Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here are some video clips of things we saw or did at the cabin.  The first 2 are from the Minaquabat show, they are pretty fun to watch.  We went 2 times this year cuz we love them so much.

The next is of my mom skiing, again.  I'm sure I've posted one of her skiing before, I'm just so amazed that at 60, she's still got it.

And one of James just being. . . James.  He had fun slaloming and learning to dock start. 
Randy and I even skied, but those are not going up here.  I even got up on 1 ski this year, it's been forever since I've done that.  It felt pretty good.  I want to be like my mom when I grow up, lol.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Back: Our Wisconsin Trip

Caution: LONG POST!!!! Proceed at your own will
In July we planned our big trip back East to go to the cabin what maybe our last time, (we'll see).  We calculated Randy's time off and upcoming Holiday's and found that we were going to be able to take a full 2 weeks off.  So we went for it. Now mind you before you get very far into this post, my pictures, for whatever reason were not in order on my computer and I gave up trying to get them in order, so the went up on the blog very scattered.  So just enjoy the shots.  Anyway, we left on a Saturday and headed for Colorado to hang out with Lindz for the weekend.  We went to a little carnival down the street and of course the kids had a blast.  Morgan went on a dizzy ride and felt miserable till we got her home and gave her a Popsicle, of course.  Here's Eah and Bradley (they're 5 days apart)
 Micah and Collin (a little more than that apart).
 Here's the 1st out of order shot.  Morgan with baby "Whit" (at least that's what I call him) and Tater.
 After we left Colorado we headed back to Mequon to visit my grandpa who just turned 90.  He just moved in a retirement apartment complex and hates the food, so my aunt told us to take him out to his favorite diner, Wayne's.  He was able go a few times with each of my siblings coming in to see him. He loved it.  Here he is with my kids plus my "cousins" daughter Sammie.
 Aww, I miss my grandpa.  We used to tease him that he looks like George Burns.  Isn't he cute?
 We stayed at my "cousin's" Scooter and Kim's and just let the kids play for the rest of the day in the pool before we had to head out the next day for my mom's.  They all had a slumber party in their basement. . . They look like little sardines.
 Kim, Scoot (at least that's what I call him) and their kids Sammie and Alex.  Man the kids sure had fun while we were there.
 Can you tell they didn't want to leave.
 Oh, back to our Colorado portion of the trip.  We were able to go and see the Denver temple (which is pretty close to Lindz house) and take some quick shots after church.

 The theme of the vacation for the kids was FROGS!!!! They love frogs and the caught as many frogs as they possibly could.  This was the 1st one we found before we even got the cabin at Sammie's house.  In all they probably caught about 30 or so frogs. 
 Once we got the cabin, the family started filtering in on different days, and we crammed about 25 of us in our small 2 bedroom cabin and a pop-up trailer.  You got to really love your family to be able to do this.  Here's Billy and Wall-E at the Minaqua-bats.  She's so stinkin cute.
They wanted to get a quick fam shot, it took some convincing of Ki Ki but we finally got her smiling.
 Here Eah doing what she does best, pushing the dang stroller.
 Uncle Jon being cool and letting Eah wear his sunglasses.
 Randy dumping water on James, just because he loves him so much.
 Even though we have a Culver's within driving distance to us, the rest of the family does not, so we ate a lot of Culver's while were out there, not that I minded, but I'm sure my hips did.
 We had a lot of fun playing in the water, especially Eah who couldn't stop jumping off the dock.
 Aye matey!
 I know this is blurry but it really gives the affect that my mom is, let's say, nuts.  She has a lot of energy and a lot camp songs in her sleeve and really gets into them.  This was Ghost Chicken's in the Sky.  Can't you just see her flapping?
 More water playing.  The water was great this year, just the right temperature so we were in it a lot.
 We even got a group shot of us were able to come to the cabin.  We missed you Shauna, Lindsay and Bacon.
We were able to play on this beauty.  It's called the little Caribbean and it's a floating island.  The kids had blast climbing on and jumping through the hole.  It was even fun for us adults as well.
We did a family talent show which I will try and post video later.  My bro and his wife from Hawaii brought back some Hawaiin paraphernalia and here's Micah sporty his booty.
And Morgie as well.
Mac showing her dirty side and playing in the wet sand and dumping it everywhere.
If we weren't outside playing, we were inside watching movies, especially on those wet days.  This is usually how you would find the boys sitting.
And here is proof of the frog catching expedition.  This was the tree frog catching day, but they had a ton of huge toads as well.
We also spent a lot of time on this.  The kids would fight over who got to go on it next and thanx to mom and dad we had an endless supply of gasoline so they rode till their hearts content.
Mac doing what she loved best, holding babies.  Although I do have to say she has some work to do before she should do it on her own, I mean, what parent lets their baby chew on a nasty sandal.  Luckily there are NO germs at the cabin. . . Right?
And it's all thanks to these to, Margaret and Jack a.k.a MarJax.  They are my mom's grandparents and bought the cabin the year she was born.  We've had a lot of fun here and hope to have more fun in the future.  Thanx for the memories, MarJax, You Da Bomb!!!
I will try to upload some video of skiing and stuff later.