Monday, October 6, 2014

Kenzie's 14!!!

And just like that, she's no longer our little girl!  She has grown up to be a beautiful young woman and I just can't believe how much she has grown, inside and out.  This was an even birthday so she was able to have a party and being new to the area thought it was a great way for her to get to know kids in the area better.  
 We set up a photo booth and the girls just went for it. I didn't see any of the pictures until the next day.  Some of them were pretty hilarious.

 Being a teen party, I didn't really plan anything because all they want to do is hang out.  So I was prepared with food and let them be creative.  They decided they needed to out back and practiced cheer leading lifts.

 Then went to Sky's car and rock out to some tunes.
 Literally crammed everyone in the car.  It was pretty awesome.
 These girls were great.
 And we couldn't forget the cutest of party!  Figured he needed a unibrow-stache.

 She really wanted an ice cream cake but I really didn't want to make a huge one so we decided to make it for her real birthday. Happy Birthday McKenzie!  Thanks for making us old!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

McKay 5 months!

Kay Kay is getting harder and harder to shoot.  I can hear his inner monologue..."Oh wait, you want me to sit still for 2 seconds...HA! Good luck!!!"

 He sure is cute and totally worth every crazy minute!