Thursday, January 21, 2016

Visits and crazy kids

Towards the end of January my parents decided to head out  again to visit their grand kids.  They first stopped at our house for a few days before going to visit with other kids.  It was having them for a few days.

Uncle Billy had 2 business trips to take to Minneapolis and visited with us the first time and crashed at our house the second.  It's always great when family has to come see us, lol.
Oh and we took him to Costco for a Usinger Brat.  They sell them in the food court and are the best Brat around.
Masie found a purple marker and apparently has watched her older sister putting on makeup a little too much.  She was upset when I first discovered her. so I tried to lighten up her mood with some selfies.

 Kaders is notorious for falling asleep on the way home from church.  It doesn't matter what we do to try and keep him awake. We yell at him, startle him, sing really loud.  His internal nap clock goes off right at 12:15 on Sunday's.  I mean, not even a lollipop will keep this lil dude awake. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Micah's 11!

This kid is 1 year away from 12 and I'm not ok with that.  Our lil man is not so lil anymore.  He is such a kind soul that wants to help everyone and he loves to give hugs.
 We let him open one of his gifts in the morning since it was something that would help with these cold Minnesota winters.
 This boy is always cold! Hope this helps.
 Last year kind of got away from us with his birthday and it never right to throw him a friend party. So we pushed it to his 11th birthday.  I'm glad we did! Back in Indy he didn't have a lot of friends and there really wasn't any boys his age at church so it was hard to decide who to invite.  Moving to here has helped.  
 We had a fun movie/game party.  They boys had a blast.

 Turning 11 also meant that Micah would be graduating cub scouts and be moving up to boy scouts.  We had a ceremony for his crossover.

 My handsome little boy!
Love you Micah!  Happy Birthday, thanks for being you!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Randy!

Well it happened.  Randy is his last year of his 30's  We celebrated in style by going to Culver's (of course).  
 This guy does so much for our family.  He works loooong hours and puts up with lots of crap to provide for our family.  I hope he knows how much we love him. Thanks toots for all you do.  Hope your birthday was awesome!!!