Malia on it and she pretty much freaked out the entire ride. She thought she was going to have fun, but once we went over that first hill, she was grabbing at me and crying, it was really funny actually, I'm soo mean I tell ya.
Grandma and Grandpa met us there with Sydney and Dallin (their cousins) and brought pizza and cupcakes to celebrate with us. As you can tell Malia loved the cupcakes.
If you couldn't tell in that last picture, can you tell now?
We did her real birthday celebration on Sunday after the Oquirrh Temple dedication with the whole fam (at leat the one's that live here). She has a dog that she carries around that looks similar to this cake. It didn't occur to me that until I started to cut into the dog that it really looks like Rolf from the Muppet's, don't ya think?
Getting ready to blow out the candles. She got really good at blowing at the cabin this year.
Mmmmmmm more cake. Gotta love it.

Oooooo and ice cream too, which apparently is much too hard to scoop up so fingers are much more useful.
We are soo grateful to have this little girl in our lives. She has really kept us on our toes. She is a serious bundle of energy and she loves trying to do what her sister's and brother does. She's a quick learner and I am soo excited to see what she has in store for us. What a cutie.
These next video clips are of us singing to her and then her opening her first 2 gifts which was really funny. She got a little bag with a few things in it from Billy and Alina, and had to show everyone, when we got her to open her second gift she looked excited and then right back to the bag. It was classic, enjoy.

August Happenings

It's the end of the month (which I am still having a hard timing fathoming) but regardless it's here. August always brings a lot of big events and by the time they come I don't have time blog. So bear with me, I may just ramble.

Here are the odds and ends of August. Morgan, after much persuasion, decided she wanted to learn to ride her two-wheeler. So we broke out the "small" bike and let her have at it. She's been kinda trying most of the summer (on and off) but a couple of weeks ago she got it. And when she said the small bike was too hard to ride (since her knees were in her face) she let me take off her training wheels. She was so proud of herself (and us as well) when she got up. She's growing too fast. Bacon decided to graduate early from the Y. She has one more class in the fall but doesn't want to stick around for graduation in the spring, so she opted to go early, smart girl. It was really nice for us cuz it was short and sweet and too the point. Just long enough before my kids started to go crazy. On graduation, I could not find my camera anywhere, so I don't have any pics, I'll have to steal some from her soon. We had a B-bque for her and I "built" her a cake. . .
Cuz Bacon really is the DUH coolest.
Now this really didn't happen in August, but I just realized I haven't posted anything on this (I think, I could be wrong, ya know I'm losing it), but anyway, my lil bro, who lives by us, had their 1st baby right before we left for Up Nort. They named her Kirsten and she is a cutie. She has hair and looks a lot like Billy, sorry Kirsten, hopefully you will grow out of the that, jk.
Welcome to our crazy family Kirsten, good luck in the future.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Micah, the next generation of photography

So, not only does my brother James like to steal people's cameras and take weird, random pictures, but so does Micah. He too "borrowed" Megan's camera and took a couple dozen shots throughout the week of very random things. Keep in mind, he's about 3 feet, some inches tall and so everything he takes is at his eye level. Pretty hysterical going through these pics.

Here's part of uncle Scooby. One of Micah's favorite places to sit, a camping chair built for the small.
Another one of Scoob, well his lower half anyway.
Randy's elbow. Man, what an eye right?
Half of Malia's top half. She loved to push around an umbrella stroller around the cabin, apparently she was going to fast for Micah.
Shauna got smart and bent down to his level, otherwise it would've been her hiney in the shot, which he did get one of I didn't put on here.
The chair he was sitting on at the time, oh and you can see half of Malia's lower half on the right, still pushing that stroller.
And then there is his foot. What cute toes he has.
Then he wanted some scenic pictures, like of the steps to the lake. . .
And the twig on the ground.
How cute is my boy. I sure had fun going through his little photo shoot. Thanx Meg for letting me use these.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Brother-the photographer, or maybe it's Zoolander

It's funny to be an adult and watch younger siblings still growing up. My baby brother, James, (who's really not a baby, but in our huge family he will always be the baby), will be the one that we will probably look at for the rest of our lives and think, was I really like that when I was that age? Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, it's just funny to be on the other side of the teenage years and try to remember how it was for me. Anyway, he would get a hold of my sister Megan's camera every chance he could and do a photo shoot of himself. When the week was said and done with, Meg had 27 pictures of just him on her card. It was really funny. Here a just a few.

I also like to refer to James as ZOOLANDER. . .
Or, get-that-camera-out-of-my-face man. . .
Or, look man, I'm hot.
This is Playful James, we laughed really after this one hard because the angle of the camera made his nose is enormous.
Man I gotta go.
Uh. . . what?
And my favorite. . . Zoolander.
Luv ya James, thanx for making our trip more interesting.