Friday, September 25, 2009

Yet another Michaism

Life's been busy this month with soccer and getting in the groove of school hence my lack of blogging, but we had another Micahism last night. I swear this boy says the funniest things. I don't know where he comes up with it, but here is how it played out.

McKenzie wanted to go to the park and it was 6:30 pm so I said how about we ride our bikes there and play for a little before we need to start getting ready for bed. So we all loaded up got on our bikes and headed out. I ride in the street next to Micah cuz he's the slowest. As we are riding we see a pickup truck ahead, parked on the street where there is a man knocking on the door of the house it's in front of trying to get whoever lives there to come and talk to him, he looked like he was delivering something. No one was coming so he starts heading back to his truck as we are getting ready to pass him. He looks up and Micah says, "Hello." The man responds with a pleasant hello back and Micah immediately turns and looks at me and says
"Mom, I said hi to the human." I'm laughing again now as I'm writing this, and I about fell off my bike with Malia on the back when he said it. I don't where it came from or why, maybe he's been playing too much Star Wars Legos or something. He definitely keeps us on our toes though. So thanx Micah for the good laugh last night, we needed it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My little helper

Ever since the kids have gone off to school, I have noticed a little shadow that follows me around whenever we are home alone. It recently occurred to me that it was Malia. She is soo bored without her siblings around. Usually when I get into the shower, she really doesn't know what to do with herself, which usually results into some kind of mess (usually with my lotion on the bathroom counter).

One time last week she gave us a heart attack when she (being the Houdini she is) opened a Costco-sized bottle of Aleve and dumped it all over the place. When I got out of the shower, I ran around yelling for her, hoping she would answer me, finding her on her bed, face down, I thought she was dead. She slowly rolled over and began to cry cuz she knew she did something wrong. Upon examining her, I saw the blue powder around her lips and quickly opened her mouth to look for any remnants. I didn't find anything and really started to get scared. I counted the pills left in the bottle, but lets face it, I use this stuff at least once a week and for Pete's sake it's from Costco, so there was no way I was going to figure out how many (if any) she ingested. So I called poison control (my first time amazingly enough) and she calmed me down and we both decided after a bit to keep her home and watch her for the next few hours, in which my new friend Kathy, was going to call back and check up on her, but if anything began to change to call her immediately and then go to the ER. A few hours passed, Malia was acting the same as always, making messes, following me around, and Kathy called. She asked how she was doing and said that symptoms would have set in by now and that if she did eat any of it, it was not very much and she'd be fine. Thank goodness they don't make Aleve taste good, otherwise it would have been a different story. But now, my bathroom has been completely rearranged and there is nothing on the counter anymore, which also in turn looks much nicer. So thanx Malia, for scaring me enough to do something about the bathroom. Now you are going to have to find something new to destroy.

Like the laundry. . . This is here favorite game. . . how many times van I dump the laundry put it back in and dump it out again before I get bored.
I tell ya, she was content for a good 15 minutes. Maybe this is what I need to get her before I get in the shower from now on.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My son, the genious

I went to school, like I do every day, to pick up the girls after they were done, and remembered that I needed to talk to Micah's teacher to get information about being her room parent (which I was kinda suckered into). Anyway, she said that she'd get me that info but first had to tell me something about Micah, I'm thinking oh great, what did he do? She goes on to tell me about her little test she had with him today (which she does with all of the kids periodically, just to see what areas they need help in). Today's area was numbers and math. She had a pile of little rubber bears that she has the kids count to see how high they can count items. Then she'll ask them to get her a certain number of bears from the pile, and so forth. So Micah counted 21 bears (which is pretty good). A lot of kids can count, some can count high, but not many can actually count items without skipping a few of the items. She also had him estimate how many bears she put on the table which also was fairly close, and she wasn't putting 3 or 4 out it was more like 13 and 18 and he'd be off by like 5 or less. But the most impressive part was that after he counted to 21 bears, she asked him, "now Micah, can you put 18 bears in my hand?" So he looks down, picks up a pile and drops it in her hands and says that's 18. She looks at him and says "How do you know there's 18 in my hand?" His reply, "Because there are three left on the table," She looks down at the remaining bears on the table and there are 3 left. He totally blew her away and when she told me this, I was in complete shock. I don't know where he got this, but I think he's got a gift with numbers. I want to keep him going, but am afraid that pushing him will screw things up. I mean this is a natural ability and if I start pushing mathematics on him, it might take that natural ability away. Regardless of what the future brings, I think his will entail numbers, that's my boy (you'd be proud Lindz).

Another year gone, ARGH!

Ya, that's right, I am no longer just 30, I'm 31 (unless you talk to my kids, then I am 21, bless them). I was reminiscing to my younger years (like when I was 8), thinking, man I'm never going to be 30, that is soooooo old. Well, welcome old here I am.

For my birthday, Bacon came over and watched the kids while Randy and I went on a 10+ bike ride. It was really fun (except for the fact that when we got to our destination we realized that we had to come all of the way home, part of which was up a really big hill, oh and the fact that we haven't ridden in a while so we are really saddle sore), but other than that it was great. No seriously, it was a lot of fun, much needed alone time with Randy. We came home, had some dinner and since we just had a ton of cake from Malia's and Morgan's b-day's I really wasn't in a cake mood. But we realized that Randy's mom had given me a gift certificate for Cold Stone so we decided to get an ice cream cake, which was heavenly. I was reluctant at first just cuz I love Culver's and didn't really want to have my heart broken again from another ice cream cake wannabe, but I tell ya, it was well worth it.
Malia was so cute, after we sang, she climbed on the table and was quickly trying to blow my candles out, we were laughing so hard (you can tell by Bacon laughing in the background), that we kept lighting them and having her blow them out again. What was soo funny is that she would wait till we were done singing before trying to blow them out each time. It was awesome. That's what the video is of at the bottom of this.
So after she finally let me blow my own candles out, Randy was taking a long time to take the picture that I decided to puff out my cheeks, not realizing this is what I looked like.
So here is to another year, it's gonna be fun cuz I'm ready for it. Bring it on world. Oh and enjoy the video clip, we sure did.