Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ed Smart's coming to town

Ed Smart has been riding his bike across America to bring awareness to the public about keeping kids safe.  He rode from NY to CA and rode right passed our school.  We were chosen  because we have one of the best schools in the nation for the Rad Kids program.  So all of the kids sat out in front of the school and waited patiently for him to arrive, and when he did it became a scream fest. (this is only part of the school that I could get with my camera)
This was right after he arrived.  He had about 6 other riders with him and the Rad Kids van behind.  He also had a camera crew with him.
He stopped and high-fived as many kids as he possibly could.  They loved it.
It was pretty cool to witness this.  I went to the website and his video footage is suppose to be on CNN tomorrow, not sure what time yet but there is a slide show on his site and there are 2 pics in there from his ride with the kids. 

Camping for my birthday

I was kinda anti birthday this year, so when my friend Matney suggested camping over labor day, I was all for it.  We went camping with them earlier this summer in the back woods, up and down crazy roads and so we decided to ask Randy's parents to borrow their truck, since our van almost didn't make it back last time.  We found this awesome spot near where we were last time with an amazing view.

Unfortunately for me, I still didn't rid myself of my birthday.  Brookie put together a cute surprise for me, with balloons in my tent, a yummy cupcake and singing.  Thanx Brookie.
Micah and Taylor enjoying the campfire and sugar.  Tay is my suto-child.  My kids love her, it's like having a 5th kid without all the work.
Matney's Taylor's mom and she's kind become my kids other mom.  They love her.
Malia loves Brookie as well, cuz Brookie will do anything Malia asks.  She's the swing pusher at playgroup.
These 3 were inseparable, Taylor, Addison (Brookie's little girl) and Malia.  They loved Brookies tent the most.
The guys hanging out amidst the smoke.
Micah and Addison.
McKenzie and her friend Bethany.  Bethany wanted Mac to have a camp out in their backyard the same night and so we invited them along.
We went hiking around Big Springs in the morning.  It was beautiful.
Brookie and her fam.
The affects of camping have set in, can you tell?  Eah is filthy.
Mac, Bethany and her dad, Don, and twin bro with his friend
Coming down the stair. around the Springs.
It was a fun trip, the kids actually slept (even me), we had great company and later on Saturday, Rob borrowed his parents boat and went out on Utah Lake and enjoyed the huge waves, well all of us but Brookie.  I had a lot of fun, Thanx everyone for helping me have a fun birthday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st day of Kindergarten 2010

The day has finally come.  This little guy has been asking since last February when he got his kindergarten shots when he was going to start kindergarten.  It's been a long 6 month, but it's here, whew.  This is his little Gingerbread Man he made of himself (actually I made cuz we had such a crazy weekend that it didn't get done so I threw it together right before school, I know pathetic.  But it totally depicts him, can ya tell? The lightsaber, the Star Wars shirt, he was soo happy when he saw it.  He also picked out this shirt at the store, not that you can see it, but it's a Star Wars Lego shirt.  He's been dying to wear it.
He was really antsy to get in, but I managed to get one quick shot of him in front of the school.
The class is decorated in a pirate theme this year, it's really cute.  See the excitement in his face, he really wanted another picture taken (insert sarcasm).
We got him to smile with his teacher one more time, while holding Star Wars Gingerbread Man one more time.  His teacher conned me into being her room mom this year.  I don't mind, she's great.
On a side note, his face looks a lot better already, his eyelid is a little more swollen than I would like, but overall it looks great.  Here's to one more in school, love ya little man.

Happy Birhday Morgie Poo

I feel bad this year that since we didn't have a birthday party for Morgan that it kind of got mixed up with Micah's owie and kindergarten, oh and Malia's bday and mine coming up.  This time of year things just all gets jumbled together and I feel bad.  We did our best making her day special though.  She brought treats into class, got to choose what dessert she had (she opted for this cookie cake since she will be getting another cake on Sunday when uncle Billy and aunt Alina come).
I decided to let her have a play date after school with the fierce-some foursome (who in turn gave her presents spontaneously, cuz they are cute like that).
She got to open her presents we got her and then we took Grandma/pa Schmidt's bday money and went to Toys R Us to pick out one more gift (which was a stuffed husky dog she had been wanting).
 In all she said she had fun, it was pretty much a bday party with the girls coming over anyway, but I didn't have to plan anything (which is why I only do them every other year).    Morgan is such a fun and exciting part of our family.  I don't know what we'd do without her