Monday, June 24, 2013

Masie's 11 Months

As of when this will be posted, we have less than 2 weeks till this firecracker turns 1.  These pics were actually taken a lot closer to when she turned 11 months, but if you read the previous post you will know why I haven't posted these pics yet.  Anyway, this crazy little girl kills me, on so many levels, but she sure is fun.

 See those cute teeth?

 Love this!

As of now she:
Weight: 16 ish lbs.  We will have a more accurate measurement next month.  We are getting a little worried, this girl doesn't eat
Height: Who knows, I don't have time for this right now
*Has 4 teeth-2 top 2 bottom
*Stands for about 20-30 be herself, when she's in the mood.
*Walks with assistance still.  Loves to push laundry baskets and her walker around
*Started velociraptor screaming.  My ears can't take much more.
*Started signing. she knows "hi/bye", "more" and "all done".  We'll see what she does next month.
*Going to bed on her own HALLELUJAH!!!!! she usually sleeps about 7 hours (starting at 8 PM) and then goes to 6 AM.  I really got spoiled with the last 3 of my kids.  I forgot what it was like to not have a sleeper, but hey this is a huge accomplishment, I will take it.
*She's really smart.  She is a thinker and likes to figure out how things work.  I have never had a baby actually figure baby toys out when the toy has the suggested age.  She really likes to make toys work.
*Loves technology.  She will get her hands on the TV remote and will lift it up in the air and point it at the TV like she's going to change the channel.  It's hysterical.  She's also really good at turning on the XBOX and turning on the phone.  We are in trouble.
*Oh and she is the 2nd cutest baby.  We entered her in the Star Spangled Baby Contest that's part of the Freedom Festival.  The contest was the 1st of June, right after school got out, and she got 2nd place in the 10-12 month division.  I was really bummed because my camera battery died  because of the overuse in the previous post.  So we had Randy's IPhone, which usually takes decent pictures but because we were in a dim-lit room they didn't turn out great.  So this is what I have.
She really liked her medal.  She kept sucking on it.
 Sorry these are so fuzzy.
 All of the winners from each division. We are on the far left not looking at the camera.
 Our happy little cutie!  
Part of winning meant we need to be in the children's parade this next weekend. If you are in the area, you should come watch :)  It was a fun contest that involved the whole family.  All of the kids had fun.

End of School Overload

So much happened and I've been avoiding posting this because. . . let's be honest, I'm lazy.  Seriously though, the end of school has come and gone and when it was over, I just couldn't bring myself to even look at these pictures and videos for a while because it was like I said in the title and "overload."  But it is over, and I've kind of recovered from it and it is finally time to just do it.  So to begin, here are the teacher gifts I made for the kids' teachers this year.  Each of the kids had an aide so I made one for them as well.
Morgan had her 4th grade program.
and sang and danced to the good `ol "Old Man Tucker" our family's favorite (HA).
Here's another video for your viewing pleasure.  I won't post all of them cuz frankly that would take forever to watch and I'm tired.
6th grade has a world fair in which they study about a country and do a ginormous project about it.  So glad that is over.  McKenzie chose Ukraine because her uncle Billy served there and had a lot of things she could use to display.  Here she is with France and Peru.
The 4th graders also had an innovations day (the SAME DAY) where they had to come up with something they wanted to learn more about and on the day of the fair they researched, created and displayed their innovation.  This really isn't an innovation but she wanted to learn more about landscape art so this is what she did.
There was also the annual dance festival.  I love this.  It's so much fun for everyone. This year they got smart and did it in front of the school where there is more shade.  Too bad it was was barely 70 that day.  It was still great.

The 6th graders also had their NOVA graduation.  It's like the DARE program we had as kids.  They learn about life skills and how to stay safe.  
McKenzie won a couple of extra awards for working hard.  One was the Constitution Award and the NOVA Pack Award.
There was also field day.
Filled with lots of running and sweating.  It was a great day for it.  Pleasant weather and it sprinkled for about 2 minutes.  It was awesome.
Malia made it to the finals this year.  Here is her 1st race.  She decided she wanted to run holding on to her sweatshirt.
And the final race in which she decided she needed to hold her friend's hand while running.  What a goof.

Then there was the awards assembly 

I usually don't go to because my kids only get the reading award, but this year I was called and asked to come.  Mak and Morg were both receiving the Hawk award.  Two kids from each class are chosen by their teacher to receive this award.  It's usually someone who stands out to the teacher for whatever reason they choose.  Morgan was chose for her class. . .
And McKenzie was chosen for hers.  This was pretty impressive since there were no other siblings that won this award.  For as much as I feel I'm failing as a parent, it was nice to see that I do have good kids and their teachers are noticing this as well.
The same day as the Assembly,  they also had 6th grade graduation.  I swear I feel like I lived at school the last month.  Anyway, this year they decided to bring things up a notch and give the kids an actual graduation.  I remember being in 6th grade in Virginia and what a big deal they made out of graduating from elementary school so I was very glad they decided to do this, this year.  She got to "walk"
And receive a certificate and medal.
They are moving on to bigger and better things.
I decided it would be nice to get her some flowers.  I loved the colors of this bouquet.  It looks like a flower face don't ya think?
It was a great afternoon.
It's hard to believe that these girls have gotten so big.  I started taking pics of her and Emme in 2nd grade.  See the difference
Then there was the last day of school and all of the traditions that came with that.  Gotta love our walking group.
The boys (Micah is finally starting to grow, love it.  We know he will never get as tall as KC but hey look, he's like up to his ear, lol)
The girls.
The teachers
And aides

An our neighborhood with our awesome new Principal Mr. Eager (or Geoffrey the Giraffe as I like to call him)  He is the nicest, most friendly, happiest person I have ever met.  He leaves voice mails when he needs to make important announcements to the parents and every time he calls it sounds like the Toys R Us Birthday phone calls that we get.  I don't mean for that to sound like an insult, he is seriously the happiest person alive.  We are so glad he decided to come to our school this year.
Here's to another year.  Bring on the summer (or what's left of it since we are almost a month into it now).  Oh and btw I HAVE A JUNIOR HIGH-er AHHHHHHHHHH!