Friday, November 11, 2011

We love Crazy Hair!!!

It's Red Ribbon week at school and each day they have a themed dress up day.  Tuesday was "Crazy about being drug free" with a crazy hair day!  My kids look forward to this day every year, and last year I was smart and bought a ton of colored hairspray after halloween so we'd always be ready for this day.  The kids (plus our nieghbors that we take to school with us) before school.
 Top view of Malia.  She really wanted pink and purple in her hair.
 Micah's top view.  Too bad Halloween was the day before because I totally would have left him with his old man hair-do.  Oh well, this is the best we could do.
 McKenzie with her colorful "mane."
 Morgan wanted to be like Mak but McKenzie wanted nothing to do with that, so I improvised and added a few shrek ears to the mix.
It was a ton of fun to wash out that night, let me tell ya, but they all had fun.  SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!