Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Reunion-through the eyes of an almost 12 year old

-K- so this first shot is not of the reunion, but this is what I found on Mak's camera when I downloaded pictures for her.  Apparently, she was doing a photo shoot with Masie.  Oh boy, here we go.
 Onto the reunion.  McKenzie and Morgan had the opportunity to go with my brother and their family up to my family's reunion in Idaho.  I knew we weren't going to be able to go due to my "condition" so I eagerly said yes. They were gone for 10 days and loved every minute of it.  The following pictures of what McKenzie deemed worthy photo journaling.  They're pretty great.  Here's Morg apparently in the car.
 And Wall-E hiding in the stairwell of the big red van.
 And Kyra and part of Morgan's head after their 80's makeover.
 And every one's backsides in the kitchen of the lake house they were staying at.
 My fav. shot, the lake that I couldn't go to and water ski on.
 And the sink. . . that's all I can say about this one.  Oh and there were plenty more shots of the house itself that I chose not to bore your with.
 And the Chaser, after a fun-filled moment of art time.
 I'm assuming this is the deck, but I'm not sure if she was trying to get the deck or of people on the deck.
 And Ki-Ki in the van.
 And McKenzie's 80's makeover.
 And last but not least, the awesome aunt who was kind enough to invite the girls to go with them.
It looks like it was a lot of fun, wish we could've gone, but I'm glad the girls got to experience this.  It will be something they talk about for years.

4th of July

I know this happened a few weeks ago and I've posted since then, but I figured Masie being born wasn't the only thing that happened on the 4th so I should document at least a little bit of it.  When Gma and Gpa came down, we told them of our plans for the next day and said that if I go into labor they can do as little or as much as they would like to with the kids.  They got through some of it before the big announcement came and decided seeing a brand new baby was much more fun than 4th of July festivities.  So they woke up bright and early for the balloon festival.

Balloons even came over to the kid's school where our ward was having a breakfast.  The kids got to go inside one of them and get lifted up in the air a little and then come back down. 
 It looks like it's landing on the school, doesn't it?

 After the breakfast they went to the parade. . .
 Where they were rudely interrupted by us.
These are out of order but here's some more shots of the balloon.

 And of Grandpa
 And the breakfast.
After they were done at the hospital with me and Masie, they went out to eat and my neighbors let them come and hang with them to watch the fireworks, Thanx Trisha.  It was a very eventful day for everyone.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Born on the 4th of July!!!!!

All I can say is HALLELUJAH!!!!!  SHE'S HERE!!!!!!  I am no longer pregnant and uncomfortable, ok I'm not completely comfortable yet, but so much better and worth every second of it.  I'm not one of those women who enjoy being pregnant and so that moment that my baby enters this world is the most relief I feel.  
If you do not want to read my boring labor story just scroll to the pictures now.  This part is so I when I have labor amnesia, I can go back and say "oh that's right, it did hurt like a motha." 
My last post says it all.  I did go into labor that night and little Masie was born the next morning.  The Castor oil helped, woot woot.  Contractions started at 11 PM and then took a break at 12 and then 1 AM started up again with a vengeance. So Randy and started to get ready for the fun awaiting us.  I took a shower, finished packing my bag (luckily when I got home from my Dr. appt. I decided I probably should start getting a little ready for what might come), and ate a small bowl of cereal knowing that I wouldn't be eating for a while.  We got to the hospital around 3-3:30 AM and went to triage to get monitored to make sure I was in labor and sat in there for 2 hours because I was progressing really slowly.  I was at a 3 when I got there and after walking and sitting on the ball only got to a 4 in those 2 hours.  But the nurse could definitely tell I was in labor and wasn't about to send me home so she set us up in a room and I immediately went into the tub for some relief.  I was in there for about 30-45 minutes and the doctor wanted to check me so I got out and was still a four and completely thinned.  So the doctor gave me the option of breaking my water cuz her head was so high and he knew that once it was broken it would go fast or to keep going on the track I was on. I was nervous cuz my contractions were already really painful and I knew once that cushion was gone they would be pretty much unbearable.  I was going to try and go drug-less with this one cuz I really think that why Malia's was sooo long, but once he broke my water I couldn't do it anymore.  Part of me wishes I would've stuck it out because I went from a 4 to a 7 in 15 min and probably would've be fully dilated within another 30 but I'm a wimp and just couldn't do it anymore.  And just as I suspected the epidural slowed my labor down considerably and took another 3 hours to finish dilating.  But I was able to relax and breath till she was ready to come.  So it was fine.  I pushed for about 15 minutes and she arrived at 10:20.  The doctor was funny, there was another mom who was almost ready to push as well at another hospital, but since it was her 1st and my 5th, he stayed with me knowing that I would go much faster, which I did.  The only complication we had was Masie had pooped sometime during labor so we had to have the respiratory team in there when I delivered.  She was fine though, just swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid and burst a couple of blood vessels in her eye (I've never experienced that before, poor girl)  She struggled with coughing up the fluid though and had to have her stomach sucked out once to get it out. Since then she's been fine.
Here's Masie getting checked by her team.
 Getting weighed.  They said 8 lb 3 oz my guess is because she dookied and that must have been at least another ounce, lol.
 Not the most flattering shot of me but I figured what the heck, no one can say anything, I just gave birth for crying out loud, lol.
 Happy and very excited siblings.  Gma and Gpa had taken them to see the hot air balloons go up and then our ward breakfast and then were at the parade when they got the call.  They quickly packed up and headed to the hospital as fast as they could.  The kids had no desire to watch the rest of the parade.

 Masie really likes her binky and was not about let anyone get that from her.
 Proud Grandparents.
 While I was cleaning up, Randy went to the nursery to watch her first bath.  The kids and Gma and Gpa had to stay outside, but they took some shots through the glass.  She wasn't too happy about any of it.
 After bath and her cute bows. 
 Can ya tell they're excited?
 And a little nuts.
Pretty flowers that the kids and G-parents brought.    
 Her patriotic bows that the nurses gave her.  Oh and I'm not going to tell the entire story about naming this child, but let's say that having her born on the 4th threw us for a loop.  We thought it would be cool to try and make her middle name patriotic, but we couldn't make anything work that we liked.  So this poor girl wasn't named till the morning we left the hospital.
 I had some fun with my camera in there.  She is just soo stinkin cute I couldn't help it.

 I just pulled her binky from her mouth, gotta love that shot.
 All of the kids have been so good with her.  They just can't get enough of her.  Malia just looked so natural holding her.
 Just chillin
 The kids made a poster for when we walked in the door.  It was soo sweet to see them so excited for us (meaning the baby) to finally be home.
Welcome to the family Masie Kay!!!!!  Hopefully you will survive with all of the love that your siblings want to give you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

38+ Weeks and who knows!!!!

So I'm right on schedule, 38+ weeks, and 2 cm 80% effaced.  Every single one of my pregnancies seems to be the same at this time.  The last 4 weeks I start dilating and thinning and at my 39 appt. I get to a 3 and then go into labor shortly after that.  Today at my appt. I asked my Doctor to strip my membranes and he looked a little shocked and said are your sure (my guess is because tomorrow is the 4th and who wants to miss all of the fun activities going on.  I'm thinking, heck ya, I don't expect anything to happen right away, it usually never does.  Sometimes I've had to get stripped twice before I go into labor.  Anyway, he appeased my request and stripped me and then said, we'll probably see ya tonight.  I chuckled knowing that wouldn't happen.  Well as soon as I got into the car I was uncomfortable and have been ever since.  I don't think this has ever happened. I haven't had real contractions yet, but I definitely feel different/in more pain.  I'm trying to stay upright to let gravity help and I just took 1 TB of Castor oil to see if that does something, otherwise it will just clean me out, which is not a bad thing at this point, lol.  I've never really thought about having a baby on a holiday, but tonight would be a really convenient night since Randy's parents are coming over for some fun tomorrow.  Plus being pregnant in this Utah heat has been pretty miserable.  I wouldn't mind laying in an A/C hospital being waited on hand and foot.  So here's to hoping that something good happens tonight and that I'm not just miserable sitting on the pot.