Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Micah Update

Micah is fine.  He was in the ER for only 2 hours.  They did a CT scan on him and everything came back clear.  The doctor gave him an anti-nausea pill and discharged him before 9 PM.  This morning the red line down his face is gone and he just has the scraped left.  I'm soo grateful things turned out the way they did.  I don't feel like a dork of a mother for taking him in, sometimes I do, (you the know the paranoid mother thing) but this time I don't.   I was really scared last night that something was wrong and that I he was going to have to stay and I would have to call someone to stay with my kids and he'd have serious issues.  I really was not going to get any sleep last night knowing that he could have a brain bleed and I wouldn't have been able to wake him up.  I was fully prepared to wake up every 2 hours trying to make sure he was ok, so that peace of mind was worth the ER trip.  This was kind of a wake up call for me.  I was not very sympathetic when we fell.  I picked him up, put him in the stroller and kept on going.  It wasn't until we got home and I saw how bad it looked and having him act a little weird for me start acting sympathetic.  I felt like I did when I was a kid and got hurt.  As a kid, I always felt bad when something  happened because I knew that it was going to be one more thing for my mom to worry about and she it always seemed like bothered her (nothing against my mom, cuz she is an amazing woman and I love her to death) but that was one thing I didn't want to inherit.  I need change my attitude and show my kids I care a little more, even if it seems like a little bump or scrape.  I really do love my kids and after last night I know I couldn't stand losing one.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just One Rotten Day

My next post was suppose to be about Morgan's birthday since it's tomorrow, but we are getting a little crazy and posting something else a little more pressing first.  Isn't it so true that when something bad happens, it happens in 3's?  This all happened today

1). Micah was riding his scooter today while I was walking and he crashed and burned.  This shot is what it looks like 10 hours later.  I seriously think he has a concussion, and I've talked to our nurse and she gave me a list of symptoms to watch out for, for the next few days of when to bring him in.  He's actually a lot more active and alert than he was this afternoon.  Poor guy, I just hope it's mild and nothing more serious happens.
2).  After getting back from soccer practice (and no I didn't let him go), Micah crawled into grandpa's truck bed and got stung by a wasp.  Seriously.  (the pic is blurry, sorry, the spot that is circle is where it is swollen.)
3).  My double jogger, that I bought used on KSL, rusted out on the front wheel and snapped of.  So there is nothing holding the front wheel on anymore.  So I quickly got onto KSL again and found this single (which I wanted to downgrade to anyway) in Provo.  So I checked it out, got it for a great deal, brought it home and cleaned it up (dusty and just for peace of mind), and  will now be using this.   
Don't get me wrong I'm really excited for this, but it was just one more thing that went wrong today.

P.S. after I typed this up, Micah started to complain that he was dizzy and after consulting with my doctor's office again, they said to take him to the ER.  So he is there with Randy and we are praying everything is alright.

Friday, August 27, 2010

OH, how they grow-1st day 2010

I honestly do not know where the summer has gone.  Maybe it was because we had some crummy weather and all of the sports camps and lessons we had in June,  that by the time summer was really here, it was almost half way over.  Regardless, according to school, summer is officially over, no more waking up late (not that my kids did until 2 weeks before school started), no more running around in you swimsuit all day long, no more knocking on the neighbors door at 7 AM asking if the kids can play, (oh wait that's more for me).  The girls had mixed emotions getting prepared for school.  They were excited to go back and spend more time with friends, but they also realized work was going to be involved so that quickly brought them back to reality.

Lately McKenzie has been fighting to let me take pictures of her.  I don't know if it's the age or just her.  Hopefully it will be short lived.  Can't you see the excitement in her eyes?
Morgan is still innocent and enjoys pictures.
McKenzie with her new teacher Miss Cluff.  She's brand new but McKenzie won't care cuz she's with her best friend, Emme.
Morgan with one of the most amazing teachers I've ever seen, Miss Edwards.  Her first year was when McKenzie was in 1st grade and we've wanted her ever since.  She teaches with Mrs. Almberg (whom McKenzie had in 2nd) so it was a toss up between the 2, we love them both.
Of course the traditional friend pose on the 1st day.  Mac with Lauren
And of course the fantastic 4.  They are inseparable, only this year 2 are with Almberg and 2 are in Edwards.  So they have been split, but at least it's even.  They are so cute together, I still can't believe how fast they have grown, here's 1st grade,  & here's Kindergarten.  They are such babies

My friend caught this shot, so cute.
I got it a little too late.  Oh well, off to a new grade, good luck girls.
Micah starts Kindergarten next week so we will have a whole different post for that.  Still can't believe it.  I think I might throw myself a partay.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Malia the "Free"-year-old

I can't believe that my baby has turned 3.  I really never thought I would ever get to this point in my life.  As a kid I never thought I would ever be an adult, and then I never thought I would have kids old enough for school, and recently it was I will never have kids out of diapers or not have babies around.  It is here and I just can't believe it.  Malia is no longer a baby, she is little Miss Independent and although I will miss not having babies around, I am soo excited for what is in store for us.  Anyway, Malia's birthday kinda lasted from Thursday till Sunday, each day was something different, cuz you know you just can't do everything in 1 day, cuz what fun would that be.  For playgroup we go to went to the Highland splash pad for some fun before school starts.  The day was starting out pretty crummy, but we went anyway, and although it was a little cooler than normal, it was still a lot of fun.  I made cupcakes to share with the rest of the kids, Malia just ate the frosting.
She had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks in the "river."
Micah liked trying to dodge the fountains.
The girls liked trying to make the water stay in the ground. . . by sitting on them.
And running through them over and over.
I love the way these turned out.
When we got home, we were planning on going to Lagoon for a really fun-filled day, but as soon as we stepped foot in the front door, it started pouring and storming really bad.  I knew it was only going to last a couple of hours and by the time we would have gotten up there it would have been done, but I couldn't convince them.  So we opened a few presents and played the rest of the day.  Malia got her very own Scooter, finally.
Randy went to the Cougar kick-off and got each of  the kids BYU shirts, which they were really excited about.
We decided since it was the last full week that Lagoon was going to be open we needed to take advantage of it and go one more time before Frightmare's start.  So Randy got off work early and we headed out for another day of fun.  Morgan driving Malia around on the bumper cars.
Micah waiting patiently for the swing ride.
Daddy and Eeeah chillin before the parrot show started.
Me and Morgie on the Gondola.
Kenz watching the parrots.
Yes we all wore out new BYU shirts, thought it would be easier for us to find each other.
Oh, the crazy parrot who doesn't like to do what he's told.
On Sunday we had her family party with G&G Tucker, Kristi and Billy&Alina.  We had yummy Cafe Rio chicken, opened presents and ate cake.  It was great.  Malia got a couple of "Bawbies" as she calls them.  She was soo excited, cuz now she's just like her sister's and they can't get mad at her for playing with their Barbies.
Oh and I made her a Barbie cake, just cuz she loves Barbies.  This thing took some time to make but it was well worth it to see Eaah's face.  She loved it.

She had fun blowing out the candles.
We are so happy this girl is part of our family.  She is STILL a bundle of energy.  She loves playing with her siblings, even if they don't want to play with her.  She has such a fun personality and she just has to dance all of the time . . .

Monday, August 23, 2010

Antelope Island

We went on a family outing to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake.  I had no idea what this place was all about, but I'm sure glad we went.  It was beautiful. Literally an island in the middle of the lake.
It got it's name from these guys.
But we were able to see a lot of these, even up close crossing the street in front of us.
We also saw a coyote (kinda hard to see but it on the rock right next to the fence)
After driving around the island for a bit, we came upon a ranch that is open to the public.  It was built a long time ago and it has a lot of history to it which I found interesting.  We ate lunch there and had fun exploring the ranch like roping a calf.
Playing with cousins
Chillin in the shade.
Learning new things like what  sheep herders use to sleep in while out on the range.
Hanging out with great grandpa.
Finding Great Horned Owls in the tree (it's right in the middle of the pic on the thick white branch).
And enjoying the awesome scenery.  That narrow piece of land is what you have to drive on to get to the island.  If you are ever out this way I recommend it, 

When Bacon comes to visit

We had the "privilege" of bringing Bacon home with us from California.  She wanted to visit some of her friends, pick up some of her stuff, and just hang out with the coolest sister ever.  So we decided to hike the "Y" one morning.  When we got there, there were 3 huge buses there and we got a little nervous  for what we might encounter.  Then we saw a ton of people/boys wearing BYU shirts and realized it was the football team getting workout in.  Luckily there were coming down as we were starting.  This was Bacon's 1st time doing it (I know what you are thinking that how has she not done it yet, she lived here for like 4 years, but it's cuz she only wanted to do it with me, lol), and she loved it.  It's a hard hike though, even without kids.
Part of the "Y"
The amazing view
Before Bacon left she had to make her signature sign to remind the kids who their favorite aunt was.
They really didn't want her to leave.
Neither did I.
But it was nice to have her here for a few days nonetheless.  Glad she still wants to be seen with me, even though I'm old.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Random House Vest Pocket Handbook of Etiquette (1962)

After my Grandma passed away, I was able to go to her home and help organize and clean up a little (my Aunt, Uncle and cousin had already done a lot by the time I got there).  While rummaging through their bookshelf, I stumbled across this book on Etiquette from back in the 60's.  So I skimmed through it to see what the culture was like back then.  The first thing I turned to was on how to eat Corn on the Cob.  You might get a chuckle out of this.

*This is one of out most popular American foods, but doesn't mix with formal etiquette, and is just not served at a formal meal.  You simply pick it up with your fingers at each end and hold firmly.  A long ear may be broken in half if it's easier to manage that way.  Season only two or three rows at a time, and eat them, before you season the next rows.  You may mix yourself a little pile of butter seasoned with salt and pepper on the side of your plate if you wish, but never butter the whole ear at once as it makes the corn slippery to hold and gets butter on your fingers.  Small silver prongs are sometimes served to hold corn, but they are not necessary.

I laughed really hard while I read this.  This book is awesome.  It's intriguing to see how everyone viewed what was proper and what was not back then.  This book contains a lot of info on the do's and don'ts of weddings and  there are just really random advice in here like

*Breaking the receiving line-It's up to the bride's mother to break up the receiving line when she thinks all the guests have come.  She leads the way into the room where refreshments are being served-probably non too soon for the groom, whose face by then has undoubtedly become rigid from maintaining his polite smile.

I mean who says stuff like that?  What really gets me is how far things have turned from back then.  How everyone was soo worried how the man feels or if he's doing alright.  What about the stinking bride who's been standing, no doubt, in those heels and tight dress all day long.  The groom can hold his fake smile just as long as a bride has to endure uncomfortable attire. (Sorry for my soapbox)  I'm just grateful I live in a time where women actually have a say and people worry about them a little more than whether or not the 10 course dinner meal has been put on the table right at 5 when their husbands get home.  -k- enough of my ranting, but I just find this book so interesting.  I may (or may not) post excerpts from this in the future.  Depending on how funny I think things are.  I've only skimmed a few pages, but the pages I have read make me laugh.

Monday, August 9, 2010

More Reunion Fun (from Lindz)

There was one thing about the reunion that I didn't mention, mostly because I was waiting on some pics from my sis Lindz, and she delivered.  They turned out cute.  My aunt raises horses and every time we get together, she lets the kids ride Frankie, a gorgeous horse with blue eyes.  So they all got their turn pretending to be cowboys. 
Malia's waiting for her turn with Bacon, a little bored. 
OH and Micah found this hat at a local store in Hangtown and loved it.  He wore it almost the entire weekend.
Kenz getting her turn.
Micah, still sporting the hat, which ironically enough looks like a helmet.
Eah hamming it up.  She was really excited to get on, but then didn't want Frankie to move.  So we just took shots of her on the horse.
Just chillin watching the talent portion of our reunion.
Just another shot of the skit.  It still makes me laugh.
In Tahoe we found a cute little ice cream shop and got the kids each a cone.
Morgie posing at the beach.
Micah cheesin it up.
Malia making a huge mess with her ice cream.
One more shot of the horse for good measure.  I just wanted to get a full shot of her.