Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Living in Minnesota you have to hope for the best but expect the worst as far as weather.  I mean when Easter happens to fall in March in let's say, Arizona or Texas, you expect warm weather.  In Utah and Indy, it was hit or can be really pleasant but you'll never be in shorts and T-shirts.  Here in Minnesota you are fully prepared for snow and cold temps.  This year, being our first here, were pleasantly surprised when the snow was melted and although it was still chilly and cloudy, it wasn't freezing.  
We did the traditional egg coloring. The kids always have fun coloring eggs, and even though we like hard-boiled eggs and have some use for them, there are only so many we can go through before they go bad.  

 See, no snow.  She is wearing her coat and boots, but that was so she didn't get completely gross.

 We tried to take some pics after church, but Masie was not in the mood.
 So this is what we got.
just keepin it real

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